48 EXT.MOUNTAINS - DAY               48


Ivan comes climbing up a steep grade through thick undergrowth. Everyone follows behind, climbing further up the mountain, only now instead of five there are eight of them.




49 EXT. CAMPSITE - NIGHT               49


The band of escaped slaves sit around a small campfire preparing for sleep. Ivan has the clay jug of potato liquor and takes a slug. He's already pretty drunk, but not happily so. He stares into the fires and laments.



                                Man, there were so many things in

                                the world I used to just take for

                                granted and now that they're gone

                                I miss 'em.



                                Like what?



                                Well . . . There used to be little restaurants

                                all over the place and people called em

                                greasy spoons. You could get eggs, toast,

                                bacon, and coffee for $2.99 and the waitress

                                would ask four times during the meal if

                                everything was OK then forget to bring you

                                more coffee, and scanning up and down the

                                radio dial for a good song, but only getting

                                songs you don't like, and basketball, and

                                dumb TV shows and . . . I don't know.


Ivan lowers his head into his hands.



                                Are you sorry you're here?



                                I don't know. It's just, nothin' ever goes

                                the way you think it's gonna. I mean, I

                                finally fall in love, or, at least I think I

                                have, I get away and she gets caught . . .

Alex looks at Bizzy who is paying close attention to Ivan's words. Alex cautiously reaches out and takes her hand. She holds his hand, but continues to listen to Ivan.




                                . . . Ever since I was a kid I wanted to

                                be a doctor. I'd watch "E.R." and "Marcus

                                Welby" reruns on TV and think, "I wanna

                                be like that . . . "


Alex interjects.



                                What's TV?



                                None of your business. But my grades

                                weren't good enough, so I joined the

                                Air Force, figured I'd fly jets, or helicopters,

                                or something . . . But no . . . My grades

                                weren't good enough for that, either. Luckily,

                                they put me through Osteopathic school, but

                                all the M.D.s treated D.O.s like they were

                                quacks. And then I ended up on that stupid

                                space mission cause no real doctors wanted to

                                go away for twenty years. I figured I'd come

                                back to a better world a hero, but no . . .

                                Sometimes I just think fate or God or

                                whatever is just cruel. No matter what you

                                want, that's not what you get . . .


Ivan sighs deeply, drops over backward and passes out.


Bizzy stares at Ivan. Alex holds Bizzy's hand and stares at the back of her neck. He's got his courage pumped up and goes to make his move just as Bizzy stands and goes over to Ivan. Alex is left with nothing but empty air.


Bizzy covers Ivan and puts a pack under his head, then sits beside him and watches him sleep.


Alex curls up in a ball by himself.




50 EXT.RIVER'S EDGE - DAY               50


Moving along the bank of a fast flowing river are two mounted Bounty Hunters. They look nervously around. One turns to the other.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1

                                We can't go back empty-handed. We'll

                                get in trouble.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #2

                                I don't want to hang around this area, there's

                                hostiles here. A Bounty Hunter got killed

                                around here just a few weeks ago.


The first Bounty Hunter scans the treeline on the hill above them.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1

                                You're just chicken. I aint afraid a no



He sees some kind of movement among the trees.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1

                                There somethin' movin' up there. I'm goin'

                                to check it out.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #2

                                Don't do it, I'm tellin' ya.


The first Bounty Hunter doesn't listen. He spurs his horse and rides up the hill.

The other Bounty Hunter shakes his head and keeps moving.


51 EXT. TOP OF HILL DAY                51


Ivan and his small army trudge up a wooded hill. They all hear the thumping of the horse coming up the hill at the same time and dash into the underbrush. Ivan takes a bow and arrow from one of the men, loads it, pulls the arrow back and waits.


The Bounty Hunter reaches the top of the hill and slows to a trot. He looks directly toward where they are hiding and readies his carbine.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1

                                I know you're in there, get your butts

                                out before I blow ya away.


He cocks his weapon for effect.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1

                                I aint kiddin'.


He raises his rifle and aims into the brush.







52 EXT. TOP OF HILL DAY               52


The Bounty Hunter aims into the bushes where the slaves are hiding.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1

                                I said come outta there!


Ivan lets the arrow in his crossbow go. It flies straight into the Bounty Hunters shoulder throwing him backward off his mount. He hollers loud as he hits the ground. The horse gallops quickly down the hill.


53 EXT.RIVER`S EDGE DAY               53


The riderless horse runs right past the other Bounty Hunter who obviously heard the yell. He spurs his horse and rides quickly away.


54 EXT. TOP OF HILL DAY               54


Ivan and the others step out of the brush and surround the wounded, moaning Bounty Hunter.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1

                                Ya killed me. Ya gone and killed me.


Ivan inspects the wound.



                                You're not dead and I won't let you die,

                                even though you deserve it, you traitor.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1


                                Traitor? Traitor to what?



                                To humanity.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1


                                I don't get it.



                                Yeah, and that's the problem. Look, I'll

                                make you a dealI'll save your life if

                                you stop working for the Aliens and join



                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1

                                How can ya save my life?



                                I just can. Is it a deal?


The Bounty Hunter reaches up and feels the arrow embedded in his shoulder and winces.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1

                                Yeah, sure. It's a deal.


Ivan takes hold of the arrow with both hands, grits his teeth and yanks it out with all his might. The Bounty Hunter gasps and passes out.


The others look to Ivan.



                                Why're you bothering with him? He's a

                                stinkin' Bounty Hunter.



                                He's a human. Human's have the ability

                                to change. Now someone hand me a



Bizzy hands Ivan her knife. The rest look at each other skeptically. They shake their heads and mutter, "I don't know." Bizzy looks angry.



                                If the Doctor says so then it's true.


Several people shrug conceding the point, but many others still look skeptical.




55 EXT. FOOT OF THE PEAK - DAY             55


The band of ragged ex-slaves has increased in size again, there are now eleven, two other women beside Bizzy, and the Bounty Hunter. They top the rise before a giant imposing snow-capped peak. They all look up. Ivan shakes his head.



                                We're not prepared to climb that.






                                Anyone have an idea as to what our

                                next step ought to be?


A loud booming gunshot rings out, the projectile whizzing through the leaves above their heads.


Everyone hits the dirt. People ready their various weapons: knives, bows, sticks, Bob aims his empty Luger and raises his fishing rod. A voice is heard. A deep male voice.



                                Who're you?



                                                           (calling out)

                                Friends! And fellow humans!


There is a low rasping laugh. There is a rustling in the woods and before them steps a mountain man garbed in bear skins, a long beard and a longer rifleonly he's a hunchbacked dwarf! He is BILL, the Mountain Man.



                                Who says?


Everyone, except Ivan, gasps at the sight of this man and retreats a half step.



                                You see, I ain't hardly human and

                                you're not my friends.




                                We could be.


Bill takes the barrel of his rifle and shoves it into Ivan's face.



                                What if I blow your head off? Would

                                ya still be my friend?


Everyone gasps and raises their weapons. Ivan pushes the gun barrel away from his face with his finger. Bill lowers the weapon so that it's aiming at Ivan's chest.



                                You're not going to shoot me.



                                I'm not, huh? How do ya know?



                                I just know.



                                Aint you just a little scared?



                                Not even a little.

                                                           (holds out his hand)

                                My name's Ivan. I'm a doctor.



                                A doctor? What's that?



                                I heal people.


Bill lowers his rifle.



                                Oh yeah. I got taken t' folks like you

                                when I was little. Didn't do me no good




                                You got taken to doctors, or to healers?



                                Folks who said God healed through



                                                           (looks Bill over)

                                Just as I suspected.



                                So what're you all doin' up here?



                                We've come to the mountains to find

                                the President.



                                                           (perks up)

                                The President. Why?



                                He's putting together a fighting force

                                to overtake the aliens and make the

                                Earth free for all humans.


A number of people mumble, "The President lives." Ivan turns frowning and they all quickly shut up. Bill chuckles.



                                No shit?



                                You wouldn't happen to know anything

                                about the President, would you?



                                That depends on which President you

                                mean? I may know a different one.



                                Demsky is who they're talking about.



                                Sure, I know where he is.


Everyone gasps, even Ivan.



                                You do?



                                Sure. I'll take you there. Then we can

                                all join the fighting force together.


Bill chuckles, turns and walks into the woods heading toward the looming peak. Ivan follows closely, watching Bill walk in his contorted way. Everyone else follows along.


56 EXT. SKI LODGE - DAY               56


The Sunny Slope Ski Lodge looks like a faded Swiss chalet on stilts and is afixed to the side of a mountain. It appears abandoned. Above the lodge rusty broken chair-lifts dangle in the wind.


Bill leads the others up the overgrown road to the ski lodge. Everyone looks around with a growing sense of dread.




                                All the tanks and Howitzers are hidden

                                over there.


Everyone turns and looks. Bill chuckles.



                                Made'ja look.


Bill goes right up to the front door and opens it without knocking. Ivan follows right after. The others hesitate. They mumble, "The President really does live."


57 INT. SKI LODGE DAY               57


All the old furnishings are there, shredded and broken.



                                                           (calling out)

                                Hey! Demsky! Get out here! You got





                                Hey, Demsky? Are you two on the

                                same bowling team?


Bill breaks up laughing. He laughs pretty hard and starts to cough.


                                Thats great. You're a funny guy. By the

                                way, what's bowling?


An old man comes scurrying up. He has white hair, is withered and wearing a ragged three piece suit, a ripped ski cap and torn mittens. He is the SENATOR. He is very upset.



                                Who have you betrayed us to now?

                                Who? Answer you deformed dwarf!




                                Up yours you old fart! Go get Demsky.



                                Don't tell me what to do, I'm the Senior

                                Senator from New York.

                                                           (looks at Ivan)

                                Who's this?



                                You're nothin' now, so move! Get



Bill and Ivan follow the Senator deeper into the ski lodge. One by one the others follow in awed silence.


The Senator leads them past doorways from which frightened rat-like old men and women peer out. Bill turns to Ivan.



                                This is the whole Washington D.C.

                                bunch. All that made it. Senators,

                                Congressmen, Judges, look at 'em.

                                Rats with beady little pink eyes. They

                                come to me begging for meat. Please,

                                please, please. Whose in charge now,




                                Shut up, dwarf!


58 INT. DEMSKY'S ROOM - DAY               58


They all arrive at the doorway to a room. An old man with a buzz cut sits on a wooden chair, hunched over and staring out the cracked, rag-stuffed window to the mountains and the setting sun. Beside him sits an easel with a partially completed painting of the landscape out the window.



                                Mr. President, this disgusting creature

                                has brought outsiders here. Intruders.


PRESIDENT DEMSKY slowly turns around. He was obviously once a big strapping, square-jawed guy, but now he's all bent over, shriveled and drawn, his eyes dull and lifeless. Demsky slowly looks Ivan up and down. He sees what's written on Ivan's shirt. Light comes into the President's eyes and a look of awe crosses his face.



                                You were on the Probe Mission?



                                Yes, I was.


Old ragged Washingtonians gather in the doorway, pushing themselves between Alex, Bizzy and the others. Mention of the Probe causes a gasp among the Washingtonians. "The Probe Mission" they repeat over and over.



                                Why is everyone so interested?



                                It's because of the Probe that we're

                                alive. Its warning allowed a few of us

                                to seek shelter.




                                Well, it's nice to know it wasn't wasted

                                effort. So look, Mr. President, I'm here

                                leading a group of escaped slaves that

                                want to join your fighting force.



                                                           (looks blank)

                                Fighting force?


                                Yeah, the one that's going to battle the

                                Aliens in the upcoming rebellion.



                                Rebellion? What rebellion?



                                The one you're leading. The one plenty

                                of slaves I've met believe in.



                                                           (looks at the faces)

                                . . . I'm not leading a rebellion. I'm not

                                leading anything.



                                But these people believe in you.



                                Well what am I supposed to do about it?




                                Lead them to victory!



                                There can be no victory against these . . .

                                these . . . Disgusting vermin. They cannot

                                be fought.


The escaped slaves in the doorway aren't taking this very well.



                                Have you tried?


                                You've seen them, there's no use.



                                What'dya mean? I killed one of 'em.

                                They die just like anything else, just

                                a little louder, and green shit comes out.

A hush goes through the crowd. Bizzy and the others look at Ivan in true wonder.



                                You didn't tell us that you killed an




                                Yeah, so what? It wasn't hard. An arrow

                                or a rock is enough. I used a drill bit.

                                                           (to Demsky)

                                Mr. President, the time is now.


The President shakes his head sadly, turns and looks back out the window. The last golden rays of sunlight beam in.



                                No, it won't be me. I gave all that I

                                have to give. I have nothing left. I'm



There is a moment of seriously oppressive silence. Everyone looks at Ivan. His jaws clench and a look of firm resolve transforms his face into granite.  



                                My friendthe woman I loveis being

                                held captive at the sawmill. I've got to

                                get her out. If no one is even thinking of

                                fighting back then youve given up. Well

                                I haven't given up! I'm fighting back and

                                anyone that wants to fight with me is

                                welcome. Someone's got to lead this

                                rebellion and if it's not going to be you,

                                then I guess it's going to be me! Freedom

                                for humans! Freedom! Freedom!



Several people join in but most don't. They look like they want to, but he told them not to.



                                I changed my mind. Come on. Freedom!



Everyone raises their hands and their weapons and yells.  


                                Freedom!!! Freedom!!! Freedom!!!







**58A** INT. COMPOUND/SAWMILL DAY         **58A**


Outside the sawmill, the slaves stack wood on train cars. We see that Kelly is now well enough to be back stacking wood beside Jeff. They both wear muzzles and gloves.


Down at the end of the line of slaves is one CRAZY-LOOKING GUY who just stands there staring out through the wire, not working.


Kelly and Jeff see the guy just standing there, and the two of them exchange a look. They both quickly glance around to see if any of the Millhands has noticed.


The Crazy-Looking Guy drops the board hes holding, then begins stumbling toward the wire. The closer to the wire enclosure the guy gets, the more slaves stop working and watch.


Finally, two Millhands notice the guy just as he arrives at the wire and attempts to begin climbing it. The Millhands dash over with their bats in their hands.


They get to the guy on the wire and begin whacking him on the back with their baseball bats. The guy drops off the wire and the two Millhands grab him and drag him back into the compound.


Suddenly, an Alien Guard steps out from behind a building directly in front of the captive Crazy-looking Guy. The Alien leans forward, engulfs the guys head in its mouth and bites it off.


The Millhands and all the slaves wince and turn away. Kelly covers her face.


The Alien chews up the head, swallows, then turns and walks away.




59 EXT. SKI LODGE - SUNRISE               59


The small ragged army of slaves march away from the ski lodge as the sun rises majestically over the mountains.  

President Demsky's sad, beaten face watches from his window.


60 EXT. FOOT OF THE PEAK DAY             60


The band of rebels, led by Ivan and Bill, make their way out of the mountains away from the huge peaks. Bill stops.



                                Well, doctor, I wish ya the best of

                                luck in your rebellion and Ill catch

                                ya later.


Ivan looks a little sad.



                                I thought you'd joined us.



                                Nope. I just took ya where I said I'd

                                take ya.



                                That you did. Thank you. Uh . . .






                                Before you go. Would you let me try

                                to help you? I don't have any medical

                                equipment but I still think I can do you

                                some good.




                                It's been tried.




                                Let me try.


Bill shrugs his hunched shoulders.




Ivan has a mattress made of packs and skins, then has the dwarf lie on his side facing him. Alex holds Bill's hands above his head. Bizzy holds one of Bill's feet. The other leg is pulled up so that his knee is sticking out. Ivan takes hold of Bills shoulder with both hands and rests his weight on Bill's knee.



                                Just relax. Breathe in . . . out . . . in . . .

                                out . . .


Bill looks a bit nervous, but breathes deeply, in, out, in, out . . . Ivan glances at Alex, then at Bizzy.



                                In . . . out . . .


Suddenly Ivan leans forward onto Bill's outstretched knee with all of his weight while simultaneously pushing hard on Bill's shoulder. Alex pulls hard on Bill's arms while Bizzy pulls on his foot. There is crack after crack after crack running up Bill's spine until it crescendos in one big giant crack in his neck, which Ivan twists.


Bill hollers in extreme pain.


Everyone quickly backs away. They all turn and look at Ivan like he's a murderer. Ivan stares down at Bill.


Bill twists up into fetal position, gasping for air, his face twisted into a knot of pain. When his lungs are full he blows out a long, wheezing, agonized breath and drops limp onto his backflat on his back! No longer hunched forward.


All of the people's eyes widen in amazement. They turn and look at each other for verification that what they're seeing is real.


Bill opens his eyes. The pain has subsided. He breathes deeply. He slowly realizes he's flat on his back. He looks downright frightened. Very cautiously, he sits up straight.



                                Oh my God!


In awed silence everyone watches him stand upstraight. Ivan smiles. Bill steps up to Ivan, beaming. Ivan examines him, feels his spine and neck. Checks his handy work.


                                You know, you're not even that short.

                                I don't think you qualify as a dwarf or

                                a midget.


It's true. He's probably 5'1". He takes Ivan's hand in both of his and shakes it vigorously, tears in his eyes.



                                Thank you, Doctor, thank you, thank

                                you . . .


Ivan takes back his hand.



                                Forget it. It was nice meeting you.

                                Catch you on the flip-flop.


Ivan turns and starts to walk away.



                                                           (sad and stricken)

                                Wait! Can't I go with you?



                                But you said







                                Hop aboard, Chief, we're glad to

                                have you.




61 EXT. HIDDEN VALLEY - DAY             61


The rebels, lead by Ivan and the ramrod straight Bill, troop into the slaves' hidden encampment. The residents of Freedom Valley run out to meet them and crowd around eager for news. Ivan is met by a dour Isaac.



                                I have some news for you.


Bizzy grabs his arm.



                                But their hopes . . . their belief . . . their




                                Is misplaced and they should know it.

                                Everyone, gather round. We have news

                                of the President.


An excited buzz courses through the crowd. Many exclamations of "The President lives" are heard.



                                The President in fact does live.


There is a great communal gasp, followed by cheers and clapping. The rebels all look at each other frowning. Ivan holds up his hand for silence.



                                He lives, but there is no fighting force,

                                and no rebellion.



                                But the President will led us to freedom!



                                No, he won't! As he said himself, he

                                leads nothing.


The crowd goes depressingly quiet.



                                The President is just an old man who

                                stares out his window. Yes, he does

                                live, but he may as well be dead.



                                But what about freedom?



                                There will only be freedom for humans

                                if humans fight for their freedom! You

                                have no President to pin your hopes on,

                                only yourselves. The only rebel army that

                                exists you see standing in front of you.

                                We will fight for freedom and any of you

                                who care to join us, join now!



                                But there's not enough of us.



                                If one of you is willing to stand up for

                                what's right and fight, that's enough!

                                As long as you hide in your valley and

                                wait for someone to bring you freedom,

                                you are still slaves. Freedom only comes

                                to those willing to fight for it! Now, who

                                will join us?


Everyone looks at him blankly. No one moves. Bizzy is ashamed.




                                Please, you're my people. We need

                                you. You must join us.


They must but they dont. They slowly begin to disperse. Soon the crowd is gone. Isaac remains to the last, but then he turns and leaves too.


The twelve rebels stand alone.



                                This is stupid. There's not enough of

                                us to do anything. I'm going fishing.




                                Then go! I'll be the whole rebel army

                                myself if I have to! I've returned to a

                                world of cowards! I'd rather die fighting

                                then be any part of this! Adios!


Ivan goes stomping away. Bizzy and Alex quickly run after him. A moment later Bill and Tyler follow. Bob and the others look at each other, shrug, then they follow, too.




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