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On the set of "Hammer" On the set of "Hammer"
Me with my freak flag flying Me watching a monitor
Drew Daniels, Bill Knopf, Bonnie Robertson, Jeff Gehron as The Four Feathers Lisa Records as Lorraine Dempsey
Outside The Purple Onion club The M.C. (Michael Dean Jacobs)
Lorraine (Lisa Records) Lorraine on stage
Phil (Brett Beardslee) performs on stage Phil admires a microphone in his bedroom
Bobby Lee Baker (David Zink) sings "In My Time of Dyin'" The Four Feathers: Drew Daniels, Bill Knopf, Bonnie Robertson, Jeff Garren
Lorraine and Phil in the Novel Cafe Moustapha Hakim (Jason Kyle Webb) sings "Bourgeois Blues"
The Buckley family without Phil Phil (Brett Beardslee) ready to go out
Lorraine (Lisa Records) sings "If I Had a Hammer" The Buckley family watching TV
Susan Reno (Mrs. Buckley) Mark Sawicki
Me and Brett Cassandra Conner (assistant wardrobe)
Jane Goe (Producer) and Me Jane and Harry Hope (key grip) -- Harry is Bob's nephew, by the way.
Brain Stransky, Kurt Rauf (Director of Photography) and the Panavision camera Terry Meadows (gaffer) looks through the camera
Brett Beardslee (Phil) Robert Reid (Dan), Me, Brett Beardslee
Mark Sawicki (Mr. Buckley) The 1964 Chrysler 300, with Jim Ridgely (sound mixer) inside and Brian Stransky (1st Assistant Cameraman) outside.
Me playing Led Zepplin's "Kashmir" on the air guitar Lisa and cigarette
Lisa, Brett, Kristian Monday (Terry) Me and crew
Robert, Mark Sawicki (Mr. Buckley), Susan Reno (Mrs. Buckley) Brett, Robert, Mark, Susan--the Buckley family
Gwen, Lisa, Mike Robert Reid (Dan), Me, Brett
Me and Kurt Rauf (D.P.) Lisa Records (Lorraine), Mike Roemer (Mr. Dempsey), Gwen Somers (Mrs. Dempsey)
John Campana (Max) pestering pedestrians. Me and Brett Beardslee (Phil)
My back talking to (L to R): Antoinette Boers (script supervisor), Heather Coopersmith (makeup), Gary Marvis (art director), and Edith Thompson (1st assistant director). The crew shooting a street scene.
Brett Beardslee (Phil) on his way to the music store.  



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