The police bring Lee Oswald out for another press conference.

                                I don't know what the situation is about.  Nobody
                                has told me anything except I've been accused of,
                                uh, murdering a policeman.  I know nothing more
                                than that.  I do request someone to come forward
                                to give me legal assistance.

An off- camera REPORTER asks . . .

                                Did you kill the president?

                                No, I've not been charged with that, in fact,
                                nobody has said that to me, yet.  The first thing
                                I heard about it is when the newspaper reporters
                                in the hall axed me that question.

                                You have been charged with it.

                                Lee's eyes go wide.


                                You have been charged with it.

Lee looks horror-stricken and doesn't know what to say, so the cops begin to escort him away.  The Reporter calls out one more question . . .

                                What happened to your eye?

                                A policeman hit me.

The reporters then converge on Dallas Police CHIEF FRITZ, a man in his sixties with glasses and thin hair greased back over his skull.  An off-screen Reporter asks . . .

                                Is there any doubt in your mind that Oswald is the
                                man who killed the president?

                                                                 CHIEF FRITZ
                                I think this is the man who killed the president.


Walter Reed Army Hospital is a big old concrete building from the 1930s, with a sign in front saying what it is.  The ambulance and black sedans all pull up at the main door where they are met by yet more CIA agents.  The bronze coffin holding the president is unloaded from the ambulance, placed on a gurney and rolled into the hospital.


The bronze coffin is pushed by orderlies, followed by the phalanx of CIA agents, Dulles, McCone, and Helms, and they all enter the morgue, with it's rows of stainless steel autopsy tables.  Two gowned, masked and gloved SURGEONS step up.

                                We're ready, sir.

Dulles asks Helms

                                Are these CIA doctors?

                                Of course.

                                All right, get those orderlies out of here.

Richard Helms turns to the orderlies.

                                You can go, thank you.

The orderlies leave.

                                Let's take the president out of the coffin.

Agents step up, open the coffin, and carefully lift John Kennedy's nude, dead, blue-gray body, with a bloody sheet wrapped around the head, and set it on one of the steel tables.  The surgeons step up and unwrap the sheet.  A number of agents gasp when the horrible head wound is revealed, the brains hanging out the hole in the side and back of the skull.

The two surgeons examine the wound, turning the head, sticking their fingers inside the skull.

                                Explain this wound to me, doctors.

The two doctors look at each other, then poke at the wound as they speak.

                                                                 SURGEON #1
                                Well, it appears that the president received a gunshot
                                wound to the parietal region of the skull --

                                -- Meaning what?

                                                                 SURGEON #1
                                The side of the head, just above the right ear, blowing
                                out the occipt-, I mean, the back of the skull.

Allen Dulles interjects.

                                So, what you're saying is that a bullet hit the president
                                here . . .
                                                           (he points above his own right ear)
                                Then the bullet came out here . . .
                                                           (he points at the back of his head
                                                           behind his right ear)
                                Is that correct?

                                                                 SURGEON #1
                                Yes, I believe that's correct.

Allen Dulles turns to the other Surgeon.

                                Would you agree with that, doctor?

                                                                 SURGEON #2
                                Yes, I would.

Dulles turns to McCone and Helms.

                                You heard it.  The fatal bullet hit the president
                                from in front and blew the back of his head off.


                                That means that the fatal bullet did not come from
                                behind him from the book depository, and was then
                                not fired by this Lee Harvey Oswald person.

                                What are you saying, Mr. Dulles?

                                I'm saying, given this evidence, there was more
                                than one person involved in this assassination, which
                                automatically makes it a conspiracy.

                                A conspiracy?  By who?

                                I can't tell you that.  But if one bullet hit the president
                                from behind . . .
                                                           (he points at the body)
                                Lift up the body, please.

The surgeons carefully lift Kennedy's body by the shoulder revealing his back.  There is a bullet hole in his upper back near the neck.

                                So, if one bullet hit him from behind, and another
                                bullet hit him from in front, that's two gunmen, and
                                that's a conspiracy.

                                We're going to have a hard enough time keeping this
                                Lee Harvey Oswald's CIA and FBI connections quiet.
                                God only knows who this other gunman --

                                -- Or men.

                                Or men are?  And we don't have them in custody, and
                                may very well never know who they are, and we may
                                never catch them.

Dulles turns to the surgeons.

                                How would you make an exact determination of
                                the direction from which the bullet was fired?

                                                                 SURGEON #1
                                Remove the brain, send it to pathology, have it
                                sectioned, then we'll know the exact direction the
                                bullet came from, as well as finding any bullet
                                fragments that could well remain, which we
                                would then send to the forensic pathologists to
                                see if they match the rifle that was found.

                                                           (shakes his head)
                                Well, we can't have this done at Bethesda, we need
                                to keep it all in-house, at least until we know what
                                we're talking about.  We've got to stop all the potential
                                leaks right now.

                                                           (looks at his watch)
                                The president's body is expected over at Bethesda
                                in an hour for the official autopsy.

Allen Dulles considers for a moment, strokes his white mustache, then nods.

                                Remove the brain.  Give it to the forensic pathologists
                                at CIA Headquarters.

The Surgeons nod, then do as they're told, bend down and begin removing the president's brain.

                                But how are they going to perform an autopsy
                                without the brain?

                                Well, Mr. CIA Director, this happens to be an issue
                                of national security.  I guess they'll simply have to do
                                the best they can.
                                                           (he turns to the other agents in the room)
                                Get a chopper and when the doctors are done get the
                                body over to Bethesda.  And get rid of that horrible
                                bronze casket.  Call Arlington Cemetery and get the
                                real casket delivered over to Bethesda.
                                                           (turns to Helms and McCone)
                                Let's go.

                                We can just wait and go with the body in the helicopter.

                                I'd prefer to drive, if you don't mind.

Dulles, McCone and Helms leave.


A helicopter lands in front of the Bethesda Naval Medical Center.  Uniformed soldiers jump out and carry a plain wooden coffin into the building.


The autopsy room is jammed to capacity with over thirty generals, admirals, and ranking members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as well as top CIA and FBI officials, (subtitles identify each man).  Included are: "J. EDGAR HOOVER, Director of the FBI," "GENERAL MAXWELL D. TAYLOR, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff," "GENERAL EARLE WHEELER, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army," and "ADMIRAL DAVID R. MACDONALD, Chief of Naval Operations," "DEAN RUSK, Secretary of State," and "ROBERT MACNAMARA, Secretary of Defense."

                                Where the hell is the president's body?  What's going

A CIA AGENT steps forward.

                                                                 CIA AGENT
                                It will be here momentarily, Mr. Hoover.

                                But where is it?

                                                                 CIA AGENT
                                CIA directors McCone and Helms felt that CIA doctors
                                needed to see the body first, just in case.

                                In case of what?

                                                                 CIA AGENT
                                                           (shakes his head)
                                I'm sorry, sir, I don't know.

CIA directors John McCone and Richard Helms, as well as Allen Dulles, enter the room.  Hoover steps up to Dulles.

                                Allen, what the hell is going on?

Before Dulles can reply a naval hospital ADMINISTRATOR steps into the room, salutes, and speaks to Admiral MacDonald.

                                Two of the top forensic pathologists in the country
                                are one their way here, sir.

                                                                 ADMIRAL MACDONALD
                                Are they military or civilian?

                                Civilian, sir.

                                                                 ADMIRAL MACDONALD
                                Cancel them.  Who are the officers in charge of this

                                Uh, Dr. Humes and Dr. Homes.

                                                                 ADMIRAL MACDONALD
                                Get them.  Now.  They'll do the autopsy.

                                But they're hospital administrators, like me, sir.  They're
                                not qualified to perform an autopsy of this importance.

                                                                 ADMIRAL MACDONALD
                                Did I ask your opinion, Lieutenant?

                                No, sir.

                                                                 ADMIRAL MACDONALD
                                Then do as you're told.

                                Yes, sir.

The hospital administrator salutes, turns and quickly exits.

A moment later four soldiers carry the plain wooden coffin into the room, set it down on the floor, salute, turn on their heels and leave.

Two doctors in their early sixties, DR. HUMES and DR. HOLMES, as well as several orderlies, enter the room.  They open the wooden casket and remove Kennedy's body, which is now in a gray, plastic military body bag with a full-length zipper running up the front.  They place the body in the bag on the examining table.  As Dr. Humes unzips the bag, everyone in the room watches quietly.

Dr. Humes and Dr. Holmes examine the dead president.  They look at the hole in the side of the head.

                                                                 DR. HOLMES
                                The brain is missing.

Allen Dulles steps up.

                                Don't worry about it, doctor.  In fact, you both can step
                                outside for a moment.  Stay right there in the hall and
                                we'll call you when we need you.

Both doctors salute and exit.  General Taylor asks . . .

                                                                 GENERAL TAYLOR
                                Where is the brain?

Allen Dulles turns to the others.

                                It's at the CIA laboratory.

                                                                 ADMIRAL MACDONALD
                                What's it doing there?

                                Gentlemen, we've got a big problem here.  It seems
                                that the fatal bullet that hit the president came from
                                in front and blew the back of his head off, which means
                                that the fatal bullet did not come from behind him at the
                                book depository, and was then not fired by Lee Harvey
                                Oswald.  Given this evidence, that means that there was
                                more than one person involved in this assassination, and
                                that automatically makes it a conspiracy.

All the military men turn and look at one another.

                                                                 GENERAL TAYLOR
                                A conspiracy?  By who?

                                I can't tell you that, general.  But if one bullet hit the
                                president from behind, and another bullet hit him from
                                in front, that's two gunmen, and that's a conspiracy.

                                This whole deal smells phoney to me.

                                What do you mean?

                                If you were going to shoot the president, would you do
                                it from where you work?  Then leave your rifle and the
                                shell casings right there for everyone to find?  Then go
                                to the movies?

Robert MacNamara steps forward.

                                Yeah, and how did they catch this guy so fast?

Helms interjects.

                                He shot a cop.

                                Yeah, but there was already an APB out on him when
                                he shot the cop, and that's less than an hour after the
                                president was shot.

                                And this Oswald had defected to Russia, then defected

                                He was an agency operative.

                                I know.  And he was also involved in the Fair Play
                                for Cuba group, which was also an agency operation.

                                                                 ADMIRAL MACDONALD
                                So, what does this all mean?

                                It means, gentlemen, that we've been set up.  Someone
                                wants to implicate the CIA in this assassination.

                                                                 GENERAL TAYLOR
                                Who would want to do that?

                                My first instinct says Fidel Castro.

                                                                 ADMIRAL MACDONALD
                                Castro?  Why?

                                Well, we have tried to eliminate him five times already,
                                and we did attempt to overthrow his government, too,
                                if you'll recall, Admiral, which cost me my job.

                                                                 ADMIRAL MACDONALD
                                You think he'd do something like this?

                                I don't know, but he certainly has a motive.  And the
                                wherewithal to pull it off, too.  And if he implicates
                                the CIA in this, then the problems it will cause us will
                                mean that we'll have to get off his back, at least for a
                                while, that's what I think.

                                We can't let that happen, can we?

                                No, I don't believe we can.  We certainly don't need
                                Senate sub-committees investigating the CIA right
                                now.  It won't do anybody any good, and it won't be
                                any good for the security of this country, either.

                                Nor do we want to bring Cuba or Russia into this
                                equation, either.

                                Nobody's even brought up the possibility that it could
                                be Sam Giancana and the mob.  They have a motive
                                and the they certainly have the wherewithal, too.

Allen Dulles waves his hand in utter disdain.

                                But they haven't got the brains.  This is much too
                                complex for those Guinea gangsters to come up
                                with or pull off.  No!  You take my word for it,
                                this is Castro's work.

                                                                 GENERAL TAYLOR
                                So, Mr. Dulles, what do you suggest?

                                We're not going to fall into his trap.  This is not
                                getting back to the CIA.  We'll just go with the lone
                                nut shooter, Oswald.  We make him look as crazy as
                                possible, and do our best to keep his agency connections
                                quiet.  I'm sure the American public wants this all
                                settled as soon as possible, everyone thinks that Lee
                                Harvey Oswald is the sole gunman, let's just let them
                                believe it.

                                                                 GENERAL TAYLOR
                                Won't all of his connections come out at the trial?

                                Not if we don't want them to.  Nor does the trial have to
                                occur at all that speedy of a pace, and hopefully by then
                                the situation will be a lot more stable than it presently is.
                                And nothing says that this Oswald character won't have
                                an accident in prison long before his trial.  We can handle
                                this Oswald situation much easier than a conspiracy, possibly
                                conceived outside this country, that's just set up to cause
                                trouble with both Castro and Russia.  You saw what just
                                happened with Castro and the Russian missiles.  This whole
                                thing could lead right to an atomic war.

There is a general assent from the crowd of military men.

                                                                 GENERAL TAYLOR
                                Okay.  A lone nut.  That makes sense to me.  It's a simple
                                story, and much easier to run damage control on.  Does
                                everyone else agree?

There is another grunting assent from all present.

                                                                 ADMIRAL MACDONALD
                                All right, then bring the doctors back in.

The two doctors are brought back into the autopsy room.  The two doctors stand there looking confused.

                                                                 DR. HOLMES

                                                                 ADMIRAL MACDONALD
                                All right, perform the autopsy.

                                                                 DR. HOLMES
                                But we're not qualified.  We're both administrators.

The Admiral becomes angry.

                                                                 ADMIRAL MACDONALD
                                You're both doctors, right?

                                                                 DR. HOLMES
                                Yes, sir.

                                                                 DR, HUMES
                                Yes, sir.

                                                                 ADMIRAL MACDONALD
                                You've both performed autopsies before, right?

                                                                 DR. HOLMES
                                Yes, sir.

                                                                 DR. HUMES
                                Yes, sir.

                                                                 ADMIRAL MACDONALD
                                Then perform this autopsy.  Right now!  That's an

                                                                 DR. HOLMES
                                Yes, sir.

                                                                 DR. HUMES
                                Yes, sir.



Outside the Dallas Police Station there is a lot of activity.  Policemen are patrolling and are keeping bystanders back.  A title reads: "Sunday, November 24, 12:30 PM, the Dallas Police Station."


Reporters and TV cameramen are crowded together in the police station underground parking lot.  Reporters interview Dallas Police Chief Fritz again.  An off-camera Reporter asks . . .

                                You regard the county jail as a more secure place to
                                house the prisoner?  Is that why you're transferring
                                him from the city jail?

                                                                 CHIEF FRITZ
                                It's customary after a man is filed on that he be
                                transferred.  We only keep him in our jail until he is
                                filed on.  Necessary precautions will be taken, of
                                course, but I don't think that the people will try to
                                take the prisoner from us . . .


Jack Ruby steps up in front of the police station looking particularly tense, a cigarette in his mouth.  He sees cops all over the place, and the ramp to the underground garage is being guarded.  Jack frowns and puffs on his cigarette nervously.

Jack goes around to the alley where there is an unguarded door into the police station.  Jack looks around to see if anyone's watching, then flicks his cigarette and goes inside.


The lobby is relatively quiet when Jack enters.  He crosses the floor and opens a door leading to a stairwell.

Jack enters the stairwell, goes down two flights of stairs, then goes through another door.


Jack enters the police station's underground garage.  He crosses the parking lot, goes through another door, and comes out in a hallway that is jammed full of reporters and TV cameramen, as well as many uniformed and plain-clothes policemen lining both sides of the hall.  Jack steps up and joins the cops and reporters.  A fat uniformed cops turns and see him.

                                                                 FAT COP
                                Hey, Jack


                                                                 FAT COP
                                Still swimmin' everyday?

                                Sure, gotta stay in shape.

                                                                 FAT COP
                                That's for sure.


Two plain-clothes policemen escort Lee Oswald in handcuffs through the Dallas Police Station.  They walk down one hallway, then the next, then turn and go through a door into the underground garage.


Jack stands there among the reporters and cops with his hand in his pocket.  His eyes are narrowed and his breathing his shallow and rapid.  His eyes dart back and forth, but he keeps his head still.  Everybody hears something and turns to look at the door.  Cameramen get their cameras ready and some begin filming.


A reasonably calm Lee Harvey Oswald is brought through the doors into the underground garage.  As he is escorted down the two lines of reporters and policemen, Jack Ruby pulls his pistol, steps forward and shoots Lee Harvey Oswald point-blank in the stomach, and as Lee goes down to the floor Jack goes with him and fires another shot into his stomach for good measure.

Pandemonium breaks out, the plain-clothes cops grab Jack and pull him off the inert body of Lee Oswald, they take the gun away from Jack, then escort him right back into the police station.

Lee's unconscious body is strapped onto a gurney, loaded into an ambulance and taken away.


Lucien, Marcel and Andre still sit on the floor in their shorts, drinking beer and watching TV.  They just watched Jack shoot Lee.  Andre looks worried.

                                They're already getting rid of the, uh, participants.

                                You still think they'll live up to their side of the
                                bargain, get us out of here and pay us?

                                Yes, I do.  This deal came through Antoine Giveney,
                                and I trust him.  So let's still believe everything is fine
                                and going along on schedule.  But let's not let our guards
                                down, either, okay?
                                                           (the other two nod)
                                But clearly these guys are not kidding around.

They other two nod again, then they all three light cigarettes.


Lee's inert body is taken out of the ambulance and rushed into Parkland Hospital.


A title reads, "1:07 PM, Nov. 24."  Jack Ruby sits in his undershirt in a jail cell.  A GUARD sits right outside the bars.  Jack says . . .

                                'Scuse me, could I have a cigarette?

                                Sure thing, Jack.

The Guard gives him a cigarette and lights it for him.  Jack smokes nervously and finally throws the cigarette to the floor and grinds it out.  A UNIFORMED COP comes striding up to the cell.

                                                                 UNIFORMED COP
                                I'm sorry to tell you this, Jack, but Oswald's dead.

Jack takes a deep sigh of relief, visibly calms down and leans back.  The Guard offers him another cigarette.


Jack waves his hand.

                                No thanks, I don't smoke.

The Guard looks confused and puts the pack back in his pocket.


Thousands of people line the streets of Washington, D.C. in the rain to watch President Kennedy's funeral procession.  A title reads, "1:15 PM, Nov. 24."  An honor guard of marines march by, then the horse-drawn hearse carrying the president's body, then comes a riderless horse with the stirrups on it's saddle turned around backwards.  Many people, both men and women, cry for their dead leader.


As the president's casket is brought forward for burial at Arlington National Cemetery, the president's son, John, Jr., who is only three years old, standing beside his bereaved mother, salutes his dead father.

The Eternal Flame is lit, and flickers up through it's hole in the ground.



The headlines of the New Orleans newspaper proclaim : "OSWALD MURDERED!"  Clay Shaw, in his spotless white suit, buys a newspaper and glances at it as he strolls through the bustling streets of New Orleans' French Quarter.  Clay takes a seat at an outdoor café and order a cup of coffee.  As he lights a thin cigar he glances around at the other tables.  Everyone is reading the newspaper, exclaiming, "I can't believe it" and "It's so awful."  Women are crying.  Clay nods, smiles slightly, goes to sip his coffee but it's too hot, and reads . . .

                                ". . .President Lyndon Baines Johnson says that there
                                will be no inquest since the president's killer, Lee
                                Harvey Oswald, is dead.  Johnson said, 'Justice has
                                been rendered'."

Clay sips his coffee.  Now it's temperature is just right.


Lucien, Marcel, and Andre all sit at the table playing cards, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer.  The phone rings startling all of them.  They all turn and look at the phone suspiciously.  Lucien answers it.


A VOICE asks . . .

                                You ready to go?


                                Good.  Someone will be there if fifteen minutes.
                                Leave everything, it will all be disposed of.

                                                           (the line goes dead.  He
                                                           turns to the others)
                                We're leaving.  They'll be here in fifteen minutes.
                                Leave the weapons, they'll get rid of them.

                                You sure?  They're evidence.

                                What are we going to do?  Take them with us?  No,
                                stick to the plan.

The all nod, then dash around madly getting dressed.


A black sedan pulls up in front of the house driven by the man with the dark sunglasses.  The three Frenchmen exit the house dressed as they were when they arrived, each carrying a small flight bag.  They get into the car and it backs out of the driveway and drives up the street.


The black sedan arrives back at the desert landing strip where the small Cesna airplane waits for them.  The three men get out of the car, dash over to the idling airplane, open the door and climb in.


David Ferrie sits in the pilot's seat.  He turns to them and smiles.

                                You guys are really good.

                                The best.

                                How do you get to be the best at something like

                                You grow up with World War II in your backyard.
                                So, where are we going?

                                Back to Guatemala.


The three men sit back and the plane starts to move.


The plane taxies down the runway and takes off into the blue sky.



Across Dealy Plaza from the book depository is the jailhouse where Jack Ruby is incarcerated.  Jack is dressed up in a suit, handcuffed and taken out of the jailhouse.


Jack Ruby stands in a courthouse in front of a JUDGE.

                                You have been found guilty of murder in the first
                                degree, and you are hereby sentenced to death.

The Judge brings the gavel down.

Jack speaks to the reporters and TV cameras.

                                Everything pertaining to what's happening has never
                                come to the surface.  The world will never know the
                                true facts of what occurred.  I had such an ulterior
                                motive that put me in the position I'm in will never
                                let the true facts come out to the world.

And off-screen REPORTER asks . . .

                                Are these people in very high places, Jack?


Jack is taken away up the hallways of the courthouse.


We see the familiar profile of Marseilles with it's boats and docks and houses up on the hills. 
A car stops at the corner, up the street from Lucien's house.  Lucien, now with a beard, gets out of the car with his flight bag.  He says goodbye to the driver and the car drives away.


Lucien steps around the corner, looks and sees his family out in front of his house.  He smiles and walks toward them.  One by one his children realize it's him and yell, "Papa!" then go running to him.  He picks them up one by one as he nears the house.

The front door opens and his wife, Marie, comes out.  She smiles and opens her arms wide.



They run to each other, hug and kiss, with children hanging all over them.


The presidential motorcade makes the hairpin turn onto Elm Street . . .

                                Fifteen months after the assassination of JFK, Jack
                                Ruby, who was incarcerated in a prison cell overlooking
                                Dealy Plaza, suddenly contracted "cancer" and was
                                rushed to Parkland Hospital, where he promptly died.

The president's motorcade is obscured for a second by a street sign.


Robert Kennedy is campaigning for president, smiling and shaking people's hands.

                                Attorney General Robert Kennedy and the Justice
                                Department immediately upon the president's assassination
                                dropped the investigation of Sam Giancana and the mob.

RFK is gunned down in a hallway at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

                                In 1968 Robert Kennedy was assassinated in Los
                                Angeles, by a "lone nut gunman" named Sirhan


Joe Kennedy, who now looks very old and ill, has just watched his son Bobby get assassinated.  He closes his eyes and slumps over.


Joseph P. Kennedy's funeral, with long lines of black limousines.

                                Joseph P. Kennedy lived to be 81-years old.  Although
                                he was no longer able to walk or speak due to a massive
                                stroke, he did live long enough to see two of his sons
                                assassinated, then he too died in 1969.


The first bullet strikes Kennedy in the back, causing him to lean forward and his arms to raise up at the elbows.
                                Clay Shaw was the one and only person ever brought
                                to trial in the case of the assassination of JFK, and
                                he was acquitted due to lack of evidence in 1969.

Jackie turns to her wounded husband.

                                Forty-eight hours after the assassination, David Ferrie
                                was picked up by the FBI and questioned because Ferrie's
                                library card was found in Lee Harvey Oswald's wallet.
                                Ferrie was also questioned regarding all of his unauthorized
                                flights in and out of Dallas that weekend, then was let go.
                                Ferrie died eleven days before he was supposed to testify
                                in the case against Clay Shaw in 1967.

Governor Connally turns and looks over his right shoulder to see what's happening . . .

                                Lucien Sartie died in a car accident in Mexico City
                                in 1972.


Sam sits at his desk in his basement office smoking a cigar and reading the newspaper.

                                Due to so many unanswered question regarding Kennedy's
                                assassination, new Senate hearings investigating the
                                assassination were called in 1975.

Sam hears someone coming down the steps and looks up through his thick, black-rimmed glasses .

                                Eh, Tony, is that you?

Sam stands up.

Two gloved hands holding pistols come up into view.  Sam reacts in horror, then is shot twice in the face, shattering his glasses and throwing him back into his chair.  A gloved hand shoves a smoking pistol barrel up under Giancana's throat and fires five more times, blowing his brains all over the walls.

                                Sam "Mooney" Giancana was murdered in 1975
                                at the age of 67-years old, three weeks before he was
                                to testify before the Senate Assassination Investigation
                                Committee.  Giancana had openly claimed responsibility
                                for not only having had John F. Kennedy assassinated,
                                but also for the killing of Robert Kennedy, as well.
                                Sam Giancana was shot seven times in the head. James
                                Hoffa, head of the Teamsters Union, who was also scheduled
                                to testify, disappeared several weeks later and was never
                                seen again.  The Senate Investigations only conclusion
                                was that "there probably was a conspiracy."  Carlos
                                Marcello was arrested as an illegal alien and died in
                                prison in 1983 at the age of eighty.


The second bullet hits Gov. Connally from behind, knocking him forward.

                                Two weeks after JFK's funeral, Congress ordered
                                the creation of an investigating committee, headed
                                by Chief Justice Earl Warren, to find out the truth
                                behind the president's assassination.  The Warren
                                Commission, which included former CIA chief, Allen
                                Dulles, as well as future president, Gerald Ford, issued
                                a 26-volume report on the Kennedy assassination which
                                insisted that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman
                                who fired all three shots from the Texas Book Depository,
                                yet it does not contain any of the sixty eyewitness accounts
                                which all agreed that the final head shot that killed President
                                Kennedy came from behind the picket fence on the Grassy
                                Knoll, not to mention the physical evidence of the film
                                shot from the Grassy Knoll by Abraham Zapruder, which
                                clearly and obviously shows from which direction John
                                Kennedy's fatal head shot came from.

We see the final head shot hit President Kennedy, throwing him backward and blowing his brains out, and we freeze frame.

                                                                                                       FADE OUT:

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