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"Baby Face" 
"Baby It's You" 
"Bad and the Beautiful, The" 
"Bad Seed, The" 
"Ballad of Ramblin' Jack, The"
"Ball of Fire" 
"Bandwagon, The" 
"Beauty and the Beast (91)" 
"Before the Devil Knows You're Dead"
"Being There" 
"Bells of St. Marys, The" 
"Ben Hur (26)" 
"Ben Hur (59)" 
"Berkeley in the Sixties" 
"Best Boy" 
"Best Years of Our Lives, The" 
"Bicycle Thief, The" 
"Big Country, The" 
"Big Heat, The" 

"Big House, The" (30)
"Big One, The"
"Billy Budd" 
"Biloxi Blues" 
"Birdman of Alcatraz, The" 

"Birds, The" 
"Black Harvest" 
"Black Narcissus" 
"Black Robe" 
"Black Room, The" 
"Blazing Saddles" 
"Blond Venus" 
"Blue Collar" 
"Blue Sky" 
"Blue Velvet" 
"Body Snatcher, The"
"Body and Soul (47)" 
"Bonnie and Clyde" 
"Born on the Fourth of July" 
"Bowling For Columbine"
"Boyfriends and Girlfriends" 
"Boyz N the Hood" 
"Breaking Away" 
"Breathless (59)" 
"Bride of Frankenstein, The" 
"Bridge on the River Kwai, The" 
"Broken Arrow"
"Buena Vista Social Club, The"
"Buddy Holly Story, The" 
"Burden of Dreams"
"Bus Stop" 
"But Not for Me" 
"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" 
"Bye Bye Blues"


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