On a tree in the foreground is a sign reading, "K.I.A. CAMPGROUND."  An ailing engine with a bad muffler is heard.  A white VW van pulls up sputtering and coughing.  The door opens and STRYKER and WHISKEY get out.  Inside the van JANE, FRANK THORN and their ten year old son THEO all argue.

                                Can't we just take him all the way home?

                                Are You kidding?  We'll be lucky to make it ten
                                more feet.

                                I told you to take this thing in before we left, but
                                no . . .

                                Oh, Jane, for God's sake.

                                No, really, this is swell.

                                Dad, when we get there can I play with my

                                You and these stupid darts!  You can put
                                somebody's eye out with those things.

The van drives away sputtering and popping.


STRYKER hobbles up the rural, woodsy road, WHISKEY pulling at the leash to go over to the side of the road.  STRYKER lets go of the leash and WHISKEY goes into the underbrush.  STRYKER steps up to the shoulder of the road, looks around, then unzips his trousers.  Just as he's about to piss he sees a car approaching and turns around and acts natural.

The car goes by very slowly and STRYKER shifts his weight from one foot to another.

Finally it is gone.  STRYKER turns, unzips again and begins to relieve himself when suddenly a police car appears with its flashers on.  STRYKER pees on his shoe.

                                Oh shit.

The COP gets out of the car and swaggers over.

                                What's the problem, bud, you lost?

                                No.  I live right up the road here.

                                Who're you kidding, pal?  Nobody lives up this

                                Yeah?  Well I do.  About a quarter of a. mile up,
                                on the right.

The COP looks closer at STRYKER and removes his mirror shades.

                                Jack Stryker?

                                Jim O'Grady?  Get outta here!  How long has it
                                been?  Ten years?

                                At least.

Meanwhile, in the woods nearby, WHISKEY is sniffing around and catches a scent.  He starts after it and his leash gets caught on a root, impeding his further movement.

Back at the road . . .

                                Jump in.  I'll give you a ride.

                                Great.  Just let me find my dog.  Whiskey!

WHISKEY pulls at the hooked leash, growling.  STRYKER spots the hooked end of the leash, swings down his cane and snags it.  He reels in the reticent dog.

                                What's the matter, boy, you smell a skunk?

STRYKER drags his dog away from the woods and they both get into the police car and drive away.

Our view widens until we are back in the woods and first fingers appear, then a hand, and then the severed end of an arm covered with ants is revealed.  It sits in a pool of blood.

                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:


STRYKER and WHISKEY look at the dilapidated shack that is their home.

                                This is it, kiddo, the old homestead.

WHISKEY runs up and pees on the porch.

                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:


The place looks much better than before, cleaned up, fixed up and almost habitable.  STRYKER puts the last nail into one of the posts supporting the front awning, then tosses the hammer beside the toolbox and sits down beside WHISKEY.

                                That's about all I can do to this old place.

STRYKER picks up a nearly empty bottle of Jim Beam and drains the contents.  Just then an old 158 International Harvester pick-up truck pulls up and stops.  A craggy, stooped old man of seventy-one in a flannel shirt and work pants gets out.  He is OTIS.

                                Just the man I wanted to see.  How ya doin',

OTIS takes a bag of groceries from out of the back of the truck and walks over.

                                I'll tell ya, Jack, for seventy-one I feel pretty
                                damn good.

STRYKER grabs the groceries from Otis and they go inside.


The cabin is basically one big room furnished in ratty old couches and chairs, an army cot and a pot-belly stove.

                                Your mail's in there, too.

                                Mail.  Who the hell would be writin' to me?

He goes through it and it's all junk mail.  There is also a free sample of perfume which Stryker smells and puts in his pocket.

                                So, when are you going to come over and see
                                Sally.  She keeps asking about you all the time.

                                Aw, I don't know.  I just don't feel up to it yet. 
                                Besides, you're just saying that.  She doesn't
                                really want to see me.

                                What're you doin' playing hard to get?  You
                                like her and you know it.  What do you need,
                                a written invitation?

                                I know what I don't need and that's her pity.
                                I'm doing just fine on my own.

                                Holy Christ, I don't know whose stupider, you
                                or Sally for liking you.  You're not gettin' any
                                younger and I sure as hell don't see a flock of
                                women around here clamoring to get a hold of

                                I'll do just fine for myself, thank you.

OTIS looks around at the shabby, disheveled cabin.

                                Your mother - may she rest in peace - would
                                tan your hide if she saw the mess you're living
                                in. Jack, I'm older than you and I've seen a
                                whole lot more than you and you can take my
                                word for one thing, this stubbornness ain't
                                gonna get you nowhere.  As sure as shit sticks
                                to a blanket you're gonna end up a sour old
                                man, is that what you want?

                                Oh, hell.  I don't know.  I don't know anything
                                anymore.  Everything is shit!

                                That's fine.  There's only one way to go from
                                here and that's up.  Let me give you a lift over
                                there.  You can talk to her.

                                Now? . . . I'm not sure.

                                For a tough Marine you're a real chicken.

STRYKER gets a little pissed.

                                All right.  I'll go talk to her, but I'll bet nothing
                                comes of it.  She and I are in totally different

                                Jack, if you'll excuse me, you don't know what
                                the fuck you're talking about.  You don't even
                                know this girl.  You think you've been through a
                                lot in the last six years, well so has she.  Now,
                                come on.

They exit.

                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:




MILLER, JACKSON and TYLER pull up to the guard booth in a big, four-wheel drive bronco.  They pass through the gate and drive off up the road.  MILLER drives, JACKSON sits beside him and TYLER sits in back.

                                Nice car, Lieutenant.

                                Just Dave is fine.

                                So, Dave, what's on your mind?

                                Well . . . I guess the same thing that's on my
                                mind all the time now -- La Chau Four.  I
                                keep seeing that battle over and over in my
                                head.  I can't sleep very much anymore be-
                                cause I can't keep those images out of my

                                That's too bad.  What's that got to do with

                                Not to mention that we're on liberty and I'm

                                I know you guys must think I'm a real asshole,
                                and I guess I am, but I never thought I was --
                                not until La Chau Four, anyway.  I know
                                there's nothing that I can say to the guys that
                                died, but I thought maybe if I let you guys
                                know how I felt it might help.

                                Look, Dave, let me give you a little advice.
                                I was in 'Nam a lot longer'n you and I saw
                                a lot worse things than what happened at
                                La Chau Four.  Tyler, too.  There are some
                                things a man just has to bear in silence.  If
                                you'd have seen some more action after that
                                you might've picked that up on your own.

                                But now what I've got to know is, do you
                                guys hold what happened at La Chau Four
                                against me?

                                I don't.  Do you TYLER?

                                Not me.  I don't know about Stryker, though.
                                He's the one you ought to talk to.

JACKSON nods his head in agreement.  MILLER shakes his head.

                                I tried to call him, but I guess he doesn't have a

                                No, I don't guess he would.  He lives in a cabin
                                out in the woods somewhere.

All of a sudden MILLER perks up.

                                Well, we could go see him.

                                Who, Stryker?

                                Sure.  I looked up his records when I tried to
                                get his number, he doesn't live that far from
                                here.  We could just drive up and see him.
                                What do you guys think?

                                Yeah, I could dig seeing Stryker again.  We
                                all had some good times together.

                                How about you, Jackson?

JACKSON thinks for a second, then smiles.

                                Let's do it.  Besides, the sonuvabitch owes
                                me five bucks.

                                But first let's stop and get some food, Man,
                                I'm starving.


OTIS and JACK pull up and get out.

                                If you need me I'll be inside.

Otis goes inside and Jack goes around the house to where Sally -- now 23 -- hangs laundry on the line.  When Jack gets there she is bent over the laundry basket.  He stands quietly looking at her.  When she stands she sees Jack and is startled.

                                Oh, I didn't see you walk up.

                                Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

They look at each other.

                                It's real nice seeing you, Jack.  What finally
                                brings you over?

                                Well, I just wanted to see how you were
                                doing.  How are you?

                                Fine.  How are you?

                                Okay.  Uh . . .
                                                           (He reaches into his pocket)
I, uh, brought you this from Saigon, I hope you like it.

JACK hands her the little free sample of perfume.

                                Thank you.  I hope it wasn't very expensive.

                                Naw, stuff like this is cheap over there.
                                You're looking real good, Sally.  You
                                really grew up nice.

                                Thank you.  How is your leg?

                                Okay.  It doesn't bend real well, but at least
                                I still have it.

Sally pulls the bandana from her hair.

                                Would you like to go somewhere?  Get
                                something to to eat maybe?


They walk around to the front of the house.

                                I've missed you, Jack.  A lot.


                                                           (She heads inside)
                                Let me just tell Grandpa we're going.


They sit in Otis' truck-Sally at the wheel.  Sally talks into the speaker.

                                I'll have a cheeseburger, fries and a coke.

                                Uh, four dilly dogs and a beer.

                                                                 WAITRESS (V.0.)
                                I'm sorry sir we only have root beer.

                                Yeah, thats what I meant.  Root beer
                                                           (He grimaces).

                                So, are you going to take me to the Prom?


                                Just kidding.

                                So, how did that finally work out.  Did you get
                                a date?

                                Sure.  With a guy named Billy Nolan.

                                Was it okay?

                                He's a jerk.  It was the worst night of my life.

                                . . . Oh

                                It's been a long time.

                                It sure has.


They pull up to Stryker's cabin and stop.

                                Well, this is the place.

                                Yep, here we are.

STRYKER thinks for a second, then reaches over, pulls SALLY to him and kisses her.  After the kiss they continue to hold each other.

                                So, ah, what are you doing tonight?

                                                           (Looking him in the eyes)
                                Working.  I was supposed to be there a half an
                                hour ago.

                                Damn, that's too bad.

                                I know, why don't we have a picnic tomorrow?

                                A picnic?

                                I mean, if you want to?

                                I'd love to.

                                Great.  How about 11:30?

                                11:30.  I'll see you then.  It was great seeing

                                And you.

She pulls away.  Stryker watches her go.


The Bronco pulls up outside a little party store and the three Marines get out.  Standing outside are three sort of cute blonde eighteen year old girls.  One of the girls approaches TYLER before he enters the store.

                                                                 GIRL #1
                                Say, could you buy for us?

TYLER looks back to the other guys, leers, then turns back.

                                Sure, what would you like?

                                                                 GIRL #1
                                Three bottle of Boone's Farm.

She hands him a five dollar bill.

                                No problem.

He joins the other Marines and they enter the store.

                                Well, things are looking up.


The Marines and the three girls drive up the road drinking wine and booze and smoking a joint.  One of the girls sits back in the third seat with TYLER, another girl in the second with JACKSON and the last in front with MILLER.

                                                                 GIRL #2
                                Gee, it was really groovy of you guys to give
                                us a ride, otherwise we mighta been hitching
                                all night.

                                You know a friend of mine asked me what I
                                thought of sex at 65.  I told him it was fine, but
                                if you need it that badly, pull off the highway.

Everyone laughs except MILLER.  He doesn't get the joke.

TYLER and the girl beside him lower themselves down onto the seat and start kissing and pulling off their clothes.  The Girl with JACKSON crawls on top of him and begins pulling his clothes off.

                                Hey, Dave, why don't you pull over.

The girl beside MILLER has put her hand on his thigh.


By the time the Bronco has stopped TYLER and his girl are going at it hot and heavy and JACKSON and his girl are on their way.

MILLER looks over at the girl beside him and she has a strange, glaring expression.  He reaches over, and touches her shoulder.  She violently pulls away.

                                                                 GIRL #3
                                No!  Not here.

MILLER glances in the rear-view mirror and see TYLER's and JACKSON's butts going up and down, then dejectedly sinks down into his seat and takes a big drink of scotch.

                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:


The Bronco stops and lets off the girls, then drives away.  The radio plays in the background.

                                                                 RADIO NEWSCASTER (VO)
                                Early this morning the slain bodies of Sylvia
                                Watson, wife of local sportscaster Earl
                                Watson, and an unidentified male, were found
                                in the Watson home in Bloomfield Hills . . .


The Marines pass around a bottle of booze.

                                Man, those chicks were wild.  It's too bad we
                                had to drop them off.

                                Those were the craziest girls I ever met.  They
                                all acted like they were on drugs or something.
                                Did you get where they were going?  It sounded
                                like a church meeting or something, but man, I
                                never met any girls at church like them.

                                Let's stop and get something to eat, I'm starved.

                                I'm starved, too.

                                Yeah, sex starved.

They all laugh, except MILLER.

                                                                 RADIO NEWSCASTER
                                . . . Both bodies were found to have over fifty
                                bullet and knife wounds each . . .


MILLER pulls the Bronco into the little dirt lot beside a row of motorcycles with sissy bars and chopped front forks.  They all get out of the car and go into the bar.


MILLER is staggering a little as the Marines enter the bar.  The place is full of hicks with cowboy hats and boots and Johnny Cash playing on the Juke box.  At one table sits five big, ugly guys with black leather jackets that have "The Satans" embroidered on the back.  They are being loud and obnoxious and pouring beer on each other, but no one seemed to have the fortitude to tell them to quiet down.

                                I'm a little drunk.

MILLER reaches into his pocket and can't find his wallet.

                                My wallet's gone!  That bitch stole my wallet!

The Marines seat themselves at a table away from the bikers and the bartender, OTIS, comes walking over.  SALLY is there, too.

                                How ya doin, fellas?

                                Swell.  You got any food?

                                Just chips and pretzels and stuff.  The cook left
                                at midnight.

                                Shit, I'm dying.  Bring us three bags of chips
                                and three bags of pretzels.

                                And three glasses of beer and three shots of

                                You got it.

                                By the way, you wouldn't happen to know a
                                guy named Jack Stryker, he lives somewhere
                                around here?

                                Sure, I know Jack.  He lives down the road
                                from me.

                                So then you know where he lives?

                                Sure.  Just keep going up the road about 35
                                miles and follow the signs to the K I A
                                campground.  His driveway is about a quarter
                                of a mile past the turnoff to the campground.
                                You guys service buddies of his?

                                Yeah, we are.

                                I was in the service -- Army, though.  I fought
                                in the great war, the first World War.

They all nod and smile, then one of the bikers starts screaming.

                                                                 BIKER #1
                                Hey!  Can we get some service over here?

Otis rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

                                Buncha pricks, what're they doin' way out here
                                in the middle've nowhere anyway?

                                                                 BIKER #2
                                What the fuck's goin' on?  We want some

OTIS heads over to the biker's table.

One Biker turns to another.

                                                                 BIKER #1
                                Al, what's it like being married, I mean, how's
                                the sex?

                                                                 BIKER #2
                                About the same.

                                                           (To the other Marines)
                                Yeah, now he doesn't have to wait in line.

The Marines laugh.  The Satans overhear them laughing.  They are not smiling.


The Marines come staggering out of the bar into the parking lot totally bombed.  They are happily singing the marine's version of "THE BALLAD OF THE GREEN BERETS."

                                If one Marine takes a shit today, he'll wipe his
                                ass with a green beret . . .

They pass The Satans who are sitting on their choppers revving them up.  They give the drunken Marines dirty looks.  The Marines get into their Bronco and pull away.  SALLY comes walking out and a Satan steps into her path.

                                                                 BIKER #1
                                Hey, baby, you'd look great on the back of my

                                Excuse me, I have to go.

The rest of The Satans come over and hassle SALLY.  OTIS comes out of the bar, sees Sally being molested and steps in.

                                Hey, leave her alone!

The big ugly biker steps up to OTIS and grabs his face.

                                                                 BIG BIKER
                                Get lost, old man!

He pushes OTIS into a pile of boxes.

The BIKERS all hassle SALLY, pushing her from one to the other, then she goes flying into JACKSON.  Behind JACKSON stand TYLER and MILLER.

                                                           (To Sally)
                                Go get your grandpa and go home.

SALLY goes over to OTIS and helps him up.  They get in their truck and leave.

The Marines move in and take on the BIKERS.

The Satans attack.  The Big Biker takes a wild swing at JACKSON who ducks.  JACKSON comes back with a good hard right to the biker's fat belly.

Two of the Satans move in on TYLER.

A big, ugly goon of a biker moves in on MILLER who retreats quickly across the parking lot toward the bar.  Suddenly MILLER hauls off and slaps the goon across the face with his open palm.  The biker comes to an abrupt halt, shocked, so MILLER slaps him again-and grins.

At this point they have reached the building.  The goon biker is very upset and takes a major swing at MILLER's face, which he ducks.  The guy's fist smashes into the wall and makes a horrible crunching noise.

The two bikers circle TYLER who smiles at them unmoving.  The biker to his left is just about to strike when TYLER quickly slams his fist into the guy's nose, while simultaneously kicking the other in the knee.  Both bikers drop back in pain.

JACKSON and the huge biker are sparing off like they're in a boxing ring.  It becomes quickly obvious that the biker has no idea how to box, whereas JACKSON is very adept at it.  He fends off several punches with his blocking arms, then does a fast combination of four hard punches to the biker's gut, then a powerful uppercut to his chin.  The guy reels backward in a daze.

Clutching his broken hand, the ugly goon brings his other hand around to smash MILLER's grinning face.  Just as he's about to launch the punch, MILLER slams his knee into the goon's groin, then clasps both of his hands together into one fist and clubs the guy across the head knocking him to the ground.

TYLER stands his ground as the two bikers move back in on him.  He looks from one to the other, then spins around kicking the guy to his left in the ear, while punching the guy to his right in the chest.

The huge biker moves back in on JACKSON who immediately begins punching him again and again in the face, bloodying the guy's eyes and nose.  Undaunted, the biker keeps charging back for more.  Finally, JACKSON tires of continually punching this idiot, so he waits for him to charge yet again and when he does JACKSON grabs him by his ratty hair and snaps his face down into the headlight of one of the motorcycles.  The headlight shatters and the biker drops beside it.

The marines regroup at the Bronco and MILLER doesn't look too good.

                                I don't feel very good -- everything's spinning.

He stumbles over to the choppers, grabs the sissy bar and vomits into a helmet.  JACKSON and. TYLER grab him and pull him into the car.

                                This boy's seen one hard night.

They start up the car and leave.

One of the Satans stand up, hobbles over to the bikes, watching the truck leave.

                                Motherfuckers!  You're gonna burn!

He grabs his helmet, puts it on and puke runs down his face.  He begins to gag.

                                                                                                       DISSOLVE TO:


A beat up old Ford Falcon turns off the road that leads to the campground and onto the somewhat more main road.  The Falcon's muffler is worthless and sounds like a loud jack-hammer.  It kicks up a huge cloud of dust and drives away.

On the side of the road, enveloped in the dust cloud, is the Bronco.


The Marines were asleep, but now begin waking up from the loud car and all the dust.  They are all stiff and groggy and feel rotten.

                                Fuck!  It smells like a cow shit in here.

JACKSON begins to stir and moan, then slowly opens his bleary eyes and rubs his head.

                                How ya doin', pal?

                                My hair hurts, my teeth itch, my feet stink and I
                                don't love Jesus.

MILLER opens his eyes, winces from the pain, looks questioningly around, smells something nasty, looks down at his puke-covered shirt, shuts his eyes and drops his head back against the seat.


STRYKER sits on the couch attired in his dress uniform.  He notices a stain on one of the cushions on the couch.  He turns the cushion over only to find a larger stain on it.



SALLY takes the dry laundry down from the line, folds it and puts it in the basket.  OTIS walks down to SALLY with a bag of groceries in his arms.

                                Mornin' babe, how're doing today?

                                Swell.  How about you?

                                Well, the rheumatism kickin' up.  But otherwise
                                I feel pretty good.  How'd things go with you
                                and Jack yesterday?

                                Great, we went to the A&W and took a drive
                                around the lake.

                                So tell me, when can I see some grandchildren?

                                Grandpa, really, don't you have to put the
                                groceries away?

                                Yeah, here, this is for you.

OTIS hands her a small bottle of perfume, just like the bottle STRYKER gave her.

                                Where did you get this?

                                                           (Heading into the House)
                                Free sample, it came in the mail.


SALLY continues to take down the laundry.  She hears a crash from inside the house.

                                Grandpa, you all right?

She takes down a sheet from the line revealing the crazy-looking -- THE CULT LEADER -- who has extremely long, greasy hair, a ratty beard, beady eyes and a sword on his belt.

                                                                 CULT LEADER

SALLY screams as she backs up into a shirt hanging on the line which comes to life and grabs her.  The shirt drops to the ground revealing -- THE HUGE BIKER.  He slams his hand across SALLY's mouth.  THE CULT LEADER kicks in the basement door followed by THE HUGE BIKER who drags SALLY behind him.


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