THE CULT LEADER stops half way between the kitchen and the living room where strange looking people swarm around OTIS.  They are: CULT GIRL #3, a guy wearing a RUBBER MASK and wrapped with chains and a muscular guy wearing a LEATHER VEST who has OTIS around the throat.

                                                                 CULT LEADER
                                Waste Him!

THE CULT LEADER points at OTIS and leather vest whips out a pistol and casually blasts him in both knees.  SALLY wrenches her mouth from behind the BIKER's hand and screams hysterically.  The BIKER grins and re-covers her mouth.

The bald-headed Cult Girl has opened all the drawers in the kitchen and finally found the one with all of the knives.  She and Rubber Mask split them up, then go over to OTIS' dead body and begin sticking the knives into him.

SALLY is beyond hysteria and wrenches and flails at the biker who constrains her.  He grins moronically.

The CULT LEADER goes over to a picnic basket on the kitchen table, removes a sandwich and begins unwrapping it.  He turns to SALLY and holds up the sandwich.

                                                                 CULT LEADER
                                May I?


STRYKER sits on the couch smoking a cigar and looking very uncomfortable - He stands, goes to the window and looks out, sees nothing, then walks over and sits in the easy chair.  He looks at the clock -- 12:34.  Sadly he pours himself a drink.

                                Dames, sheesh!

Frowning, he takes a big shot of liquor.

Through the window the Bronco can be seen pulling up, but STRYKER doesn't notice.  There is a knock at the door and STRYKER looks up expectantly.

                                Who is it?

There is no reply.

                                What the hell . . .

He takes his cane and goes over to the door.  Just as he's about to turn the knob, JACKSON and TYLER come bursting in.

                                Stryker!  How ya doin'?

STRYKER grabs TYLER'S outstretched hand and throws him out of the way.  With a big grin STRYKER and JACKSON grab each other in bear hugs and wrestle down to the floor.

                                Goddamnit gyrene, I'm gonna whip your ass!

                                Not in this life, old man!

They roll around on the floor until STRYKER bumps his leg.  He grabs his wound in pain.


Just then MILLER comes walking in.

                                Well, if it ain't 2nd Lieutenant Miller.

JACKSON and TYLER help STRYKER to his feet.

MILLER and STRYKER look at each other for a moment and MILLER doesn't know what to say.  STRYKER screws up his face in a grimace of disgust.

                                Man, you stink!  Go get washed up.


                                You got anything to drink?

A full bottle of whiskey leaves the table, the clock goes around an hour, the empty bottle come back in.

                                ... So I shot the guy, we mortar the tank and
                                block the pass.  That was my first confirmed

                                How come you're all dressed up?

                                No reason.

                                Hey, Sarge, you got any guns?

                                I got a lot of 'em, why?

                                Let's go blow the shit outta something!

STRYKER grins and goes over to his cot.  From beneath it he pulls out a footlocker.  Opening it he reveals an entire arsenal.

STRYKER hands each of the guys a weapon of various sizes and calibers.

They head outside.


They load their weapons.

                                What'll we shoot at?

STRYKER points at a very old, run-down outhouse beside his cabin.

                                How about that thing?  I've been meaning to rip
                                that piece of shit down for a long time.

The 3 Marines aim at STRYKER'S cabin.

                                                           (Pointing to the Outhouse)
                                Not that piece of shit, that piece of shit.

                                Let's waste it!

They all begin firing at the outhouse crazily and wood splinters fly everywhere.

STRYKER holds up his hand.

                                Hold it, hold it.

They all stop firing.

                                Watch this.

He snaps the rifle to his shoulder and sights.  With several quick, accurate shots STRYKER blows out all of the outhouses main supports and it topples to the ground.



Everyone is still asleep.  A long drawn-out dog howl is heard and STRYKER wakes up.  He grumbles, scratches his stubbly face, lifts himself out of his chair and goes over to the table.  He picks WHISKEY'S bowl up from the floor, takes a can of dog food out of a grocery bag, is about to open it but doesn't see the dog anywhere around.  He goes to the door and opens it.

                                Whiskey!  Whiskey!  Now where the hell's that
                                dog gone?

He turns back inside, shuts the door and stands for a moment ruminating.  The others are just waking up.

                                What'sa matter, Jack?

                                Can't find my dog.

                                Maybe he wandered off somewhere.

STRYKER shakes his head.

                                Naw, Whiskey never just wanders off like that.
                                I can't figure it out.

TYLER sits up and rubs his eyes.

                                What's going on?

                                Whiskey's gone.

                                Well hell, we've got plenty of beer in the car.

                                No, the dog you asshole.

                                Whiskey never just wanders off like that.

                                What'dya wanna do?

                                Well, if you fellas don't mind let's go take a look
                                for him.

They all reply at once.



It's just beginning to get light as STRYKER and MILLER drive the Bronco slowly away from the cabin.  They have the windows rolled down and call WHISKEY'S name.


JACKSON walks through the woods calling the dog.  As he approaches the campground he feels like something strange is going on and moves more cautiously.  When he is close enough to see the semi-circle of ten small cabins that make up the campground, he notices that all of the campers are huddled together in the middle and three weird-looking guys stand by throwing jarts.  JACKSON turns and sees a policeman tied to a tree with the jarts in his chest.  The target ring is around his neck.  His cycle lies on its side.  JACKSON quickly sneaks away and runs.


STRYKER and MILLER pull up in front of the cabin in the Bronco and get out.  As they walk up to the cabin they find a bag of groceries lying on the ground with it's contents dumped out.  STRYKERIS face knots up.  When they get to the door STRYKER knocks, but there is no answer.  An electric buzzing is heard.


He pushes the door open and find OTIS' body lying in a pool of blood riddled with bullet holes and knife wounds, the hafts of many knives protruding from his chest and stomach, including an electric knife which is plugged in and running.  The phone cord is cut and tied around his neck.  On the walls written in blood is "The Bloodbath Is Coming."

                                Sally.  SALLY!!!

STRYKER runs through the room screaming her name, cabin looking in every but finds nothing.

He and MILLER run back to the car and drive away.


TYLER strolls through the woods with his hands in his pockets.

                                Here Whiskey, here doggy.  Goddamn that
                                fucking dog.

Within his next couple of steps he hears something strange in the distance.  He stops calling the dog and slowly walks toward the sound.  As he gets closer the odd, atonal sounds grow louder.

When TYLER finally gets close enough to see what's going on, he finds that the sounds are coming from a small tape recorder (the sounds are The Beatle's "REVOLUTION #9").

What TYLER sees is SALLY with her arms and legs tied between two trees and a group of fifteen totally weird-looking people standing around her swaying and chanting.  The
CULT LEADER stands but a few inches from her.  A bald-headed girl wanders around the proceedings filming everything with a super-8 camera.

The CULT LEADER dips his hands into a pail and removes them completely covered with blood.

                                                                 CULT LEADER
                                It's dinner time.

He turns his hands toward SALLY, who is screaming in horror, and moves in on her.

                                                                 CULT LEADER
                                You'll like this, it's fun.

He smears the blood all over Sally's breasts.  Stepping back he sees that RUBBER MASK has his hands in the pail of blood.  The CULT LEADER grabs him.

                                                                 CULT LEADER
                                I told you to stay out of the sacrificial fluids,
                                okey dokey?

RUBBER MASK nods in agreement.  The CULT LEADER then makes his hand into a fist, his arm into a club and whacks RUBBER MASK on the skull knocking him out.  The CULT LEADER then steps towards SALLY and rips open her skirt.

TYLER turns and runs.


STRYKER and MILLER pull up to the cabin in the Bronco.

                                We've got to call the police.

                                My phone's shut off, we'll have to go into town
                                and see Sheriff O'Grady.

JACKSON comes running up.

                                On, Man!  There's boocoo psychos at the
                                campground killing people.

                                I tell you, it's just like the killings we heard on
                                the news.

                                Come on, we're going to talk to the Sheriff.

                                Does he ride a motorcycle?


                                He's the one I saw get killed.

                                There must be more than one cop in this town.

                                Wanna bet?

TYLER comes running up.

                                Man, I just saw the weirdest fuckin' thing, it
                                was like some kind of blood ritual or something.
                                These weirdos had guns and a camera and they
                                had that girl from the bar tied up to a tree and
                                were wiping blood all over her.

                                Sally. . . we gotta do something.  I say we go
                                in there and clean 'em up.  What do you say,

                                Let's do it.

                                Love Machine?

                                Yeah.  Let's do it.

                                What about you, Lieutenant?

                                This is your home ground, Stryker, you know
                                the terrain, you know more about it, you call the

                                Right.  Let's move!


STRYKER runs over to his cot, slides the footlocker from beneath it and tosses each man a weapon and some ammo.


When the four Marines arrive there is no one there.  All that remains are the smoldering embers of the fire, the dumped over pail of blood and four severed pieces of rope dangling from the trees where SALLY was bound, and the carcass of an animal on a spit.  Whiskey's pelt hangs from a tree. STRYKER is mad.


They all get into the Bronco and drive toward the campground.

As they near the campground STRYKER kills the engine and pulls over.  They all get out and march the rest of the way.  Along the way they find a Mrs. Beasley doll with a knife stuck in it.


In the middle of the semi-circle of cabins is a full circle of parked cars and motorcycles and in the middle of this sits a multi-colored van.  In front of the van huddle about twenty campers.

Surrounding the campers are twenty cultists (the five Satan among them), all of whom have weapons of some sort: some have rifles or pistols, some have knives and scythes, several have bats and chains.

The CULT LEADER stands stolidly before a kneeling camper.

                                Please don't kill us.  We'll do anything, but
                                please, please don't kill us . . .

The CULT LEADER replies with his same soft, menacing tone.

                                                                 CULT LEADER
                                You must learn the three rules of being a man:
                                1.) The innocent must suffer
                                2.) The guilty must be punished
                                3.) You must taste blood to be a man.

The CULT LEADER unsheaths his sword, places the blade to his palm and methodically slices
it open.  His expression of pure insanity never alters as the blade digs deeper into his hand and blood runs down his arm.  The begging camper is sobbing now.

                                We'll do anything, we've got some money, but
                                please don't kill us, please . . .

The CULT LEADER explodes in an uncontrollable frenzy of anger.

                                                                 CULT LEADER
                                BE QUIET!  God has no mercy on the weak!

With that he brutally slams his boot into the kneeling camper's face, sending him flying backward to the ground.

Just then the Marines appear in the center of things.

                                Nobody move!

Everyone goes dead quiet.  THE CULT LEADER is outraged.

                                                                 CULT LEADER
                                What is this?

There is a steely glare in STRYKER'S eyes.

                                None of your damn business.  You folks get to
                                your feet and move it behind those vehicles.

The frightened campers look from STRYKER to the CULT LEADER then back to STRYKER and they all rise to their feet.  The CULT LEADER takes a step closer to the Marines.  He is deadly calm again.

                                                                 CULT LEADER
                                These people aren't going anywhere.

STRYKER stares him right in the eye.

                                You're dead wrong about that, chief.
                                                           (To the campers)
                                Now move it out!

Hesitantly the campers begin edging their way out of the campground.  A woman helps the man who was kicked in the face and many people carry children.

The CULT LEADER begins growing red in the face.

                                                                 CULT LEADER
                                I . . . said . . . No!

The CULT LEADER explodes with anger and quickly brings his sword out of the sheath and in a slashing arc straight in front of him across the camper's back.

All hell breaks loose.  Everyone takes off either into a cabin, onto a motorcycle, into a vehicle, or out into the woods.  One crazy crawls under a jacked-up car.  The Marines are all ducked behind cars, as bullets zing in from everywhere.

The CULT LEADER dives towards the Falcon as STRYKER gets a bead on him.  Just as STRYKER fires another cultist runs past and catches the bullet in the shoulder.  The CULT LEADER crawls to the Falcon, gets in, starts it up and backs out.  STRYKER swings his rifle around and pops several rounds through the windshield and radiator, causing steam to spew out from under the hood.  The car is dead.  The CULT LEADER gets out and runs into the woods towards the road.  The Satans get their choppers started and take off.

The cultists in the van are aimlessly shooting at anything, keeping everyone pinned down as they get the van started and head out of the campground.  The Marines fire at the van as it approaches.


The CULT LEADER runs up the road.  One of the Satans comes riding up and the CULT LEADER flags him down.  The BIKER stops.

                                Hop On.

The BIKERS face contorts.  The CULT LEADER pulls his sword out of the BIKER'S chest.

                                                                 CULT LEADER
                                Hop Off!

The BIKER falls off the bike as the CULT LEADER hops on and takes off.


STRYKER turns to the marines.

                                Sweep across the campground and knock out
                                the cabins, then get the rest of the suckers that
                                took off into the woods.  The sonuvabitch with
                                the sword is mine.

STRYKER limps out of the campground, and into the woods.




The others nod.

                                Let's go.

The three Marines stand and march on line straight across the campground.  A crazy guy stands up on top of a cabin roof. JACKSON pumps a 12-gauge into the guy's chest.  He flies backward off the cabin and onto the jacked-up car crushing the cultist below only his legs remain showing.


JACKSON steps up to the first cabin, his weapon poised and ready.


JACKSON kicks in the door of the first cabin and enters blasting with the 12-gauge pump.  He takes out one Satan, then turns and gets knocked down by the huge biker he fought with at the bar.  He grabs JACKSON by the throat with one hand, kicks the shotgun away and swings a pair of garden shears towards JACKSON'S face.  JACKSON grabs the biker's wrist and stops the shears an inch from his nose.  With his free hand JACKSON grabs the biker's hair and pulls his head backward.  Very slowly JACKSON turns the point of the shears around until it's facing the Huge Biker's swollen black eye.  Then let's go of his hair, snapping his head forward into the blades.  It embeds in his eyes up to the hilt.  The Huge Biker drops back onto a cot which he crushes in his descent to the floor.


TYLER slips the bayonet onto the end of his M-1 Carbine, swings around and kicks in the door and enters.


TYLER encountered four cult members.  He shoots the first one, skewers the second with the bayonet, pulls it out and slams the rifle butt into the third's face, then brings the rifle around like a baseball bat and whacks the fourth senseless.


MILLER kicks in the door and finds the three girls that they picked up at the party store.  He kicks in the door hitting the 1st girl who falls on her own knife.  MILLER fires one 30-30 round into the 2nd's stomach, and sends her through the window.  Suddenly a garden claw comes down and embeds in MILLER'S shoulder.  He spins around and there is the girls who wouldn't have sex with him and she slams her knee into his balls.  As MILLER bends over he grabs her hair and it comes off-she's bald! She screams and comes at him.  MILLER pumps five shots into her chest sending her out the window.  He turns and sees his wallet on the table.  He takes it.



The three Marines meet back up in the campground then each heads off in a different direction into the woods.

TYLER drops against a tree and takes a breath.  Cautiously, he peaks around the side of a tree --
nothing.  He pulls back, then peeks out around the other side and sees a cultist aiming a gun
directly at him.  The guy fires and hits the edge of the tree sending flying wood fragments into
TYLER'S face.  The cultist keeps firing at the tree until all of his ammo is expended, then takes
off into the woods.  TYLER cocks his rifle and pursues.

The guy keeps weaving in and out between the trees so that TYLER can't get a shot at him.  All
of a sudden the woods end and the cultist is running across a wide open field.  TYLER quickly
sights and fires, bringing the guy down.


JACKSON walks slowly through the woods looking all around.  Suddenly a cultist jumps from a tree and lands on his back.  The attacker wields a knife which he jabs into JACKSON's stomach, then begins clawing his face.  JACKSON spins around unable to see, and finally slams the cultist up against the tree.  Inexplicably the guy stops clawing and goes totally limp.

JACKSON steps away and turns to find that the guy has been impaled on a branch that went right through the back of his head and cut his mouth.  The branch snaps and the dead cult member drops to the ground.  Just then a crazy pops up behind JACKSON and hits him with a baseball bat.  JACKSON turns and grabs the crazy by his head and breaks his neck.


MILLER backs up to the multi-colored van parked at the edge of the woods.  On the other side of the van is a cultist nervously drinking a beer and clutching a scythe.  Neither knows that the other
is there.  The cultist sets his beer down by his foot and looks all around.

A shot rings out in the distance and they both turn to look, the guy's foot hitting the beer bottle. 
It rolls underneath the van and stops at MILLER'S foot.  MILLER gets down on the ground and
can see the cultist's legs on the other side of the van.  He fires shooting the guy through the ankle.

Standing back up and looking around, MILLER doesn't see a thing.  In a flash the sliding van door bursts open behind him and he is confronted by a cultist with a knife.  He quickly grabs her arm, swings his rifle around and blows her back into the van.


The CULT LEADER screams around a trail on the motorcycle, totally loses control of the bike and wipes out.  Then the bike won't start up again.


MILLER walks around to the other side of the van, however the cultist he shot in the ankle is gone.  He turns and looks through the van's window to the opposite side-view mirror and sees him approaching along the other side.  When the guy gets to the window on his side, he turns and finds MILLER aiming his rifle right at him.  MILLER fires and blows the cultist's face off.


STRYKER stumbles upon the dead biker.  He hears a motorcycle in the process of being started.


TYLER comes walking out of the woods and takes a breath.  He turns and sees a cultist aiming a bow and arrow right at him.  Just as TYLER is raising his rifle, the archer lets his arrow fly.  For one second TYLER is sure that he's dead, then he looks down and finds the arrow lodged in the stock of his rifle.  Without a second's delay he raises the gun and fires, hitting the cultist in the chest.


The CULT LEADER gets the bike started and drives away.


STRYKER heads up to where the CULT LEADER just took off on the motorcycle.  STRYKER turns to the sound of the cycle trailing off into the woods.


JACKSON sits on the ground breathing hard.  Suddenly there is RUBBER MASK standing over him with a chain in his hand.  JACKSON reaches for the .357 MAGNUM in his belt and gets whacked in the face with the chain, knocking him out.

                                                                 RUBBER MASK
                                Not a very good move, Bright Boy!

RUBBER MASK reaches down and picks up the .357 magnum, cocks it and shoves it in JACKSON's face.

                                                                 RUBBER MASK
                                The gooks didn't get ya, but I'm going to.

The pistol jerks, RUBBER MASK sways, then blood pours from his mouth.  He falls over and STRYKER stands behind with a smoking rifle.  STRYKER hobbles over to JACKSON and grabs him by the shirt.

                                You okay, buddy?

JACKSON moans.  STRYKER cocks his rifle, realizes he is out of ammo, takes the .357, then heads off into the woods.


The CULT LEADER tears through the woods on the motorcycle.  He looks back to see how close STRYKER is and a Y-shaped branch catches him in the throat.  The bike shoots out from between his legs.


The motorcycle shoots over a 100 foot cliff, hits the bottom and breaks into pieces.


STRYKER comes walking up, .357 in hand, but the CULT LEADER is nowhere around.  There is a big tree up ahead and STRYKER approaches cautiously, cocking the pistol and holding it out before him.

The CULT LEADER jumps from a tree, landing on STRYKER'S back.  He brings his sword down right through STRYKER'S wounded leg.  STRYKER screams, dropping the .357.

The CULT LEADER pulls the sword back for the kill, swings it down and it embeds in a tree branch.  The CULT LEADER drops off STRYKER and crashes to the ground on his back.

STRYKER falls forward on his face, the .357 just out of his reach.

The CULT LEADER stands up.

                                                                 CULT LEADER
                                You dirty son-of-a-bitch, I'm going to do some
                                nasty things to you.

He reaches up for his sword, but its too high, he can't reach it.

STRYKER sees this, crawls forward and grabs the 357.

The CULT LEADER jumps up and still can't reach the sword.  He grows terribly infuriated and screams madly.

STRYKER hoists himself to his feet, his leg pouring blood.  He points the .357 at the CULT
LEADER.  The CULT LEADER grows inexplicably calm.

                                                                  CULT LEADER
                                You can't shoot me.  I am the saviour returned
                                to Earth, the Messiah come to lead humanity to
                                righteousness.  I am Jesus Christ!

                                No you're not!  You're dead!

He empties the .357 into the CULT LEADER'S chest, who then stumbles back and falls over the cliff.


The CULT LEADER falls down the cliff and lands on the protruding motorcycle forks.  They go straight through his chest and come out his back.


STRYKER stops over to the tree, reaches up and pulls the sword from the limb.  He tosses it over the cliff then leaves.


On the way back, STRYKER encounters JACKSON who is holding himself erect by clinging to a tree, his face and shirt completely soaked with blood.  STRYKER puts JACKSON'S arm around the back of his neck and the two rather poorly help each other walk.

                                How are you doing?

                                Great, wanna dance?

The two start to chuckle and almost fall over.

                                By the way, you got that five bucks you owe

STRYKER does a double take.


As MILLER and TYLER wait by the Bronco the sound of something comes from nearby.  They raise their rifles and aim -- at STRYKER and JACKSON.  They drop their rifles and help the two wounded Marines into the Bronco.

                                Let's get the hell outa here, I'm starving.

STRYKER looks out the window perturbed.


They turn right onto the Main road, and as they pass the road leading to the campground the freed campers begin emerging from the woods.  The campers come toward them looking very relieved and thankful.

A little ways further up the road, SALLY appears from the woods in torn, blood-soaked clothes, crying hysterically.


The Bronco slams to a halt, the door opens and SALLY gets in.  STRYKER pulls SALLY to him and puts the car in gear.


They drive off up the road.

                                                                                                       FADE OUT:


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