Cosmo St. is a dark, thin alley-like street lined with garbage dumpsters that runs one block between Hollywood Blvd. and Selma Ave.  It is cold and raining.  Between two dumpsters sits a large, cardboard, washing machine box covered with garbage bags.  Beside it sits a stuffed shopping cart.


Inside the box lies Todd, curled up in his yellow blanket, asleep and shaking.  He is having a nightmare and mumbling to himself.

                                Uh...no...no...no, please.  Dish it off to Dumars,
                                don't take the shot... Oh no!  You missed again...
                                It'll never go in... Never, never, never...

Suddenly, the top of the box is ripped open and dirty hands reach in and grab Todd.  He gasps as he is jolted awake and dragged out of the box.  He clutches his blanket.  The perpetrators are two, filthy, bearded BUMS.

                                                                 BUM #1
                                What the hell you doin' on Cosmo, ya bum?

                                                                 BUM #2
                                Yeah, no bums allowed!  Lowers the property

They push Todd around, then punch him a several times.  Todd falls to the wet pavement with a bloody nose.  They pounce on him and rip through his pockets.  They find a few dollars and some change, a pint bottle of scotch and Todd's disposable fountain pen.  Bum #2 opens the cap and ink drips out.  He sneers and whips the pen across the alley.

                                                                 BUM #2
                                It leaks.

They stand Todd up and kick him in the ass.  Todd stumbles, then trudges away up the alley, his faced smeared with blood.  He wipes his face with his blanket.


A gray Buick LeMans with a Thrify Car Rental bumper sticker pulls up in front of Todd's old building.  Laura and Mr. Holman get out of the car.  As they approach they check the place out.

                                                                 MR. H
                                Not a bad place.

They step up to the door of apartment one and knock.  Laura has a hopeful expression.

The door is answered by dark-haired fellow wearing only gym shorts.  He is the TENANT (formerly the PROSPECTIVE TENANT).  The apartment behind him is now full of books.


                                We're looking for Todd Holman.

                                                           (holds up his finger)
                                Hold on.

He disappears into the apartment.  Laura and Mr. Holman look at each other hopefully.  The Tenant returns a moment later with about ten envelopes in his hand.  He hands them to Laura.

                                Here.  I threw away all the junk mail, the
                                rest looks like bills.

Mr. Holman and Laura look at the envelopes and they're all addressed to Todd Holman.  Three from the Gas Company, three from Pacific Bell, three from the DWP.

                                So then I guess you haven't seen him in a
                                while, right?

                                Well, I saw him the day he was evicted.

That word doesn't strike Laura or Mr. Holman well.

                                                                 MR. H

                                Yeah.  By the Marshall.

                                How'd he look?

                                Well... He didn't look like the happiest guy
                                in town.

                                                                 MR. H
                                Do you know where the police station is?

The Tenant points to his right.

                                The Hollywood police station is on Wilcox
                                and DeLongpre.

Laura and Mr. Holman both look totally blank.

                                                                 MR H
                                Is that far?

                                Uh-uh.  I'll show you, I have a Thomas Guide.


This is a pocket-sized photograph in a wallet of a smiling, happy Todd.


Laura and Mr. Holman sit in front of a desk where a DETECTIVE is filling out a form on his keyboard.

                                How recent is that picture.

                                Two years.  That's just what he looks like.

                                And what hotel are you staying at?

Mr. Holman reaches into his pocket and removes a hotel key.  On the plastic tag it reads...

                                                                 MR. H
                                The Park Plaza.

The Detective looks at the key and types in the information.

                                All right.  And we've got your numbers in
                                Michigan.  If we find him and you've left L.A.
                                we'll call you there.

                                                                 MR. H
                                You're acting like you don't think you're gonna
                                find him very soon.

                                We probably won't.  People come from all over
                                the world to drop out of sight here.  It happens
                                everyday of the week.  We've got homeless people
                                clogging the streets.  Personally, I think it's the
                                biggest problem we have.  Let me get this done
                                and I'll get it into the system.  And that's it.  You
                                can go.

Laura and Mr. Holman stand and shrug hopelessly.

                                Thank you.

                                                                 MR. H
                                Yeah, thanks.

                                                           (looks up)
                                Ya know, you could try looking for him yourself.
                                You'd recognize him a lot quicker than us.

Laura and Mr. Holman look at each other.  A possibility.

                                Really?  How?

The Detective reaches into his drawer and takes out a map of Hollywood.

                                Leave your car here and walk up to, say,
                                Santa Monica Boulevard...


Laura and Mr. Holman step up to the corner of Wilcox and Santa Monica Blvd., look at each other, shrug and head off in different directions, Laura heading west, Mr. Holman heading east.  They both have pictures of Todd in their hands.

                                                                 DETECTIVE (V.O.)
                                ...Both of you head in different directions looking
                                everywhere and asking everyone...


Mr. Holman stops and shows the picture to a black, homeless guy on a bus-stop bench.  The guy shakes his head.


Laura is in front of a doughnut shop on the corner of Santa Monica and Highland speaking to a group of six black and Latino guys and showing the picture.  They all shake their heads.


Mr. Holman gets to the busy corner of Santa Monica and Western and asks everybody around, which is a lot of black and Latino people.  One and all either don't stop or shake their heads.

Mr. Holman walks north on Western, past crummy-looking furniture stores and pawn shops, then turns left on Lexington.

                                                                 DETECTIVE (V.O.)
                                When you get to Western, move one block
                                north and walk back…


Laura turns off of LaBrea onto the side street of Lexington.  There are few people on this street and Laura walks fast.  The sweater she's wearing is starting to suffocate her.

                                                                 DETECTIVE (V.O.)
                                …When you get to LaBrea, move one block
                                north and head back.  You'll meet up in the
                                middle.  At Franklin you'll hit the hills and have
                                to stop.  You can cover this whole area in a
                                day if you start early.  You do it thoroughly for
                                a few days and you'll have a good idea whether
                                he's here or not.  And make sure to wear


Laura and Mr. Holman meet up in front of the costume shop on the corner of Lexington and Seward.  They both shake their heads.  They walk a block north, then each head back in the direction that they just came from.

                                                                                                       FADE OUT:



We are looking east along the Hollywood sign with Griffith Park Observatory in front of us.  The sun rises behind the mountains.  Our view moves down to the streets of Hollywood.


People wait for the bus, panhandlers ask for money, people step up to the display of magazines at the newsstand.  Our view moves up Cahuenga Ave., past the newsstand, past the Tandoori Indian restaurant, past the nameless, shabby door fronts and stops at one deep door front that is filled with two feet of garbage.

The garbage pile begins to move, then someone sits up from beneath all the refuse.  It's Todd clutching his blanket around his shoulders, dried blood smeared around his nose, his teeth chattering.  He blinks his eyes at the morning sun, then sees a pedestrian walking past.

                                Spare some change?

The pedestrian doesn't stop.


Mr. Holman and Laura sit at a white plastic table dismally eating slices of pizza on paper plates at the Pizza Deli on Hollywood and Cahuenga.  The restaurant has a white, sanitary, hospital feel to it, although it's filled with Hollywood nutballs.

                                This isn't working.

                                                                 MR. H
                                This whole city isn't working.  This is the
                                ugliest big city I've ever seen.  Pittsburgh's
                                like Paris compared to this place.

                                And if we can't find him how can we expect
                                the police to ever find him?

                                                                 MR. H
                                I don't know.
                                Let's keep trying.

                                                           (stands and sighs)

                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:


There is a line forming around the Cinerama Dome for the first evening show.  In the foreground across the street, Laura and Mr. Holman step up to each other.  They both frown and shake their heads.  Without a word they've now given up.  They walk west up Sunset Blvd.

                                                           (flatly; blinking)
                                The air here is terrible.  My eyes sting and
                                my throat hurts.

                                                                 MR. H
                                Mine, too.  I mean, the air is brown, for God's

The arrive at the corner of Sunset and Wilcox.  Laura points to her left, up Wilcox.

                                The police station's this way.

Mr. Holman points to the right at the Wilcox Liquor store.

                                                                 MR. H
                                Let's get a can of pop.

They cross Wilcox at the light.


Laura and Mr. Holman enter the little liquor store.  Behind the counter sits a middle-aged Korean CLERK.  The small store is separated down the center by one aisle of food products.  Laura and Mr. Holman go to the cooler in back and get cans of soda.  At the counter Mr. Holman instinctively pulls out the photo of Todd and shows it to the Korean Clerk.

                                                                 MR. H
                                Have you seen this guy?

                                You already ask me twice.  No, I never
                                seen him.

                                                                 MR. H
                                Okay, okay.  How much?

                                                           (rings it up)
                                Two dollar fifteen cent.

                                                                 MR. H
                                A dollar for a can of pop?

                                Plus fifteen cent tax.

Mr. Holman pulls out three ones.  The Korean Clerk makes change, then loudly snaps open a paper bag.  He puts the two cans in the bag.  Mr. Holman wearily removes the cans from the bag, hands one can to Laura and they leave.

A moment later Todd steps around the center aisle holding a Miller Tall-Boy and a package of bologna.  He sets the items on the counter, then reaches into all his pockets and pulls out change.  The Clerk quickly counts the money, then looks up at Todd.

                                You short again.

Todd pushes away the package of bologna.  The Clerk pushes it back.

                                You take it, just don't come back here.

Todd nods, takes his stuff and leaves.


Todd steps outside, reaches down to the ground and picks up his ragged, filthy blanket.  He cracks the beer, takes a big slug, then walks south up Wilcox mumbling to himself.


Todd walks up to the corner of Wilcox and Sunset and waits for the light to change.  The store directly on the corner is a Good Time Ticket Service with neon signs in the window reading in various colors: "Kings, Raiders, Rams, Angels, Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers."  The colorful neon catches Todds eye and he turns and looks.  His brow furrows as an important realization occurs to him.

                                I've got it.  I'll just become a Lakers fan!
                                That's it!

Mr. Holman and Laura, standing and waiting for the light, both recognize the voice at the same time.  They turn and look right at Todd, but aren't quite sure it's him he's such a mess.


                                                                 MR. H
                                Is that you?

                                Hey, wait a minute.  I know you guys.  What're
                                you doing here?  Is this some kind of joke?

Todd looks around suspiciously.  Laura and Mr. Holman both start to laugh, grab hold of Todd and hug him.  Over Todd's shoulders both their faces can be seen smiling, then both simultaneously wince at the strong aroma.  They each take an arm and lead Todd across the street.  Tears run down Laura's smiling face.

                                                                 MR. H
                                Come on, big guy.  Let's get you a bath.

Todd goes along, his head wobbling and his eyes glazed.

                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:


Todd's wearing some of his Dad's oversized clothes and sits in the seat on the plane between Laura and his Father.  They both keep glancing at him with perturbed expressions.  Todd is completely out of it.  It's like he's had a lobotomy.  Mr. Holman and Laura look at each other, neither knowing what to do.

                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:


It's summer in Cheboygan.  The trees are thick with leaves, motorboats pulls water-skiers on the lake, kids play on the beach.


Mr. Holman drives a riding lawn mower across the large green lawn.  His face is caught in a deep frown.


Mrs. Holman walks up the hallway wearing a straw sun hat and carrying a pair of work gloves.  She stops at a closed bedroom door.  She brings her hand to the knob, then stops.  She looks very upset.  She speaks to the door.

                                                                 MRS. H
                                                           (no answer)

                                                           (through the door)

                                                                 MRS. H
                                You want to come help your Dad and me
                                in the yard?
                                                           (no answer)


                                                                 MRS. H
                                                           (starting to cry)

She wipes her eyes with her knuckle and walks away.


Todd's bedroom was last decorated during high school.  There is a poster of Bob Lanier dribbling a basketball wearing a blue, red and white Pistons uniform.  Todd sits on the bed wearing a T-shirt and jeans with no shoes staring blankly out the window.  He is clean now, but still has a number of scabs on his face and arms.  The sound of his Dad on the lawn mower can be heard approaching then receding.


An old, beat-up, blue Imperial pulls into the Holman's driveway.  Mr. and Mrs. Holman both stop what they're doing and look.  Chris and Dick get out of the car.  They wave their hands as they walk across the lawn.

                                Hey, Mr. Holman.

                                Mrs. Holman.  Is Todd here?

                                                                 MRS. H
                                Yeah.  He's inside.  In his room.  Go on in.


                                How is he?

Mr. and Mrs. Holman don't know how to answer.

                                                                 MR. H
                                Go talk to him.  See if you can't get him to
                                say something.

Chris and Dick both nod and head inside.  Mr. and Mrs. Holman turn back to what they were doing with pained expressions.


There is a knock at the door, but Todd doesn't look up or answer.  The door opens and Chris and Dick enter grinning.

                                Hey, man.  How's it goin'?

                                Yeah, what's up?

Todd turns slowly toward them.  He looks like he might say something, but doesn't.  The wind is quickly knocked out of Chris and Dick's sails.

                                Uh, Todd.  You know the Pistons made
                                the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Todd shows no sign of response.

                                Yeah.  The first game's tonight.  We're all
                                gonna watch it down at the Blind Pig.  Wanna

Todd turns back toward the window.


                                This is gonna be great, man.  You can't miss it.

Todd could care less.  Chris and Dick look defeated.

                                Well, if, you change your mind it's at 7:30.
                                I know you're not drinkin' anymore, but you
                                can have a coke or something.

Dick gives Chris a dirty look.

                                We're gonna split, OK?
                                                           (remembers something)
                                Oh, ya know, you oughta check out the new
                                Batman, it's really supreme.  I'll bring it by for

Todd turns and look at them with a really ugly expression.

                                All my comics got ripped off.

                                Really?  That sucks.  You had some really
                                cool, old ones, too, didn't you?

Todd looks back out the window.

                                Fantastic Four, number one.

                                Bummer.  I'm sorry to hear that.

                                Yeah.  Me, too, man.

They all go silent.  Chris and Dick look at each other and make faces of helplessness.

                                OK, then, we're gonna split.

                                Yeah.  See you tonight, maybe.

Todd doesn't say anything or turn around.  Chris and Dick leave and shut the door behind them.


Chris and Dick come walking out. Mr. and Mrs. Holman step up to them looking a tiny bit hopeful.

                                                                 MR. H
                                Did he say anything?

                                Not much.  He said his comic books got ripped

                                                                 MR. H
                                Really?  Jesus, he loved those silly things.

                                I know.  I'll see ya.


They get in their car and back out of the driveway.  Mr. and Mrs. Holman don't move.

                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:


At the dinner table sits Mr. Holman, Mrs. Holman, Laura and Todd.  No one speaks.  Todd stares down into his plate, not eating.  They all glance at Todd then look away.  Nobody's got much of an appetite.

                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:


A cute, fat, six-month old baby crawls on the carpet in the living room.  Ed sits on the floor with the baby.  He glances at Todd who sits in the big easy chair staring at the floor.  Ed turns and looks at Jeanine who stands in the doorway with Mr. and Mrs. Holman.  Everybody looks uncomfortable.

                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:


Todd sits by himself on a lawn chair staring blankly into space.  Laura comes walking around the side lawn and crosses the backyard to Todd.  She is smiling.

                                Hi, Todd.  How are you?

Todd slowly looks up at her, then looks away without speaking.

                                                           (still chipper)
                                Beautiful day, huh?
                                                           (Todd still doesn't answer)
                                What'dya say we go for a walk, huh?
                                                           (Todd says nothing)
                                It'll do you good.  Stretch your legs.

Todd doesn't move a muscle.  Laura takes hold of Todd's arm and hoists him out of the chair.

                                Come on, lazybones.  We're goin' for a walk,
                                like it or not.

Laura keeps hold of Todd's arm and leads him across the yard.  He walks in a lethargic manner with his head down.


Laura and Todd walk up very wooded street, the sun beams through the leaves dappling the ground in moving patterns.

                                It's nice to get out and move a little, huh?

Todd doesn't answer, but his head is up and he's breathing deeply.  They turn off the paved street onto a dirt road.


As they walk up a wooded dirt road the sound of the freeway can be heard in the distance.  Todd's head is moving around as he looks from one side of the road to the other.


They arrive at Todd's vacant lot.  A good portion of the deadness has vanished from his eyes.

                                This is a good location.

                                So you've said.

As they get to the hill Todd furrows his brow.  Something's different.  He looks all around.

                                The sign's gone.

                                Which sign is that?

                                The for sale sign.

                                Maybe it fell down.

Todd looks around.

                                I don't see it.

                                Or maybe somebody bought it.

                                Buy it?  Why?

                                It's a good location, you said so yourself.

                                Yeah, but no one else ever thought so.
                                Nobody would buy it.

                                I did.

                                What?  Why?

                                For you.

Todd's eyes widen in wonder.

                                For me?  But how?  You couldn't have
                                possibly had enough money.

                                I didn't.  I put up what I had and borrowed
                                the rest.

                                You put up your family's house?
                                                           (Laura nods)
                                But that's all you've got in the world.  What
                                if you lose it?  Then what have you got?

Laura looks into Todd's eyes.

                                I've got you.

Todd feels light headed.  Something hits him.

                                But, but... Even still you couldn't have had
                                enough money.  The last time I checked
                                they wanted a quarter of a million dollars.
                                You're family's house isn't worth that much.
                                I don't understand.

Laura grins and takes Todd's hand.  She leads Todd up the dirt road.  As they come around the corner they see a car parked on the side of the road.  Then another, then another and another.  A whole line of them.  Todd looks confused.  Laura watches his face with devious glee.

As they get past all of the cars they see a group of people seated in a clearing in the woods having a picnic.  As they get closer Todd sees that he knows everyone: there's his Mom and Dad, Ed, Jeanine and the baby, Chris and Dick, Eileen, Aly, Sherry, Mrs. Gilhouley, Stan and Kelly Uplinger, Trudy and several others as well.

Todd looks very confused as Laura, a big grin on her face, leads him over.  Todd is hailed with a chorus of hearty "Hi, Todds" and "How ya doin's."  Everyone lifts paper cups toward him.

                                Here's to your new business, Todd.  Best
                                of luck.  Congratulations.

Laura puts her arm around him.

                                This is where the rest of the money came
                                from, Todd.  From all your friends.

Todd's mouth opens, but he can't speak he's so choked up.  Laura sits Todd down.  Ed hands him a paper cup and fills it with Vernors ginger ale.  Laura looks around at everybody's grinning faces, then turns to Todd.

                                Between us we were able to buy the land
                                and secure another three hundred thousand
                                in financing.  It's not enough for the whole
                                thing, but it's a start.

Tears are streaming down Todd's face.  He doesn't know what to say.

                                What're you gonna do, Todd?

                                Yeah.  What're your plans?

                                Well... We could possibly start with a couple
                                of houses.  Big ones.  Over there near the
                                                           (he points)
                                I used to get calls all the time for big new
                                houses near the lake that just weren't here.


Everyone is smiling and listening intently.

                                We could probably build four of them, then
                                turn around and sell them for $150,00 each,
                                which is a fair price for a big house.  That's
                                six hundred thousand dollars.  Then we
                                refinance the land and start to build the
                                industrial park, a building at a time.


Todd stands.

                                Here, I'll show you.

Todd begins to walk back toward the hill and everyone follows him, grinning and smiling.  Todd uses his hands to indicate where things will go.

                                We'll keep all the trees 'cause there's more
                                than enough open areas to build on.  That's
                                the new trend in industrial parks, anyway.
                                Bury 'em in the woods.  We'll start with the
                                businesses near the freeway which will attract
                                people to come in from at least Petosky and
                                Rogers City...
                                                           (the pitch of his voice
                                                           rises as he gets excited)
                                ...Then we'll put a subdivision over there.  Nice,
                                well-built, medium-priced houses for the new
                                residents working at the industrial park to live
                                                           (Todd starts up over the hill)

When Todd reaches the top of the hill he is wearing a suit, tie and a construction hard hat and is leading a group of workmen.  As the workmen go past they reveal a sign that reads, "This site developed by Holman & Company Realty."

Todd stands on the top of hill, his hands on his hips, a satisfied look on his face.  Laura steps up beside him.  He puts his arm around her and pulls her close.  Laura smiles and snuggles against him.  Todd grins happily.

                                                                                                       FADE OUT:

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