Bin Laden studies Armstrong for several moments.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    It is the will of Allah, praise be to him. 
                                    Our fate is in His hands.  He chooses our
                                    path yesterday, today and tomorrow.

                                    Right.  So you wake up and ask, “Does
                                    Allah want me to kill three thousand people
                                    today?”  Is that how it works?

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    I am merely a follower.  Who will live and
                                    who will die  is not for me to choose.

                                    So then no one has free will?

                                                            BIN LADEN   
                                    Yes, but at their own peril.  The true believers,
                                    those who take part in the Great Jihad, do
                                    what Allah, blessed be his name, commands
                                    and will be blessed for all eternity.  This is Allah,
                                    praise be to his name’s, promise.

                                    But you just keep committing acts of terrorism
                                    over and over again and expecting a different
                                    result.  That sounds like the definition of insanity
                                    to me.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    Infidels cannot understand.

                                    I understand that I killed every one of your
                                    men in that cave back there and Allah didn’t
                                    protect them.

                                                            BIN LADEN                         
                                    Perhaps.  But tomorrow will He protect you?

                                    Enslaving your own people, killing your
                                    brothers, all part of Allah’s master plan or
                                                (Bin Laden doesn’t answer)
                                    No matter how many children you brainwash
                                    or how many people you trick into joining
                                    your jihad, there is always someone who
                                    defects.  If this is such a great idea why does
                                    Allah allow that to happen? 

                                                            BIN LADEN  
                                    Many are weak and lose their way.  In the
                                    end we all must face Allah, blessed be his
                                    name.  Only He will decide their fate.

Armstrong steals a glance past Bin Laden to Omar, standing guard on the ridge facing away.
Armstrong turns back to Bin Laden.

                                    Three thousand people who did nothing
                                    but go to work to provide for their families,
                                    what gave you the right to decide their

Bin Laden has been waiting for this part of the conversation.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    You lost a family member in New York?
                                    Someone close?

                                    My oldest friend.  He was a fireman.  You
                                    murdered him in the North Tower.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    We all have lost someone in this jihad.
                                    It is all part of Allah, blessed be his name’s,
                                    plan.  But I killed no one.  I didn’t fly those
                                    planes.  I didn’t conceive the plan. 

                                    But you endorsed it.  You took credit for it.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    Everyone makes their own choices, with the
                                    will of Allah, praise be to him.

                                    Their blood is on your hands.

Bin Laden shrugs, then points his bound hands at a red spot on Armstrong’s cloak.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    What about the nine men you killed today?
                                    Their blood is truly is on you.

                                    Those men were terrorists guarding a terrorist.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    And what about the tens of thousands of
                                    Iraqis killed by the U.S. military?  They
                                    didn’t attack you.

                                    That’s war.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    This is war.  Jihad is war.  I am but one
                                    man in this moment in time doing what
                                    has been commanded of all true believers.  
                                    In the coming years the righteous will
                                    dominate and the infidels will perish. The
                                    events in New York will be but a minor
                                    footnote in the Great Jihad.

                                    Yeah, but you’re going to die soon. Real
                                    soon.  Then I’m going to  hunt down and
                                    kill every last one of your murdering
                                    terrorist comrades.

Bin Laden sighs, tiring of both Armstrong and this conversation.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    Who lives and who dies is the will of Allah,
                                    praise be to him.

Armstrong gets furious.

                                    There you go again with that blame it on
                                    Allah thing.  Don’t you take responsibility
                                    for anything?

With lightning speed, Armstrong produces his Berretta 9mm from his belt and puts the business end against Bin Laden’s forehead.

                                    I do.  I take responsibility for my own
                                    actions.  So, can Allah stop me from
                                    blowing your fucking brains out right

Bin Laden shrugs and shakes his head.

                                                            BIN LADEN  
                                    He already has. 
                                    You are obviously much more interested
                                    in collecting the bounty on my head than
                                    avenging the death of your close friend,
                                    or even avenging the lives of the three
                                    thousand lost in New York, or you would
                                    have killed me already.  Allah controls you
                                    with your own greed.

Armstrong is caught off guard, speechless.  Bin Laden looks him in the eyes.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    You see, Allah, blessed be his name, has
                                    chosen.  It is His will.
With the Berretta still pointing at his head, Bin Laden casually picks up his cup of food with his bound hands and brings the cup toward his mouth.  Armstrong, torn between rage and self-doubt, smacks the cup from Bin Laden’s hand spilling the food everywhere. 

Bin Laden just sits there unfazed with the gun still aimed at his head.  

                                    Tonight you starve.
                                                (leans in)
                                    It’s the will of Armstrong! 

Armstrong withdraws the gun, puts it back in his holster, then sits down and continues eating his MRE as if nothing has happened, never taking his eyes off Bin Laden.

Meanwhile, Omar has been watching and hearing this whole encounter from the ridge.  He slowly turns away.


The sun rises over the parched desert landscape.  Strangely shaped boulders cast long shadows.  A scorpion scuttles across the sand.


At the campsite Armstrong sits against a rock asleep, his chin down against his chest, his hands holding the Uzi resting on his lap.  Sunlight hits his face and he suddenly bolts awake.  Blinking his bleary eyes, Armstrong sees Omar and Bin Laden sitting across from him whispering to each other.

                                    What’s going on?

Omar looks at him with a blank expression.

                                    What do you mean?

                                    What are you two talking about?

                                    We’re not talking about anything.

                                    Bullshit.  You have to be talking about
                                    something.  What is it?

Bin Laden looks at Armstrong with a bemused grin on his face.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    We were planning my escape.


                                    He’s joking.

                                    Joking?  Are you fucking crazy?  Don’t joke
                                    with me!  What we you two talking about?

                                    The old days.

                                    The good old days?

                                    Not that good.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    You seem nervous this morning, Mr. Armstrong.

                                    Why shouldn’t I be?

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    Indeed.  As they say, it’s a fine day to die.

                                    Oh yeah?  If anyone’s gonna to die today it’s
                                    gonna be you, not me.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    The day is young.  The Koran says that each
                                    day is a miniature eternity.  It also says that
                                    you are not promised a tomorrow.  Who knows
                                    what will occur?

Armstrong stands up and looks down on the other two men, his weapon gripped tightly in his hands.

                                    All right.  New rule.  No fucking talking! 
                                    Got it?

Omar rises to his feet.

                                    Mr. Armstrong, please.  Nothing was said of
                                    any importance.  Honestly.

                                    Fine, let’s keep it that way.  OK, let’s get

Omar reaches down and helps Bin Laden to his feet.  Armstrong watches with a disapproving glare.  Bin Laden says to Omar . . .

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    He must not have slept well.

Armstrong reaches out with the Uzi and sticks the barrel in Bin Laden’s face.

                                    Yo!  Shit-for-brains!  What part of no talking
                                    are you not understanding?

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    I understand.

                                    Good.  Let’s move it!

They gather up their belongings and start to walk.


The three men make their way down the side of the gorge, through a thin snaking path.   Omar helps Bin Laden and Armstrong goes last, keeping a cautious eye on the surroundings.


They get to the bottom of the gorge, coming out in a rock-strewn valley.  High sheer rock walls surround them.  Armstrong keeps looking up at the tops of the rock walls.  Anybody could be up there.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    This is the Valley of Death.

                                    You’re talking.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    Indeed I am.  You know of course this whole
                                    area belongs to me.  This is Al Qaeda territory. 
                                    My men are everywhere.  You’ll never make
                                    it through this valley alive. 

Armstrong considers what he’s just been told, rubbing his chin.  He nods his head thoughtfully, steps forward and punches Osama Bin Laden in the mouth, hard. 

                                    Shut the fuck up!  Don’t make me tell you

Omar looks shocked.  Bin Laden spits blood out into his hand and looks at it.  He smears it around on his fingers, then looks at Armstrong and smiles.   Armstrong gets angry.

                                    You think it’s funny?

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    Oddly, I do.

                                    What if I take the butt of this Israeli-made
                                    Uzi and knock in your fuckin’ teeth?

Bin Laden looks him straight in the eye.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    I don’t think you’ll do that.

                                    Really?  You don’t?

Bin Laden shakes his head.  Armstrong promptly smashes him in the mouth with butt of his Uzi.  Omar pushes himself between them.  Now Bin Laden has blood coming out of his mouth and his nose.  Armstrong speaks directly into Bin Laden’s face.

                                    Listen, motherfucker!  You represent
                                    everything evil in the world, as far as I’m
                                    concerned.  You are the face of evil.  And
                                    you overestimate my greed.

Omar speaks into Armstrong’s face.

                                    This isn’t making it any easier.

                                    So what?  Who says it has to be easy?  I’m
                                    starting to think it would be a helluva lot
                                    easier to put a bullet in his head and just
                                    carry in the corpse.

                                    Yes, but I can’t let you do that.

Armstrong can’t believe his ears.

                                    You can’t “let” me do that?  Really?  And
                                    how on Earth do you intend to stop me?

However, just at that moment . . .


An Afghani man holding a an AK-47 and wearing a turban with a scarf around his face, steps over the rise of the hill in front of them, maybe 200 yards ahead of them.  Then beside him steps another armed man, then another.  Now there’s three of them, just standing there, ostensibly blocking the path.


Armstrong, Omar and Bin Laden keep walking forward, their eyes glued to the men in front of them.

                                    Well, there’s three of them and three of us. 
                                    That’s fair.


Four more armed men step up beside the other three.  A moment later three more men step up around them.  Now there’s ten of them.


Armstrong, Omar and Bin Laden stop, accepting that their path is now officially blocked.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    As I said, you’ll never get out of this valley

Armstrong puts the barrel of his weapon against Bin Laden’s temple so everyone can see it.

                                    Yeah?  Well, if I don’t, you don’t, so that
                                    might be something to think about.  Then
                                    again, maybe it’s just a good day for everybody
                                    to die.  Me, you, and everybody I can take
                                    with me.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    It is the will of Allah, praise be upon him.

                                    Yeah?  And Superman’s Dad is Jor-El and
                                    they’re from the planet Krypton.  Do me a
                                    fuckin’ favor and shut the fuck up!  You’re
                                    boring me to death with all that Allah shit
                                    already.  Jesus Christ!


Now five more armed men step up, making it fifteen, and more seem to be coming.  Soon there are at least twenty men blocking their path.


Omar turns to Armstrong.

                                    What will we do?

                                    Don’t ask me, ask Allah.  He seems to have
                                    all the answers.

Just then there is a familiar buzzing noise.  Everybody looks up.


There it is, the surveillance drone, making its rounds.


Armstrong grabs Omar and Bin Laden and pulls them down.

                                    Get down!

The three hunker down behind some large rocks.


The crowd of men on the hilltop have also noticed the surveillance drone and begin to scatter.


The drone passes right over Armstrong, Omar and Bin Laden’s heads heading toward the men on the hilltop.  It fires a missile . . .


. . . The missile comes down right in the middle of the crowd of men and explodes—BOOM!!  The men are blown to bits, several of them go sailing through the air.  Wounded men scream in pain.  The another missile comes down and blows up—BOOM!!


Armstrong, Omar and Bin Laden all look at each other in amazement.

                                    Wow!  Ask Allah and ye shall receive. 
                                    And I thought he was on your side.
                                                (to Bin Laden)
                                    So, what have you got to say about the U.S.
                                    military now?  Sure, they make mistakes
                                    occasionally, but they do get it right sometimes,
                                                (stands; to Omar)
                                    Come on, let’s go.  Leave him here.

Armstrong and Omar, their weapons out in front, go running toward the hill.


Armstrong and Omar dash up the hill right into the midst of the smoke and carnage.  They promptly shoot anyone who’s still alive.  Two men are running away down the hill.  Armstrong sights in and with one quick burst of automatic weapon fire kills both of them.

Armstrong turns around to find Omar standing there with his smoking AK-47 in his hands aimed right at him.  The two men look each other in the eye.  It’s a tense moment.

                                    Yeah?  So?

Omar slowly lowers the barrel of his weapon, turns and walks down the hill the way they came.  Armstrong raises his weapon so that it’s aiming at Omar’s back.  He holds it there for a moment, then shrugs, lowers it and heads down the hill.


They get back to where they left Bin Laden, but he’s not there.  Armstrong sighs and shakes his head.

                                    That cocksucker is really starting to piss
                                    me off.  I’m still thinking it might be a
                                    whole lot easier to just shoot him and
                                    carry his dead body back.

                                    As I said, I can’t let you do that.  We have
                                    to take him back alive.

                                    We do, huh?  Why’s that?

                                    Because he needs to be tried by the Afghani
                                    people for crimes he’s committed against us.


                                    Yes, really.

                                    OK, we’ll talk about this in a minute.  Right
                                    now we need to find our escaped captive.

The two men head back the way they came, looking behind every large rock they pass.  There’s no sign of Bin Laden anywhere.  They’re both starting to get a little concerned.

                                    This is ridiculous!  He’s old and ill, he can’t
                                    have gotten very far.

                                    Actually, he’s not all that old.  He’s in his early
                                    50s, he just looks old.

Yet he’s nowhere to be seen.  They walk along through the valley.  Finally, Omar points.

                                    There he is.

Bin Laden is sitting on the hillside next to a huge boulder.  Armstrong calls up to him.

                                    What were going to do, push that big rock
                                    down on us?

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    Yes.  But it’s too big, I can’t move it.

                                    Lucky for us.

Armstrong indicates with his index finger that Bin Laden should come down.  Bin Laden slowly rises to his feet.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    Perhaps you should just shoot me.  I’m
                                    too old and sick to keep walking.

                                    Don’t tempt me.  It would not break my
                                    heart to blow your brains out.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    So you keep saying.


Armstrong, Omar and Bin Laden reach the top of the hill, which is littered with corpses.  Armstrong doesn’t even look down, but both Omar and Bin Laden do.  They all walk right past the carnage and head down the other side of the hill.


The three men walk across a vast canyon surrounded by high rock walls.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    That was only a few of my followers. 
                                    There are many more around here.

Armstrong steps up beside Omar.

                                    So, where were we regarding you “letting”
                                    or “not letting” me take in Bin Laden?

Omar thinks long and hard before speaking.  Finally . . .

                                    He has to be turned over to the Afghani

                                    You’re kidding, right?  To the Afghani
                                    authorities?  This country has the most
                                    corrupt government in the entire middle
                                    east, and that’s saying something.  No,
                                    no, no, I’m taking him to the Americans.  
                                    That’s what’s happening.

                                    Mr. Armstrong, please.  It’s very important.

                                    Not to me.

                                    I really must insist.

                                                (can’t believe his ears)
                                    You what?

                                    I said, I must insist.

                                    Seriously, don’t say it again.  I’m warning

Omar puts his hands together like he’s pleading.

                                    Mr. Armstrong—

With lightning speed, Armstrong pulls his Berretta, puts the barrel against Omar’s forehead and fires a bullet, spraying his brains out the other side.  Omar’s body crumples to the ground in a heap, stone dead.  Bin Laden is shocked and takes a step back. 

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    Was that necessary?

Armstrong sticks the smoking pistol in Bin Laden’s face.

                                    Was 9/11 necessary?  Was the U.S.S. Cole
                                    necessary?  Or the embassies in Africa?  Or
                                    the gas attacks on the trains in Spain?  Huh?
                                                (Bin Laden doesn’t answer)
                                    Answer me, motherfucker!

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    I thought so.


                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    Because I thought people needed to pay
                                    attention to our cause.

                                    Really?  Well I thought this was necessary. 
                                    I needed you to pay attention to my cause.
                                    Now keep in mind that I kinda liked him,
                                    and I don’t like you at all.  Understand?

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    I understand.

                                    You better.  You know what I really don’t
                                    like about you?

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    No, what?

                                    That you think you know something I don’t
                                    know.  You know what I say to that?

                                                            BIN LADEN

                                    Fuck you.  We both know exactly the same,
                                    which is nothing.  Being a Muslim, a Christian,
                                    a Hindu, a Jew, it’s all the same bullshit.  Nobody
                                    knows any better than anybody else.  If you think
                                    you know, you’re wrong.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    But you know that?

                                    That I know!
                                                (pushes Bin Laden)
                                    Now move it!

Right at that moment bullets begin thumping into the ground around them.  Armstrong grabs Bin Laden and pulls him behind some rocks.  Bullets continue to hit the ground right in front of them.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    I told you, my followers are everywhere. 
                                    You’ll never take me out of this valley
                                    alive.  It is futile.

                                    Maybe so, but I assure you that if I die today,
                                    you die today.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    So it shall be.


And meanwhile the bullets just keep coming in from above hitting the ground and the surrounding rock walls.  Finally, a bullet hits the rock wall beside them, ricochets off directly into Armstrong’s side.  He falls over, bleeding profusely.

Bin Laden looks down at the wounded Armstrong.  He reaches for the Uzi, but Armstrong still has a hold on it and raises the barrel up toward Bin Laden’s face.  Bin Laden’s hand stops halfway to the weapon.  Just then another bullet hits Armstrong, this time in the thigh.  He yells in pain and rolls over, still clutching his weapon.

Bin Laden sees his moment.  He dashes out into the open with his hands in the air.  He hollers up toward the ridgeline.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                                (in Pashto)
                                    Rafiq!  Zrrewer rafiq!  Wrunna!  Yem Bin
                                    Laden!  Tsergandawem yem Bin Laden!

A subtitle reads: “Friends!  Brave friends!  Brothers!  I am Bin Laden!  I declare I am Bin Laden!”

The shooting stops.  Suddenly there is an eerie silence.  Bin Laden keeps his hands in the air while scanning the ridgeline above him.

Armstrong is still alive.  He looks furious and begins to crawl toward Bin Laden, his Uzi still in his hand.  As he nears Bin Laden and begins to raise his weapon another bullet hit’s him in the back causing the Uzi to jerk out of his hand.  Armstrong winces in terrible pain.

Bin Laden glances down and sees Armstrong lying there, bleeding from three different wounds.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                    You were right about one thing.  Today is
                                    the day you’re to die.  It was a valiant attempt,
                                    Mr. Armstrong.  You almost succeeded and
                                    you almost got rich and famous.  But it was
                                    clearly not the will of Allah, blessed be his name.

Armstrong grits his teeth in excruciating pain as he glares up at Bin Laden with deep hatred.

Just then three native Afghani TRIBESMEN, all dressed in black robes and head scarves and carrying long, old-fashioned rifles, come walking slowly up.

Armstrong and Bin Laden both turn their attention to the tribesmen.  Bin Laden smiles in relief.  Armstrong’s hand moves down to the pistol on his belt.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                                (in Pashto)
                                    Zmaa zrrewer wrunna.  Peezhenem Bin

A subtitle reads: “My brave brothers.  Recognize me, I am Bin Laden.”                             

The three tribesmen step up, their faces covered by black scarves, their long rifles held out in front of them.

Armstrong has his hand on his Berretta.  Slowly and silently he slides the pistol out of the holster.

As the tribesmen get to within twenty feet of them, Bin Laden continues to smile.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                                (in Pashto)
                                    Zmaa rafiq.  Shuker.  Yem Bin Laden. 
                                    Osama Bin Laden.

Subtitle: “My friends.  Thank you.  I am Bin Laden.  Osama Bin Laden.”

The three tribesmen look at each other and shrug.  Either they don’t understand or they don’t care.

                                                            BIN LADEN
                                                (in Pashto)
                                    Tana, tsergandawem yem Osama Bin

Subtitle: “Men.  I declare I am Osama Bin Laden.”

The three tribesmen raise their long rifles, aim and all three shoot Osama Bin Laden.  Three big bullets hit Bin Laden in the chest.

Armstrong watches as Bin Laden falls to the ground beside him, dead, his eyes wide open in an expression of shock and confusion.  Armstrong grins.  He then slowly brings the pistol forward, but a foot in a leather sandal comes down on Armstrong’s wrist, knocking the pistol out of his hand. 

Armstrong looks up and sees one of the tribesmen aim his rifle directly into his face.  The tribesman pulls the trigger.  The bullet strikes Armstrong in the face, blowing his brains out the back of his head.  Armstrong rolls over dead.

The three tribesmen laugh, then shriek with delight as they quickly set about stripping the bodies of everything.  They take the Uzi, the Berretta, the AK-47, then all of the three men’s clothing.  One of the tribesmen finds the photograph of Armstrong and his family.  He looks at it for a brief moment, then tosses it.

The photograph is caught in the wind and blows lazily away across the parched desert floor.

The three tribesmen walk away carrying their new belongings.

The dead bleeding bodies of Armstrong, Osama Bin Laden and Omar lie there naked in the blazing sun.  Our view widens to include the surrounding landscape, then keeps getting wider and wider until the naked bodies are merely dots on the canyon floor.


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