Scrapbook > Alien Apocalypse

On location at the sawmill
Me, Gary Jones (practical FX supervisor. 2nd unit director), and the Alien in the bughouse
Over-the-shoulder of Joel Morales, 1st AD, to me and the Alien in the bughouse
Getting news from the 2nd unit script supervisor
David Worth, DP, me, and Bob Perkis, producer
Ditto, with David acting childish
A Bulgarian garbage dumpster, you put in yuck, then tote it away
Bruce (right) and Josh (left), medium two-shot
Bruce Campbell (right) and his only true friend, Josh (left)
Bruce explains acting to Bob the Mountain Man
Bruce as 2nd Lt. Ivan Hood, D.O.
Bruce, MCU
Gary Jones is horrified
The practical alien bug creature


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