Mrs. Stevens speaks to Jessica who is seated across from her.

                                                                 MRS. STEVENS
                                ...And because you're an adult you will
                                be leaving my care.  Just exactly what
                                are your plans, Jessica?

                                Well, I'm not exactly sure.  I was thinking
                                of a couple of different things.

Mrs. Stevens picks up a manila envelope.

                                                                 MRS. STEVENS
                                I've known you for a long time, Jessica,
                                and I know you'll do just fine.  A lawyer
                                came by yesterday and dropped this off.
                                You might want to read it before making
                                any definite plans.

Jessica takes the envelope and opens it.  She turns it over and an key drops into her hand.  Also in the envelope is an old yellowed document.

                                What's this?

Mrs. Stevens takes the document, puts on her half-glasses and inspects it.

                                                                 MRS. STEVENS
                                It's a deed.

Mrs. Stevens quickly scans the letter attached.

                                                                 MRS. STEVENS
                                It seems that you own a house.  Your
                                family's house.  In Lone Lake.

Jessica lights up.

                                Oh my God!  You're kidding me.

                                                                 MRS. STEVENS
                                No.  You own a house.

                                I can't believe this.  This is the greatest
                                thing that ever happened!

                                                                 MRS. STEVENS
                                I'm happy for you, Jessica, and I wish
                                you the very best of luck.


Jessica is in her room packing.  She has her backpack on the bed and is going through a drawer.  Items either get tossed in the backpack or into the trash can.

She finds an old cracked super ball in the drawer.  She looks at it for a moment, smiles and puts it in her pocket.


Jessica and Marcy stand at a bus stop.

                                And don't forget to write.

                                I won't, and I'll call you, too.

The bus pulls in.  Jessica and Marcy hug and kiss.

                                I'm going to miss you, Jess.  Here, this
                                is for you.

Marcy hands Jessica a small package.

                                Oh, you didn't have to.

Jessica opens the package and finds four candy bars.

                                I thought you might get hungry on the

                                I'll treasure them.  And I'll always have
                                the extra weight to remind me of you.
                                Goodbye, Marcy.


Jessica gets on the bus.

Marcy waves as the bus pulls away.


Jessica sits in an aisle seat.  Across the aisle sits an exceptionally cute little Japanese BOY and his middle aged JAPANESE FATHER.  The bus driver's voice comes through the speakers.

                                                                 BUS DRIVER (O.S.)
                                Lone Lake.  Next stop, Lone Lake.

The Japanese Father turns to Jessica.

                                                                 JAPANESE FATHER
                                Are you going to Lone Lake.

                                Yes, I am.

                                                                 JAPANESE FATHER
                                You know that Lone Lake is the deepest
                                lake in all of America?

                                No, I didn't.

                                                                 JAPANESE FATHER
                                Yeah.  Very deep.  No Bottom.

                                Really?  That's fascinating.

Jessica is more interested in the little boy.

                                How old are you?

The little boy smiles at her and his father answers.

                                                                 JAPANESE FATHER
                                He does not speak English.

The Father translates the question into Japanese for the little boy.  The little boy holds up five fingers.

Jessica smiles and looks out the window.  She sees a sign that says, "Welcome To Lone Lake."


The bus pulls up in front of the row of stores.  It stops in front of the Ed Downing's Drug Store.  Jessica, the Japanese Father and his little boy, all get off of the bus.  The bus drives away.

A blue Ford Taurus with a General Rent-A-Car sticker on the bumper is waiting in the parking lot.  Four oriental men get out of the car and greet them in Japanese.

                                                                 JAPANESE FATHER
                                Would you like a ride someplace?

                                No, thanks.  I'll walk.  Nice meeting you.

Jessica waves goodbye to the little boy and he waves back.

Jessica wanders through the small downtown area of Lone Lake, her backpack on her back.  There is a warm glow in her face as she passes:


The barbers are reading the newspaper and watching TV.  There are still no customers.


As Jessica passes the grocery store she sees a stock boy pushing a long line of shopping carts.  When the carts pass they reveal the gum ball machines.  Jessica stops and looks at the quarter machine with all of the toys in it.  There's the super ball.  She puts in a quarter, turns the handle and opens the little door.  It's the lighter.  She takes it out of the capsule and puts it in her pocket.

Jessica keeps walking.


She sees a Mailman going into the snack shop.


Jessica passes Lone Lake Elementary School and sees that it is closed and boarded up.  There are overgrown weeds on the lawn.  A sign says, "For lease.  Call Frank Malone at Lakefront Realty 991-0775."  She continues on her way.


The sun shimmers on the calm surface of the lake.  A few people lie on the beach catching some rays.  Beside the clubhouse the silhouetted figure of an old man sits in a wooden chair.


Jessica sees the Buttram's house.  Cars are in the drive and the cedar shingle siding is still not finished.


Jessica sees a purple 1972 Dodge Charger with mag wheels in the driveway.  She then sees Mrs. Cummings down on her hands and knees in the garden.  A smile of recognition lights up her face.

                                Mrs. Cummings?

Mrs. Cummings looks up, then smiles.

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS
                                Jessica Strand.  My, my, but haven't you
                                grown up pretty.  What brings you back?
                                Are you visiting?

                                No.  I've inherited the house.  I'm moving

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS
                                Isn't that wonderful.  It's nice to have you
                                back.  Won't Brian be surprised to hear this.

                                Is Brian here?

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS
                                No, but he can't be far.  That monstrosity is
                                still in the driveway.

She points at the purple Charger.

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS
                                I'm telling you, Brian is the most obstinate
                                person I've ever known.  We can't seem to
                                agree on anything, but... There I go, running
                                on and on again.  The minute I see Brian I'll
                                certainly tell him you're here.

                                Thanks, Mrs. Cummings.  Nice seeing you

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS
                                And you, dear.  And please, call me Rita.

Jessica walks away.  Separated by hedges, the next house over is hers.  She stops in front of her house.


It is an old Tudor structure with large bay windows and three stories.  The lawn is a jungle of overgrown vines and weeds.  She takes the key from her pocket and puts it in the rusty old lock.  Jessica opens the door and enters the house.


The interior of the house is old and musty.  Everything is exactly as it was left thirteen years ago.  Her Mother's suitcase sits in the middle of the floor, covered with dust.

As she walks around the house she opens the shades and curtains and slides open the windows.  Dust floats in the sunlight.  She hits the light switch, but the lights don't work.

One of the living room windows is shattered.  At the center of the window is a dead bird with its head caught in the broken glass.

There is a spider web in the corner with many brown hairy spiders crawling around it.  Jessica shudders.

On the coffee table is a crystal candy dish.  Jessica lifts the lid and finds one giant blob of melted candy.  She winces and replaces the top.

On an end table is a black rotary telephone.  She lifts the receiver and listens.  The line is dead.  She hangs up the phone.


Jessica enters the kitchen and looks around.  She attempts to open the cellar door but it is locked.

Opening the cupboards she finds a large variety of old products.  Many cans sit crookedly with the bottoms and tops puffed out.  There is a five pound bag of sugar coated with ants.  She quickly closes the cupboard.


Jessica goes back into the living room and comes face to face with a large, bald headed man named FRANK MALONE.  Jessica and Frank are both startled and gasp.

                                I didn't know anyone was in here.

                                Neither did I.

                                Sorry if I frightened you.  You must be
                                Jessica Strand.

                                Who are you?

                                Frank Malone, Lakefront Realty.  Helluva
                                nice house, huh?

                                It's beautiful.  I've always loved this house.

                                It's one of the biggest in town.  What I
                                could do with a place like this.

                                Do you think it would cost a lot to fix
                                this place up?

                                Not if you do it yourself.

Frank takes a Milky Way Bar from his pocket and holds it out to Jessica.

                                Want some?

                                No thank you.  I've got plenty of my own.

Frank Malone shrugs, unwraps and eats his candy bar.

                                By the way, I wouldn't go down in that
                                cellar if I were you, it got destroyed in
                                a flood and there's no stairs.  If you'll just
                                sign here I can probably get the power
                                and water on by later tonight or tomorrow.

He holds out a clipboard with papers on it.  Jessica signs the paper.

                                If you need any help fixing the place up
                                I know a fella that's pretty good.  George
                                Darbian, he just lives up the street.  Give
                                me a call if you need anything.

Frank Malone hands her his card and leaves.


Jessica comes out the back door.  She wanders through the overgrown grass and weeds up to the high wooden fence at the back of the yard.  She looks through the slats of the fence and sees a cemetery.


There are rows and rows of tombstones of all sizes and shapes.  Everything is quiet and no one is about.


Jessica looks to her right to the hedges separating the yards.  She goes over to the hedges and looks down at the entrance to her old secret hiding place.  She smiles, gets down on her hands and knees and crawls under the hedges.


Jessica crawls under the hedges.  A look of childish delight on her face.


Jessica comes into the secret hiding place and finds Brian sitting there!  He is nineteen years old, muscular and handsome.  He is smoking a cigarette.

Both Jessica and Brian are astounded.  Speechless.  There are so many questions that neither one knows where to begin.  Instead they burst out laughing.

                                Oh my God, Brian!

                                Jessica?  No way...

                                I don't believe this.  What are you doing

                                He holds up the cigarette.

                                Hiding.  My mom won't let me smoke in
                                the house.  Pretty silly for nineteen, huh?


They both shake their heads in amazement.

                                I guess I've pretty much taken this place
                                over since you left.

Jessica looks around at tons of cigarette butts, empty beer cans and bottles.  It's a mess.

                                You've taken nice care of it.

Brian shrugs and smiles.

                                Are you back for good?

                                Yeah, I am.


The two smile for a moment in silence.  Jessica remembers something.

                                Here, I've got something for you.

                                Really?  What?

Jessica reaches into her pocket and hands him the plastic capsule with the lighter in it.  Brian takes it and grins happily.

                                I always wanted one of these.  Thanks.

                                I remember you got me a super ball.

                                Right... You named it something, didn't

Jessica nods, embarrassed.

                                ...Alexander Graham Ball.  I still have it.

Jessica takes the super ball out of her pocket and shows it to him; cracked and dried up.

                                They don't age very well... But you

                                Thanks.  You look pretty good yourself.
                                I've thought about you over the years...

She suddenly feels like she's put her foot in her mouth.

                                Not a lot.  I mean...

                                I've thought about you, too... A lot.


Brian nods.


They stare at each other enjoying the look of each other's face.  Suddenly the moment is broken by the sound of Mrs. Cummings' voice.

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS (O.S.)
                                Brian!  Where are you?  Dinner's getting

Brian shakes his head.

                                Some things never change.  Maybe we'll
                                get together later or something.  We've got
                                a lot of catching up to do.


Brian looks at her and smiles.  He quickly crawls out of the hiding place.  Jessica grins happily.

                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:


As Jessica walks up the steps she looks down and sees a blood stain on the carpeting the size of a softball.


The last waning rays of sunlight bath her old bedroom in an ethereal orange hue.  Jessica walks slowly around the room and looks at the child size furniture and the collection of wind-up toys on the desk.  Raggedy Andy still lies in a pile on the floor.  Jessica gives the doll a kick.  It flies into the closet.

Jessica lies down on the bed.  It is much too small and her legs hang over.  She stands and leaves the room.


Her Mother's suitcase sits in the hall, just where she left it.  It is covered with dust.  Jessica picks it up.


Jessica pushes open the door to her parent's bedroom.  She sees herself at age five lying on the big double bed drawing in a small book with crayons.

                                                                 MELANIE (O.S.)
                                Jessica!  What are you doing?

Five year old Jessica looks up to find her Mother standing in the doorway.

Melanie rushes into the room and takes away the book that Jessica has been drawing in.

                                Don't ever touch this again!

Melanie grabs Jessica's arm and roughly stands her up.  She gives her a hard slap across the face and sends her out of the room.

Five year old Jessica looks back from the doorway crying.  She sees her Mother flip through the pages of the book, sadly shake her head and put the book away in the night stand drawer.

Eighteen year old Jessica opens the drawer and takes out the book.  On the cover is written, "My Diary."

Jessica sits down on the bed, opens the diary.  The first page is signed, "Melanie Houghten-Strand."  All over these two pages are various colored crayon drawings and the name "Jessica" written in four different colors.  Jessica shakes her head.

                                How embarrassing.

She opens her Mother's diary and begins to read.

                                                                 MELANIE (V.O.)
                                March 12, 1968.  I met a man today named
                                Jonathan Strand.  We ended up talking for
                                a long time.  He is very handsome and is an
                                author of historical books.  He said that he
                                wants to see me again.  This is incredible.
                                Maybe my luck has changed.


Melanie, who is twenty-six years old, sits on a park bench eating a sandwich from a brown paper sack.  Jonathan Strand, a very handsome young man of twenty-nine, sits down beside her.  He is smoking a pipe.  Automobiles of the early to mid 1960's go past in the background.

                                                                 MELANIE (V.O.)
                                April 5, 1968.  Things are happening so
                                fast.  Jonathan and I see each other
                                everyday.  I'm the happiest girl in the

                                May 21, 1968.  Jonathan asked me to
                                marry him and I almost fell over.  Mrs.
                                Jonathan Strand.  I like the sound of it.


Jonathan gives Melanie a small box which contains a wedding ring.  She grins happily, throws her arms around him and kisses him

                                                                 MELANIE (V.O.)
                                May 28, 1968.  We're going to be married
                                June first.  I'll be a June bride.  I suggested
                                the Catholic church but he wants to do it
                                at the courthouse with the Justice Of The
                                Peace.  He says that he's an Atheist.  Who
                                cares!  He's God in my eyes.  I love him
                                more than anything on Earth.


The wedding ceremony is being performed by a Justice of the Peace wearing a dark suit.  Melanie is wearing a white wedding dress.  Jonathan is wearing a tuxedo.

A photographer hits them with a flash.


In Jessica's hand is the wedding photograph.  She uses it as a bookmark and shuts the book.  She takes a candy bar from the package Marcy gave her and eats it.  She opens the diary and keeps reading.

                                                                 MELANIE (V.0.)
                                June 4, 1968.  Jonathan and I spent our
                                honeymoon in Niagara Falls and it was
                                wonderful.  Jonathan asked me what else
                                I wanted in life and I said a baby.  He loved
                                the idea.  We'll be parents.


Melanie and Jonathan stand in front of the falls.  They are lit with a spectrum of colored lights.  They kiss passionately.

                                                                 MELANIE (V.0)
                                June 5, 1968.  We live in the biggest house
                                in Lone Lake.  It's beyond beautiful.  I wish
                                the cemetery wasn't right behind us.  I guess
                                they won't move it for me, though.  Ha-ha.


The house looks very nice and the yard is well cared for.  Jonathan and Melanie pull into the driveway in a 1964 Ford Galaxy.

                                                                 MELANIE (V.O.)
                                June 10, 1968.  I was very sick this morning,
                                I just know that I'm pregnant.  We haven't
                                wasted any time.


Melanie is in the kitchen cooking dinner and tries to open the cellar door.  It is locked.

                                                                 MELANIE (V.O.)
                                June 29, 1969.  I haven't written in my diary
                                in months.  Last week I gave birth to a baby
                                girl.  We have named her Jessica.  Jonathan
                                is overjoyed and is every bit the proud papa.
                                I'm ecstatic.  I'm a mother.  I'm the happiest
                                person in the world!

And that's it.  All the rest of the pages are blank.  Jessica closes the diary and sets it aside, a puzzled look on her face.

                                The happiest person in the world?

Jessica picks up her Mother's dusty suitcase and lies it on the bed.  The tag on the zipper says, "Melanie Strand."  She unzips it, throws the top of the suitcase open and on top of everything are fourteen crucifixes!  They are of every shape and size.  There are also several Bibles.

Jessica is frightened.

Below the crucifixes is a torn-out page from a book.  Jessica takes the page out and reads it.

                                "It is said that Satanic cults use human
                                sacrifices for their rituals.  The sacrifice
                                of five year old children, possibly related
                                to the five-sided pentagram, is most common.
                                They believe that a child's blood contains the
                                most power ...

                                ...Satanists also believe that evil forces are
                                at their zenith during lunar eclipses.  Particularly
                                during the phase when the moon is completely

Jessica puts down the torn page.  She picks up a newspaper article in the suitcase.  It is the weather report for June 1, 1974.  The headline reads, "Lunar Eclipse Tonight."

It has gotten quite dark.  She sits for a moment in contemplative silence.  She looks back down at all of the crucifixes in the suitcase.

Suddenly all of the lights in the house go on.  A radio beside her blares music in her ear.

Jessica jumps.


She gropes for the radio, turns it off and breathes a sigh of relief.  From the living room she can hear that the TV is on.

                                This house has sure gone crazy.

She shakes her head and leaves the bedroom.


All of the lights are on and the TV set is blasting.  Jessica enters switching off lights and is just about to turn off the TV when she hears...

                                                                 NEWSCASTER (On TV)
                                ...This will be the best chance that scientists
                                will have in nearly thirteen years for studying
                                the Lunar eclipse.  Bob, back to you...

She switches off the TV, a strange look on her face.

She hears water running in the kitchen.


Jessica enters the kitchen and finds the sink pouring black rusty water.  Jessica shuts off the tap, then shuts off the light.  She then sees light coming from underneath the cellar door, tries to open it and finds it locked.

She thinks for a second, then opens the third kitchen drawer from the end.  In it is a key ring with three keys on it.  She takes it and tries the keys in the cellar door lock.  None of them fit.  Jessica gives up and exits.

                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:


Jessica is in her nightgown.  She turns off the light and climbs into bed.  The room is illuminated by a streak of light from the Cummings' yard lamp.

Jessica hears a door slam somewhere outside the window.  Jessica listens, hearing the voices of a man and a woman.  After a moment she recognizes the voices of Mrs. Cummings and Brian.

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS (O.S.)
                                ...You think that the whole world revolves
                                around you, but that's not how it works.
                                You've got responsibilities.

                                                                 BRIAN (O.S.)
                                Get off my back, for Chrissakes!

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS (O.S.)
                                You watch your mouth, young man, or
                                you'll get yourself in deep trouble.

                                                                 BRIAN (O.S.)
                                Threats and more threats.  Well, maybe I
                                will find someplace else to live.

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS (O.S.)
                                You're not going anywhere!

                                                                 BRIAN (O.S.)
                                Try and stop me!

There is another door slam, followed by silence.  The yard light goes out.  Jessica's room goes dark.

Jessica closes her eyes...

The phone rings.

Jessica opens her eyes and sits up in bed.  The phone keeps ringing.  Jessica gets out of bed and follows the ringing, which is coming from downstairs.


Jessica comes down the stairs in her nightgown.  The phone on the end table keeps ringing.

Jessica answers the phone.  She hears a rasping female voice.


                                Jessica... You've got to get out of that

Jessica recognizes the voice.

                                Mother?... But you're...

                                ...You've got to listen to me.  Please,

Jessica looks down and sees that the phone cord is not plugged into the wall!


Her Mother's voice diminishes in static, then the line goes dead.  Jessica drops the receiver to the floor.

She hears something, looks up and sees the dead bird caught in the broken window is now alive and flapping its wings.  It dislodges its head from the glass and flies away.  Feathers float to the floor.

Then she hears a dripping sound coming from the kitchen.  Jessica follows the sound.


Jessica goes into the kitchen.  She sees rusty water dripping into the kitchen sink which is full of black water.

Jessica hits the drain switch and the black water begins to bubble.  It slowly swirls down the drain.

Jessica looks out the kitchen window.  She sees the clouds blow past the full moon.  When it appears from behind the clouds it is a huge bloodshot eyeball!

Jessica looks back down at the sink.  As the black water drains out it reveals a crucifix at the bottom of the sink.

There is a booming in Jessica's ears as she reaches for it.  As she takes hold of it a dead rotting hand bursts out of the black water and grabs her wrist!


...Jessica bolts awake in bed.  The pounding from her nightmare hasn't stopped.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!  She looks all around in confusion, perspiration covering her forehead.

                                Where am I?

She gets a bearing and focus on the room.

                                I'm home.

She looks down and sees the crucifix in her hand.  Right below her hand, on the floor, is the suitcase full of crucifixes.

The pounding continues.  She realizes that it is coming from downstairs.  She grabs her robe and leaves the room.


Jessica comes down the stairs and realizes the pounding is coming from the front door.


A frightened look crosses her face.  She calls out.

                                Who is it?

                                                                 MALE VOICE (O.S.)
                                It's me.

                                Who's me?

                                                                 MALE VOICE (O.S.)
                                It's Brian.

Jessica breathes a sigh a relief.  She opens the front door.  There stands Brian looking sheepish.

                                Brian.  What are you doing here?

                                I said I might come over later.

                                What time is it?

                                It's only eleven-thirty... I guess I woke,
                                you, huh?

                                Actually, no.

                                You wanna go out?


                                Great.  You go put on your clothes and
                                I'll get the car.


Brian reaches in through the open window and puts the Charger in neutral.  He pushes the car and it begins rolling down the driveway.  He jumps in the car as it rolls out into the street.

Jessica comes running up wearing jeans and a red shirt.  She gets in the car and Brian starts it up.

                                Hi.  Nice car.

                                Four hundred four-barrel, baby.  Zero
                                to a thousand in ten seconds.

Jessica is grinning with delight.

                                Show me.

Brian changes his tone.

                                As soon as we get out of the neighborhood,
                                I don't want to wake my mom.

                                Tough guy.

The car creeps quietly up the street.  A moment later there is a loud engine rev, then the squeal of tires.


Brian's Charger tears up the highway.


Tunes blast from the radio.  Jessica and Brain are having fun.

                                Where are we going?

                                Someplace you'll never forget.  An enchanted
                                world of beauty and excitement.


It is a drab little cinder block building.  It says "World Headquarters" on the front.  Five semi trucks are parked in the lot.  Brian's Charger pulls in and parks.  They get out of the car.

                                World headquarters of what?


                                I've never been to a bar before.

                                Then you're in for a treat.

Brian extends his arm and Jessica takes it.  They go inside.

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