Mrs. Cummings looks through the telescope.  She sees Jessica and Brian on the dock kissing.  Mrs. Cummings looks up with a concerned expression.


Jessica and Brian have just finished kissing.  Brian looks back toward the shore and sees the lights of the clubhouse go out.

                                What's wrong?

                                We better get going.

They stand and walk down the dock.


When they pass the clubhouse everyone is gone.  They get to the gate and Brian locks it after them.


Jessica and Brian begin walking up the street when they see the little Japanese Boy coming running up.  He is very agitated and talks quickly in Japanese.

Brian and Jessica look at each other and shrug.

The little Boy looks behind him, then runs away and hides in the hedges.

                                What was that all about?

A second later the blue Ford Taurus drives up.  The window rolls down and it is the Japanese Father.  The other Japanese men can be seen in the car.

                                                                 JAPANESE FATHER
                                Have you seen my son?

Brian points at the hedges.

                                He's hiding in the hedges.

The Japanese Father gets out of the car.  He goes behind the hedges and finds the Boy.  The Boy is kicking and screaming as his Father carries him to the car.

                                                                 JAPANESE FATHER
                                Thank you very much.

He and the kid get in the car.  The door shuts and it drives away.

Brian turns to Jessica.

                                Rambunctious kid.

                                I hope he's all right.


Brian and Jessica enter the living room.  Brian and Jessica sit down on the couch.  Brian puts his arm around Jessica.

                                Now, where were we?

He pulls her to him and they kiss.  It is a long, passionate kiss.  Brian takes Jessica's shirt off over her head.  She has her bikini top on underneath.

They kiss again.  Jessica leans back on the couch and pulls Brian on top of her.  Brian quickly takes off his own shirt.  She unties her bikini top and flings it.  He caresses her breasts gently and kisses her again.  She begins unbuttoning his shorts.

His hand slides down to her waist and he unbuttons her shorts.  They are struggling out of their clothes, groping and fondling each other at the same time.

Suddenly Mrs. Cummings appears at the back door window.  She has an outraged look on her face.  She begins pounding on the door.

Brian and Jessica bolt upright.  They turn to the back door and see Mrs. Cummings.

                                Shit!  Shit!  Shit!

Jessica is baffled and quickly puts her T-shirt back on.  Brian puts his shirt back on, too.  He is panicking.

                                What's she doing here?

                                Fucking up my life.

He stands and zips his pants.

                                Wait here.

Brian goes into the kitchen.  Jessica stands by the couch and watches.


Brian goes to the back door and opens it.  Mrs. Cummings is royally pissed.

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS
                                What kind of behavior is this?  Are you
                                some kind of wild animal?

                                Mom, please...

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS
                                Don't give me that!  You said you'd drive me
                                to Aunt Julia's!  Instead I find you wrestling
                                around with this girl!

Mrs. Cummings points past Brian to Jessica.

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS
                                And I'm very ashamed of you, Jessica!

Jessica turns her head in embarrassment.

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS
                                I'll be waiting in the car.

Mrs. Cummings leaves in a huff.

Jessica walks up to Brian at the back door.  He is shaking his head.

                                I'm never going to hear the end of this.
                                I gotta go.

Jessica gives Brian a quick kiss and he heads out the door.


Jessica follows him out.


Brian walks across the yard and Jessica stays right behind.

                                When will I see you again?

Brian stops and looks at Jessica helplessly.


A horn begins honking.

                                Oh, shit!  I gotta go.  'Bye.


Brian cuts through the hedges and is gone.  Jessica stands by herself and lets out a frustrated sigh.

Jessica takes a deep breath of cool night air and walks across the overgrown grass of the backyard.

Her footsteps suddenly become wooden and hollow.  She stops and quizzically looks down.  Lurking in the weeds is a large rusty steel ring bolted down to a wooden surface.

Jessica clears the grass and weeds from around the steel ring with her hands.  She reveals two old wooden doors.  Jessica grabs hold of the rusty steel ring and tugs.  She pulls harder and opens the doors.  A raccoon comes darting out, frightening her.

Jessica looks down into the darkness.  It's an empty little fruit cellar.  Beams of moonlight coming from the cracks in the back wall illuminate the fruit cellar.  She descends into the cellar down the creaky old wooden steps.


The room is six feet by eight feet and two of the walls are lined with shelves filled with old jars.

In the back wall is a wooden door with no knob.  Behind it a light is on.  Jessica looks through a crack in the door.  She sees a wooden staircase running up to a closed door.

                                                           (To herself)
                                I thought he said the stairs were washed

Jessica turns and looks around the fruit cellar.  There is a large display of candles and candelabras.  At the center of the candles reposes a black, one foot tall statue of a winged creature with a human body and a fly's head.  In front of that sits a strange, ugly mask.

Jessica looks at the jars of hideous concoctions and winces.  She sees a stain on the wood of the shelf that runs under the jars and behind them.

Jessica sees that there is a cupboard hidden behind the jars.  She removes the jars from the shelf.  She takes hold of the handles and pulls the doors of the cupboard open.

Inside the cupboard are five glass jars.  In each of the jars is a deformed human fetus floating in formaldehyde.  The deformities all resemble the statue with the fly's head.  One of the jars is cracked and the fetus within is a skeleton.

Jessica can't believe what she's seeing.  She shuts the cupboard doors and shakes her head.

Suddenly the calm of the night is shattered by a high pitched scream.  Jessica looks up in alarm.  She cautiously goes up the stairs.


Jessica comes out of the fruit cellar into the backyard.  She looks up into the sky and sees the full moon shining brightly in the sky.

A moment later there is another scream, now muffled and distant.  It is followed by a child's whimpering.  The sound is coming from the woods beside her house.

Very hesitantly, Jessica begins walking toward the woods.

Jessica gets to the tree-line and pauses.  She looks like she might turn back.

She hears the child's whimpering again.  It sounds like it's in Japanese.

Jessica opens her hand and looks down at her five fingers.

                                                           (To herself)
                                This many...

Jessica summons her courage and steps into the woods.


Moonlight illuminates the woods in an bluish, eerie hue.  Sharp shadows sway back and forth in the breeze.  Jessica moves through the brush trying to make as little noise as possible.

There is yet another whimper, but it stops abruptly.

Jessica's hears a strange, low, atonal chant.  It is in Latin.  Her heart pounds.

Jessica moves stealthily toward a flickering fire in the distance.


Jessica arrives at the edge of a clearing in the woods.  She is hidden in shrubs and sees five dark cloaked figures wearing hideous masks.  They stand in a circle chanting and swaying.  A rope hangs from a tree between them.  As the figures move they reveal the little Japanese boy hanging upside down.  He is bound and gagged.  A bonfire crackles in front of him.  Beneath the squirming boy sits a silver urn.

One of the cloaked figures pulls out a curved silver dagger.  The little boy's eyes widen in terror.  The blade flashes down across the child's throat.  A fine mist of blood sprays the fire.

Jessica lets out a terrified shriek.

The cloaked, masked figures all turn toward her.  They all begin speaking in Japanese.

Jessica bolts in fear.


Jessica runs through the woods as fast she can.

The cloaked figures give chase.  They yell to each other in Japanese.

Jessica races through the woods at a great speed.  She quickly out-distances her pursuers.

Jessica's pursuers take off their masks and discard their robes as they're running.  It is the four Japanese men.  Suddenly one of them stops and yells something in Japanese.  They all halt.

Jessica runs fast to the edge of the woods.


Jessica dashes across the yard to the back door.  She quickly opens the door and goes inside.


Jessica is gasping for air as she locks the door.  Through the window in the door she sees the empty yard.

She grabs a large rusty knife off a rack on the counter.  She runs out of the kitchen.


Jessica runs across the living room and bolts the front door.  She turns off the lights.  Moonlight illuminates the room.

She apprehensively looks out the front window and sees nothing.  The street is deserted.

She looks out the side window toward the woods.  There is no movement.  She also notices that the window is no longer broken.  A new pain of glass is in the frame.  There are feathers on the sill.

Jessica steps back to the center of the living room.  The knife is clutched tightly in her hand.

From where she is standing she can see the front door, the side window and the back door.  Everything is quiet. The wind whistles through the trees outside.

Figures dart past the front window.

Jessica turns and sees silhouettes at the back door.

The front door knob turns.  The door begins to shake.

The back door rattles.

With nowhere left to turn, Jessica dashes up the stairs.


Jessica enters her parents' bedroom.  The sound of breaking glass and doors opening can be heard downstairs.

Jessica goes to the window.  She opens it, steps out on the balcony and looks down to the metal roof of the breezeway below.

Muffled voices and footsteps can be heard downstairs.

Jessica slides the knife into her back belt loops, then climbs over the edge of the balcony.


Jessica lets go of the balcony and drops to the metal roof of the breezeway.  She slides to the edge of the roof, then jumps down to the ground.

She looks in both directions; the coast is clear.  Jessica darts along the hedges.  Her heart is pounding in her ears.


As she gets to the edge of the house she sees one of the Japanese men in the backyard.  He is looking all around.

Jessica holds her breath.  Her hands are shaking.  The moment he turns away she dashes past him to the entrance of the secret hiding place.


She gets down on her hands and knees and crawls under the hedges.  She is desperately trying not to make any noise or breathe too loud.


Jessica enters the hiding place.  She listens and hears all of the Japanese men converge in the backyard.  They are speaking excitedly in Japanese.  She hears the voices get closer, then begin to recede.

Jessica takes a deep breath.  She puts her face in her hands and shakes her head.  When she takes her hands away there is Brian crawling into the hiding place.

Jessica is startled. Brian puts his finger to his lips.

                                Shhh... Be quiet.  Who are those men?

Jessica is panicked.

                                It's those Japanese men.  I saw them kill
                                that little boy.

Brian is shocked.  He takes Jessica in his arms and comforts her.

                                Quiet.  We've gotta get out of here.

                                Where are we gonna go?

                                If we just get to my car we'll be okay.

They listen for a moment, but don't hear anything.  Everyone seems to be gone.

                                Come on.

Brian leads the way back under the Hedges.  Jessica follows.


Brian comes out from under the hedges.

                                The coast is clear.

He reaches back and takes Jessica's hand.

She gets to her feet and finds the four Japanese men all standing right there.  They take hold of her and smile at Brian.  Jessica is shocked to the core of her soul.

                                I knew you'd be in there.

Jessica shock transforms into rage.  She spits in Brian's face.

                                You fucker!

Brian smiles and licks the spittle from his lips.

                                Take her into the house.

Jessica is taken to the back door of her house.


As Jessica is brought into the kitchen she finds a large crowd of robed, hooded figures filling the house.  Several of them step forward as Jessica enters.

As they look up at her they reveal themselves to be: Casey, Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Cummings, Frank Malone, Randy Buttram, George Darbian, the Japanese Father and all of the people she met at the clubhouse.  There are about twenty-five people in total.

Several of the women are laying out baked goods on a table, other people are hanging decorations of strange horned figures.

Eunice Eberhardt holds up a pumpkin pie.

                                I hope you like pumpkin pie, dear, I
                                baked it myself.

The crowd parts and Casey steps up.

                                You couldn't ask for a more beautiful
                                night for an eclipse than this.  Now just
                                relax, Jessica, this is very important
                                and we don't want to mess it up.

Simultaneously everyone turns to the closed cellar door.  Footsteps can be heard coming up the stairs.  They hear a key go into the lock and the bolt snap back.

Jessica's breath catches in her throat as the cellar door swings open revealing -- her Father.  He looks exactly the same as he did thirteen years ago.  He wears a red velvet tunic and a golden pentagram hangs from a chain around his neck.

In his hand is a curved silver dagger with a pentagram on the end of the handle.

                                What's new, pussycat?

Jessica is stunned.  She automatically attempts to finish the verse, but stops abruptly.


Jonathan comes over and gives Jessica a big hug.  Jessica's expression is blank.

                                Daddy?  But... you're dead.

He chuckles, looks to the others and shakes his head.


                                But I saw you get shot.

                                Yeah.  So did a lot of other people.  That's
                                why I had to go away for a while.

Jonathan looks out the window at the moon.  It is beginning to eclipse.  Many people have followed his look.

                                There really isn't time to explain everything
                                now, Jessica.

                                Let's get this show on the road.

                                You drove mother crazy.  She was trying
                                to save my life.  You were going to sacrifice

Jonathan shrugs.  He holds up the sacrificial dagger.

                                Sometimes sacrifices have to be made...
                                Like right now.

He steps toward Jessica with the knife upraised.  Jessica opens her mouth to scream just as the dagger swings down in an arc, directly into Brian's chest!  Jonathan pulls the knife upward, lifting Brian off his feet.

                                You almost ruined everything.  That's
                                very sloppy behavior.

Jonathan pulls the knife out of Brian's chest.  Brian drops dead to the floor.

Mrs. Cummings turns to Jessica.

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS
                                He knew not to touch you.  He thinks the
                                rules don't apply to him.

                                But Mrs. Cummings, he's your son!

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS
                                He couldn't be trusted.  And please, call me

Jonathan wipes the blood from dagger's blade on the curtain.

Jimmy and Stevie grab Brian's body and drag it into the living room.

Jonathan steps toward Jessica, the dagger in hand.

Jessica takes hold of the knife in her back belt loops.

As Jonathan steps up to her Jessica rams the knife into his stomach up to the hilt.  Everyone gasps loudly.

Jonathan steps back, looking down at the knife.  He takes hold of the knife with both hands and pulls it out.

                                I wish you hadn't of done that.  I still
                                have five scars on me from your mother.

He tosses the bloody knife to the floor.

                                You don't think about these things when
                                you ask for immortality.

                                You're immortal?

                                That's the deal I made a thousand years

Casey is looking out the window at the moon.  It's one-third eclipsed.

                                Come on, Jonathan, let's get to it.

Jonathan nods.  He puts his arm around Jessica and leads her into the cellar.  Jessica hesitates.

                                Come on, pussycat.  Don't be difficult.
                                This evening has been a thousand years
                                in the planning.

They go into the cellar.  Everyone follows.


Jonathan leads Jessica down the stairs.  Casey and the rest of the people follow right behind.

                                You're a thousand years old?

                                Yep.  When I was young it was called the
                                Dark Ages.

                                Not as dark as what's to come.


Jessica is brought into the cellar.  It is decorated like an unholy church with pews, a lectern, candelabra, an altar and where the cross would be is a six foot black statue of the winged fly creature.  Strange horned figures dangling from strings.  The lights are turned off.

People spread out and light many candles.

Jessica is placed on top of the marble altar and held down.

Several people begin quickly removing Jessica's shirt and bikini top.

The Japanese father steps forward holding a silver urn.  He smiles broadly and hands the urn to Jonathan.

Jonathan dips in his thumb and removes it covered with blood.

                                A good-hearted little boy.

Everyone chuckles including the Japanese father.

                                                                 JAPANESE FATHER
                                Such an honor.  Satan bless his soul.

All of the people begin to chant an ancient unholy tune, many punctuating this with declarations of, "Hail Satan!"

Jonathan smears a line of blood down Jessica's forehead across the bridge of her nose.

As Jonathan is leaning over Jessica the red of his tunic, then the swinging of his golden pentagram on the end of the chain is just like her dream as a child.

Jonathan picks up a black book.  Jessica sees that on the cover is written, "The Bible."  Jonathan reads aloud.

                                In the beginning Satan created darkness...

Everyone repeats in unison.

                                In the beginning Satan created darkness...

                                Then Satan created man in his own image...

                                Then Satan created man in his own image...

Everyone looks out the window.  A tiny sliver of the moon is all that remains in the sky.

The people remove Jessica's shorts.  The rusty metal crucifix drops out of her pocket onto the altar beside her.  Jessica sees it and takes hold of it.  She lifts it up for all to see.

                                Stay back!

Everyone stares at the crucifix for a hushed moment.

Jonathan reaches out and takes it.

                                This was your Mother's.  A lot of good it
                                did her.

Jonathan tosses the crucifix to the floor.

Jessica is totally helpless.

The chanting becomes louder.  Jessica is in a total panic.

                                Wait!  This is a mistake...

                                                                 MRS. CUMMINGS
                                There's no mistake, honey, you've got the
                                mark.  Right there on your palm.  We all do.

Everyone begins to show her their L-shaped scars to Jessica.  Some have scars on their chins, some are on their arms, some are on the backs of their necks.

                                God damn you all to hell!

Mrs. Stevens leans down to her and speaks confidentially.

                                                                 MRS. STEVENS
                                God has no dominion over hell.  Only Satan.

                                Hail Satan!

                                Hail Satan!

Jonathan steps to the foot of the altar and removes his tunic.  On his bare chest are the five bullet scars as well as the fresh cut from the knife.

As he moves forward toward Jessica he steps away from the window revealing that the moon is totally eclipsed, entirely gone from the sky.

Jonathan moves over her on the altar and covers her in shadow.  Jessica closes her eyes tightly.

                                                           (To herself)
                                This is only a nightmare and in a second
                                I'll wake up and everything will be fine.

She opens her eyes and Jonathan's face is right in front of hers.  He gives her a long, passionate, open-mouthed kiss.

As Jonathan moves his face away from Jessica's, reflected in her pupil is the image of him on top of her.

Jessica freaks out.


We move into the blackness of her pupil ...

...Everything goes black and silent.

A sliver of the moon reappears in the jet black sky.

                                                                           LONG SLOW DISSOLVE TO...


It is autumn, the trees are bare and leaves litter the ground.


Marcy enters Mrs. Stevens' office.

                                                                 MRS. STEVENS
                                Hello, Marcy.  Please sit down.

Marcy sits.

                                Have you heard from Jessica yet?

Mrs. Stevens looks down at her desk.

                                                                 MRS. STEVENS
                                That's what I want to talk to you about.

                                So then you did hear from her?

Mrs. Stevens pauses, then goes on slowly.

                                                                 MRS. STEVENS
                                I'm sorry to have to inform you of this, but...
                                Jessica is dead.

Marcy is stunned.  Mrs. Stevens goes on.

                                                                 MRS. STEVENS
                                She died this morning of a brain tumor.

Marcy bursts into tears.  Mrs. Stevens looks like she, too, might cry.  She goes to Marcy and puts her arm around her.

                                                                 MS. STEVENS
                                I had a close friend of mine die when I
                                was not much older than you.  I understand
                                what you're feeling.

                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:


Marcy is out on the fire escape smoking a cigarette.  Her eyes are red from crying.  She looks down at the railing where Jessica's line of cigarette butts still remain.

A phone inside the building begins to ring.  It rings once, twice, three times, then an answering machine gets it.  It is Mrs. Stevens' voice.  Marcy goes down the metal steps to Mrs. Stevens' office window and looks in.


Marcy sees the answering machine running.

                                                                 MRS. STEVENS (O.S.)
                                Thank you for calling the Clarkston Foster
                                Care Center.  No one is in right now, so
                                please leave a message.

There is a pause, then a beep.  Casey's voice is heard.

                                Look, if you haven't left already, don't forget
                                to stop at the drugstore and pick up Jessica's
                                prescription, okay?

Casey hangs up.


Marcy looks up in deep shock.

                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:


The house has been painted, the gutter fixed and the yard cleaned up.

Marcy steps up in front of the house and scrutinizes it for a moment.  She sees several people's silhouettes moving around in the living room.  She then looks from the ground to the metal roof of the breezeway to the bedroom window.  She sees Jessica move past the window.


Jonathan and Casey sit in the living room watching the old TV, which is giving very poor reception.

Also there are Eunice Eberhardt, Joanie Dietrich and Beverly Boyer, all playing Canasta and busily talking amongst themselves.

Casey stands, goes over to the TV and gives it a sharp smack.

                                Piece of shit!

                                Don't bang on it, that never helps.


Jessica sits up in bed looking pale and haggard.  Her stomach distended from six months of pregnancy.  She wears a white nightgown and is reading a magazine.

Suddenly there is a sound at the window.  Jessica turns to see Marcy standing on the balcony tapping on the glass.

Jessica goes to the window and opens it.  Marcy climbs in and looks at Jessica.

                                Oh my God, what have they done to

                                Marcy, what are you doing here?

                                Get dressed, we're getting out of here
                                right now.

                                What do you mean?

                                You've got to get out of here and you
                                can't have that baby.  This may be your
                                last chance before it's too late.

Jessica points at the door.

                                But what about them?

                                It's okay, I've got it all planned.  We'll go
                                out the window.  I've got a car waiting
                                outside.  Now come on, get dressed.


Jessica takes her suitcase from under the bed and goes into the bathroom.


Mrs. Stevens comes walking in the front door.

                                                                 MRS. STEVENS
                                Someone left their car running.

Jonathan, Casey and all the women look at each other and shake their heads.


Marcy steps out on the balcony.  She looks down to the metal roof of the breezeway.

                                Hurry up!

Jessica opens the bathroom door and is dressed.  She holds a suitcase in her hand.

Jessica steps up to Marcy and hands her the suitcase.  Marcy takes the suitcase revealing a knife in Jessica's hand.  Jessica raises the knife into the air, lets out a horrifying shriek and plunges the knife into Marcy's throat!  The suitcase drops to the floor.

With an expression of terror and astonishment, Marcy gags and falls off the balcony.


Marcy crashes down on the metal roof of the breezeway with a resounding clang.  Her body slides down the corrugated metal roof.  The point of the knife sticking out the back of her neck creates sparks as it scrapes along the metal ridges.

Marcy's body drops off the roof of the breezeway.  She hits the grass with a thud.


The door bursts open and Jonathan, Casey and the women rush in.  Jessica stares at them with a dazed blank expression.

They look out the window and see Marcy's dead body below.  They turn back inside and look at Jessica.

                                Are you all right?

                                I'm fine.

They gently help Jessica back into bed.

                                We must be very careful, we can't
                                afford another miscarriage.

Jessica puts her hands on her swollen belly and suddenly it begins to shift.  The baby is moving within.

Jonathan sits down on the bed and holds Jessica to him.

                                It's okay, pussycat, Daddy's here.  You're
                                home where you belong and everything
                                is fine.

                                No one's going to hurt my baby.  My baby
                                will be beautiful.

Jonathan takes his pipe out of his pocket, puts it in his mouth and lights it.  Jessica inhales the smoke and smiles, a contented look on her face.

                                A thousand years of Darkness!

                                Hail the Mother of Darkness!  Hail Satan!

The three women join in.

                                Hail Satan!

                                A thousand years of darkness!

                                Hail Satan!

Outside the window the moon shines brightly in the sky.

                                                                                 FADE OUT SLOWLY...

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