62 EXT. CAMPSITE - NIGHT               62


Everyone is asleep spread out around a dying campfire. Ivan wanders slowly among the prostrate, snoring people. He has a worried expression on his face and walks out of the camp.


As Ivan passes the curled up form of the Bounty Hunter, the bearded man's eyes pop open. The eyes follow Ivans progress into the woods.




Ivan sits down in a small clearing in the woods. He rubs his face wearily and stares up at the full moon. He sighs deeply.




                                Kelly, just be okay, okay?


64 EXT. CAMPSITE NIGHT               64


Bizzy is fast asleep under an animal skin. Suddenly a big, hairy hand clasps her over her mouth. Her eyes snap open in alarm.


It is the Bounty Hunter. He has a lecherous smirk on his ugly, bearded face and moves his body down on top of Bizzy's. Bizzy tries to scream but all that comes out from behind his hand is muffled groan. The Bounty Hunter tosses away the animal skin and begins to unbuckle his pants.


Bizzy's eyes are darting back and forth and her muffled groans are growing more desperate. And then Bizzy's eyes shut tightly and her face tightens into a wincing knot.


The Bounty Hunter begins to wheeze as he moves back and forth.


An arm suddenly grabs the Bounty Hunter around the throat and tries to pull him off of Bizzy. It is Alex. He pulls with all his might, but the Bounty Hunter is much bigger than him.


The Bounty Hunter wheels around throwing Alex to the ground. He then punches Alex as hard as he can in the stomach.

                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1

                                                           (to Alex)

                                Mind your own damn business!


Bizzy takes this chance to scream as loud as she can.


Everyone in the camp bolts awake.


Ivan comes running up.



                                What's wrong?


Bizzy squirms out from beneath the Bounty Hunter and with tears running down her face crawls away.


Alex sits up holding his stomach.



                                He just raped Bizzy. I tried to stop

                                him, but I couldn't.


Alex looks away ashamed.


The Bounty Hunter stands up in front of Ivan and casually buckles his pants.



                                                           (to the Bounty Hunter)

                                Is that true?


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1

                                What of it? She's used to it. That's how

                                it's done.




                                Not here it's not.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1

                                Oh, you think you've got somethin' real

                                special goin' here, huh? You're just a

                                bunch of escaped slaves. You're all
                                gonna get caught or killed tomorrow

                                anyway. What's the difference?


                                                           (his eyes blazing)

                                The difference is we're free now and

                                we have laws and we treat each other

                                with respect.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1

                                Oh yeah? Drop dead! I'm goin' back to

                                the sawmill right now and tell 'em where

                                you are.


The Bounty Hunter turns and starts to walk away into the woods.


Ivan reaches down and picks up a crossbow. He quickly cocks it.



                                Hey! Scumbag! Ive got something

                                for you.


The Bounty Hunter turns around.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1



Ivan fires the crossbow. The arrow hits the Bounty Hunter right in the heart. His eyes go wide with surprise and pain. He drops to his knees.


                                                                 BOUNTY HUNTER #1


                                I thought you were a doctor and just

                                healed people.


Ivan's eyes are burning and his right eyelid begins to twitch.



                                I am. Your stupidity is terminal and

                                I just cured you.


The Bounty Hunter falls over backward, dead.


Ivan looks around at all the others who are staring at him. His eye won't stop twitching.



                                Try to get some sleep, tomorrow's

                                gonna be a rough day.

 Ivan walks back into the woods still holding the crossbow.


Alex goes to Bizzy who is curled up beneath a tree. He kneels beside her.



                                I'm sorry.


Bizzy lightly touches Alex's arm, then quickly pulls her hand back.



                                Thanks for trying.


Alex walks away, still deeply ashamed of himself.


Everyone lies back down.






65 DELETED                     65


66 EXT. COMPOUND/SAWMILL - DAWN           66


The rebels crawl through the forest into positions around the compound and sawmill. Each is armed with various weapons, but mainly in the front line it's bows and crossbows. An ancient-looking multiple barreled catapult device mounted on old bicycle tires is wheeled into position with leaves and branches camouflaging it.


Ivan has a crossbow. Bizzy has a regular bow and arrow, loaded and ready. Bob has his fishing rod.


The wire enclosed compound is square and there are Bounty Hunters at all four corners in wooden towers. There is also a guard at the front gate, as well as the Millhands wandering about with their bats.


Ivan is counting under his breath.



                                . . . Ninety-six . . . Ninety-seven . . . Ninety-

                                eight . . . Ninety-nine . . . One hundred.

                                                           (he looks at Bizzy)


Bizzy puts her fingers in her mouth and whistles really loud.


Bob casts his rod and hooks a Bounty Hunter in a tower by his beard. Bob reels in and pulls the Bounty Hunter off the tower before he knows what's happening.


Bizzy launches her arrow and nails the guard at the gate. He stumbles back into his little wooden booth.


Ivan fires his crossbow at a Bounty Hunter in a tower. The arrow hits the guy in the thigh. Ivan quickly tries to reload, which is difficult. The Bounty Hunter raises his weapon at Ivan, stumbles sideways off the edge of the tower and crashes through the roof of a guard post crushing the guard inside.


The other Bounty Hunters in the towers are all hit with arrows.


Ivan turns to Bizzy and nods. She whistles again, real loud. All the rebels stand and charge. They dash forward cutting the wire and going through the gate.


67 INT. COMPOUND/SAWMILL DAY             67


As the rebels move from one wood pile to another across the compound they nail several loafing Millhands with arrows. Ivan picks up one of the bats.


They dash past and around the weird turquoise crystal sculpture toward the main building.


Cannon gun barrels appear through the slit windows of the main building. The cannons fire and big stacks of two-by-fours and planks explode in a shower of wood particles. The rebels are all knocked backward and scurry for cover.


Ivan glances at the sawmill and sees the slaves watching the battle from the doorway, among them are Jeff and Kelly.


Kelly smiles at Ivan and waves. She's missing a finger. He waves and smiles back.


The Aliens keep firing from the main building. Wood piles and dirt and trees explode as they're hit.


Cowering behind a stack of wood, the rebels prepare their next move. They pull out arrows with wadded cloth wrapped around the points. They set them on fire and one by one they fire the flaming projectiles into the sides and roof of the unfinished wood building. In no time the place goes up in flames.


Suddenly the front door comes flying open and out come the five Aliens firing blindly. For the rebels it's like the whole world is blowing up.

The rebels crawl away with debris flying. They are quickly being driven out of the compound under the wire.


The main building is a blazing inferno.


The five Aliens, including the Leader, fan out with their weapons blasting. They avoid hitting the turquoise sculpture.


None of the rebels are fighting back. Not Ivan, not anyone. They're all running for their lives. They've lost the compound. It's completely destroyed, except for the sawmill, the guardhouse and the turquoise statue, and the Aliens most definitely have control.


Kelly and Jeff sadly watch the rebels get pushed back.




The rebels end up back in the woods, hopefully out of range.


The Aliens are at the wire peering out into the woods, no longer shooting. Behind them lie three dead humans on smoldering Earth. The Aliens turn nodding and gurgling to each other in victorious satisfaction.


Suddenly, the leaves and branches camouflaging the wheeled catapult drop away. Ivan stands behind it holding a knife. He cuts a rope and a taught bowstring snaps forward launching twenty-five arrows. The arrows go straight through the wire and hit every Alien. They all drop to the ground dead or mortally wounded.


The rebels rise to their feet. With a cheer they rush back into the compound.




The remaining Bounty Hunters and Millhands cower in the guard quarters and peer out through the windows. They all have weapons, but none of them seems ready to use them.


The slaves slowly step out of the sawmill. They're not sure they can trust what they see with their own eyes. They pull off their muzzles. Some begin to believe it and exclaim in amazement, "We're free!" "Free!" "Thank God!"


Ivan dashes over to the slaves and pushes his way through to Kelly. They hug and hold each other tightly.




                                You're alive. I'm so happy.

Ivan touches Kelly's bruised cheek.



                                You look like hell, but I love you





                                I love you, too.


They kiss.


Alex and Jeff step up to each other smiling. The hug and slap each other on the back.


A party is starting around the burning remains of the main building. They've got the Bounty Hunters and the Millhands out of the guardhouse and are busily tying them up,



                                What'll we do with 'em?


                                                                 MOB #1

                                Let's kill 'em!


                                                                 MOB #2

                                Let's throw 'em into the fire!


                                                                 MOB #3

                                Let's lynch 'em.



                                Let's cut 'em into small pieces and

                                feed ' em to the fish.


                                Let's ask the Doctor.


They all turn to the Ivan who has his arm around Kelly.


The crowd quiets down.  


                                These are the first moments of freedom

                                most of you have experienced in eighteen

                                years. It doesn't seem like the right time

                                to be executing anyone, alien or human.



                                But what'll we do with 'em?


Everyone turns and looks at Ivan. The Bounty Hunters and Millhands are particularly interested.


Ivan speaks to the prisoners.



                                It's up to you. You are humans beings

                                just like us. You can join us if you'd like,

                                but you'll really have to make us believe

                                that you mean it.

                                                           (to the others)

                                Let 'em think about it, put 'em back in

                                the guardhouse.


Ivan walks back over to Kelly. She takes him into her arms.



                                You're a wise leader.



                                Thanks. You can just call me The

                                Great Healer.




                                All right, Great Healer, kiss me.



                                Hey, that's Mister Great Healer to you.


They kiss, then wander over to the other side of the compound.


The people mumble among themselves. They nod in agreement. The Doctor's words are wise. The doctor is a wise man. A sort of warming hum goes through the crowd.  


                                He said we could take the sawmill and

                                we did. The Doctor knows what he's

                                talking about.



                                He took us to see the President.


An awe inspired hush goes through the crowd, followed by a wave of "The President lives," "He truly lives."



                                The President is a coward. An old

                                man sitting in a room. That's why the

                                Doctor lead the attack himself.


Jeff cuts in.



                                He chose not to kill them bastard

                                Bounty Hunters. He must be a just

                                man 'cause I'd a killed 'em in a second.


Bob says.



                                He killed one last night. One that he

                                had already saved.



                                He gives life and he takes it away.


Alex cuts in.



                                Right before he came out of the desert,

                                I saw a shooting star in the daylight sky.

                                I think it was a sign from heaven.



                                All our troubles are over.


                                                                 SOMEONE ELSE

                                Heaven on Earth is here.


Ivan comes running back toward the crowd.




                                Take cover, somethings coming!

                                Prepare to fight!


Everybody scatters in all directions, diving into holes, behind dirt piles, into the sawmill and some people dash into the guard's quarters.


Everyone turns, readies their weapons and prepares to do battle. Ivan lies in a hole, his crossbow cocked and aimed.




There is a low rumbling sound. It grows louder and louder and lower and deeper and everything's shaking. And then there, coming up the road is an absolutely enormous stainless steel vehicle on treads. It stops in front of the main gate. An amplified Alien voice comes out of it.


                                                                 ALIEN VOICE

                                Humans. Giveupimmediately. Do

                                notattemptresistance. Youare



Nobody moves.


There is a hiss from the vehicle, followed by a ramp opening in the front. About twenty black-clad Alien STORM TROOPERS with air cannons come marching out.


Ivan rises up.



                                You like wood so much, eat this!


Ivan fires the crossbow. The arrow sails straight into the chest of the foremost Alien, dropping him on the spot.


As the Aliens lift their weapons, the humans fire their arrows. Fifty arrows swish in and every Alien goes down. The ramp hastily closes and the vehicle backs off twenty yards.


The humans holler in victory, dash forward.

Irises in the hull of the vehicle spin open revealing circular holes. Suddenly rockets come shooting out of the holes, directly at the guardhouse. Everybody dives out of the way of the incoming rockets.


The Bounty Hunters and Millhands watch from the windows of the guardhouse as rockets swoosh directly at them. The building ignites in a giant fireball, followed by a mushroom cloud. The building is utterly destroyed.


The impact of the explosions knocks all of the humans to the ground senseless and covers them with dirt and debris. Another explosion shakes the Earth, then another then another. And then blessed silence and stillness.


Each of the humans is buried in several inches of dirt. One by one they come rising up as if out of nowhere only too find fifty more Alien Storm Troopers with weapons coming at them at a full run.


The Alien COMMANDER comes striding up to the humans flanked by armed guards. The Storm Troopers line up behind him, the weapons at ready. The Commander looks over the filthy crew of rebels.




                                anarmedrevolt. Iwillhaveto


                                occursagain. Whichofyouincited

                                this? Whoisyourleader?


There is a long sustained silence from the dirty, bloody rebels.




                                Iwillkillallofyou. Nowspeak



All of the humans look at each other hesitantly. No one moves. Ivan suddenly steps forward.


                                I'm the leader, thank you very much.


The Alien Commander nods.


Kelly steps forward, her chin thrust defiantly out.  


                                No, I'm the leader.


The Alien Commander's bugeyes go from Ivan to Kelly.


Then Alex steps forward.



                                No, I am the leader.


Bizzy steps forward.



                                No, it's me.


Then Jeff steps up.



                                Heck no, I've always been the leader



Then everybody steps up saying, "I'm the leader," "No, I am," "No, me . . ."





                                thanIeversuspected. Iought

                                tokillyouallrightnow, butI



                                Ibelieveyou . . .

                                                           (he points directly at Ivan)



A gasp goes through the crowd. Many people say, "No." Two Alien guards grab Ivan and drag him away.



                                Myjudgmentwascorrect. You



                                Yes I am. But I'm not the last. Humans

                                will rise up against your tyranny and kill

                                every last one of you!


Ivan is taken to the large oak tree at the center of the compound.  



                                Idon'tthinkso. Youarethe

                                troublemaker. Humansarenaturally


                                tosubservience. Youareanexception.



All of the human's eyes go wide in horror as they watch the two Alien guards raise their weapons toward Ivan.


Just then it begins to rain arrows into the lines of Alien Storm Troopersten, twenty, thirty arrows. Many Aliens are hit and fall shrieking to the ground. The other Aliens take cover anywhere its available.


Ivan and the other rebels look around in confusion. What's going on?




There is a loud sustained war cry and humans come storming into the compound from all directions. Out in front wielding a sword is President Demsky. He is followed by all of his Washingtonians, old as they may be, as well as Isaac and all the inhabitants of Freedom Valleymen, women, children, holding sticks and knives and bows, smashing down the wire.

Ivan steps forward, waves his arm and hollers.





The rebels in the compound attack and now it's a two front assault. The Aliens try to level their weapons but haven't got time. They get off a few shots which send humans flying, but they are quickly overrun. The humans wade into the Aliens and it's a slaughter.


Now it's hand-to-hand combat, or, actually, hand-to-tentacle combat. When you stick the Aliens they spew green blood. They're also not terribly coordinated, but watch out for those jaws because they'll bite your head or arm off in a second.

Bill steps out of the woods in front of the stainless steel vehicle and gives them the finger.


Both irises immediately spin open revealing cannon barrels.


Tyler and Bizzy both appear on either side of the vehicle and toss Molotov cocktails into the holes. They dive away as the vehicle explodes inside, blowing the front ramp out like a cork and spewing dead, smoldering bugs.


Ivan has gone wild. He's going at the Aliens with his knife, pouncing on them and ramming the blade home again and again, his face twisting into a battle hardened sneer. Green Alien blood coats Ivan's clothes, hands and face.


Ivan spots Kelly, but can't even bring himself to smile. His war sneer is stuck on his face.


Ivan is far and away the most valiant, or the craziest, as the case may be.


Soon all of the Aliens are dead. The battle is won. Everyone begins to cheer and shake hands and slap each other on the back.


All except Ivan. He sits on the ground among the dead Aliens, a bloody green knife in his hand. He is hyperventilating and can't get the twisted sneer of his face.


Kelly rushes over to him and helps him to his feet. He's shaking badly.


President Demsky comes walking up.






                                You seem to have changed your mind

                                since we last spoke.



                                Yes. You changed it. Thank you.


                                Your timing was impeccable. If you'll

                                excuse me, though, I think I have to lie

                                down. Tell everyone to get some rest,

                                we move on to another sawmill tomorrow.  



                                Tomorrow? That soon?




                                Yes, that soon. Remember, the battle's

                                not over until we've won. Until every

                                stinking Alien is dead. Got it?



                                Got it.





Ivan nods weakly and Kelly leads him into the sawmill.


The President shakes his head and goes to tell the others.


At which point Bill, the short and erect mountain man, comes face to face with the wizened old Senator. They are the same height.




                                Well if it isn't the deformed dwar

                                                           (realizes they are the

                                                           same height)

                                What happened to you?



                                The Doctor healed me. He's a true




                                He sure is. This is utterly amazing!

                                You're not a dwarf at all. In fact, you're

                                quite tall.


The warm rush goes back through the crowd. It's taking root, grabbing hold.


The old ladies and gentlemen of Washington are caught up in the excitement too.  

                                                                 WASHINGTONIAN #1

                                The Probe is what saved us and he put

                                the Probe in space.


                                                                 WASHINGTONIAN #2

                                That's true. He saved us.


                                                                 WASHINGTONIAN #1

                                And his words are wise.


Isaac tells the crowd.



                                The Doctor told us that living in Freedom

                                Valley was hiding from reality, not facing

                                it and he was right.



                                He laid his hands on me and I was cured.



                                He cut a bullet right out of my gut. I sure

                                wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. And

                                he told me that if I was ever in a canoe I

                                shouldn't tip it and that's certainly good




                                When we first met, I already knew him.



                                He got me to see that life is worth living

                                and worth fighting for.


                                                                 WASHINGTONIAN #1

                                God bless the Doctor.


Everyone repeats this.



                                God bless the Doctor.


Alex comes out of the slave cellar holding a stub of a pencil and yellowed pad of paper. He begins writing furiously.  

Our view of the sawmill and its compound moves upward, taking in the wreckage, the smoldering main building and the multitude of dead bodies, both human and Alien.


Alex's voice returns as it did in the beginning.


                                                                 ALEX (V.0.)

                                The Doctor had indeed led us to freedom.

                                And the next day we moved on toward

                                another sawmill . . .




68 EXT. MOUNTAINSIDE - DAWN             68


A long line of free humans, dressed in rags, holding their weapons proudly, march in line over the top of the hill. They are led by Ivan and Kelly and the line of people seems to just get longer and longer.


                                                                 ALEX (V.0.)  

                                And after another desperate battle we

                                freed that sawmill, too. And the next

                                and the next. We went on to liberate

                                all of the sawmills in the Pacific northwest

                                and now we are heading back south

                                to free the humans of California. It looks

                                like there's no stopping us. Soon, all of

                                the humans on Earth we be free. And

                                we owe it all to the Doctor, our liberator,

                                or, as he has become known over the

                                course of many bloody battles waged

                                and won with multitudes of Aliens killed . . .



69 EXT. SAWMILL COMPOUND DAY             69


Ivan is killing the Aliens with his knife, pouncing on them and ramming the blade home again and again, his face twisting into a battle hardened sneer. Green Alien blood coats Ivan's clothes, hands and face.



70 EXT. MOUNTAINSIDE - DAWN             70


As Ivan gets closer we see that his uniform is stained with green blood, his eyes are blazing, the weird sneer still twisting his lips.


                                                                 ALEX (V.0.)

                                . . . "The Great Exterminator."


Kelly glances at Ivan with a disturbed look. Ivan doesn't notice. His burning glare is directed ahead.


The line of humans behind Ivan marching over the hill just keeps coming and coming, endlessly and forever into the future.


                                                                                                       FADE OUT:





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