"The well- developed characters are played with authenticity, especially Campbell's Carl and Janie (Anita Barone)... Becker's dialog is crisp and human..." "...a technique that hasn't been used in a feature film since Hitchcock's Rope (1948)... It's intrigueing to watch, and frankly, it makes that live episode of ER look like child's play." "The question may be asked... why? My answer would be if you can do it this well... why not?"
Tim Cogshell, Entertainment Today

"Becker's narrative technique is more than a gimmick: the continuity makes the suspense almost unbearable at points... This is both a very taut thriller...and an amazing accomplishment."
Andy Klein, New Times Los Angeles

"...highly effective example of how shooting an entire 70-minute feature in one single take can bring intense immediacy and psychological validity to a traditional caper-gone-wrong plot."
Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times


Digitally Obsessed: "Highly recommended."
DVD Angle: "Running Time is definitely a worthy way to spend your time."
Audio Revolution: "Four stars."

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