Webmaster Kevin Neece wrote his own Fan Fiction season of the anime show Oh My Goddess.
It's R-Rated for Foul Language and Adult Humor, and it's a mashup with Doctor Who.

He wrote this entire series over a period of two months (December 2016-January 2017)
while he was interning on an Austin Public Access Show called Zombie Life TV.

In Appreciation to Kosuke Fujishima and Steve Moffat...

...Please Don't Sue Me!!!

These are the Video Comics for Ah! My Goddess: Bad Goddess and Marller Gets a Spinoff


And these are the other Public Access things Kevin worked on for Zombie Life TV:



Note: I accidentally deleted the screenplay links off of Google Drive:

Here are the new ones until I can get this fixed.

Bad Goddess Season One

Bad Goddess Season Two

Bad Goddess Season Three

Bad Goddess Season Four

Bad Goddess:
The first Bad Goddess story (intended to be a meta satire), takes place in a world where the Goddesses met Kosuke Fujishima after all of their adventures and licensed off their life rights which became the Manga and the Anime that you just read. However, the real life Belldandy, Urd, Skuld, Keiichi, and the Rest of the Nekomi Gang aren't quite as clean and family friendly as the tv show and manga have lead you to believe. Oh My Goddess no longer takes place in the 1990s, the Nekomi Gang are much older now, and sit around have discussions about the Show Within a Show (which we've spent our lives watching), which is really them talking about their own lives. One night at a reunion, it slips out that Keiichi never consummated his marriage to Belldandy, which drives everyone into a rage. The Nekomi Gang and the Goddesses team up to pull an intervention and force Keiichi to go through with it once and for all, even if they have to drag him kicking and screaming into Belldandy's bed and wait outside the door until it's over. But when their well meaning plan backfires in the most ironic and horrifying way possible, the Goddesses are put in the awkward position of explaining to Kosuke Fujishima the ironic circumstances of that night that put Keiichi in the hospital, which causes him to literally die laughing. In a desperate race for time, the Goddesses set out to intercept Keiichi in the afterlife before it's too late only to discover he's been kidnapped by the original Viking Three Norns from Norse Mythology as payback for exploiting their likenesses on a would be sex comedy anime show. In the finale of the movie, Keiichi and Skuld discover that her Norse Mythology counterpart is the Valkyrie that inspired the Grim Reaper legend and they're forced to face her down in a Boss Fight for Keiichi's life.


Bad Goddess 2: The Rejected Sequel:
Set one year after the events of the first movie, Keiichi (now an immortal spirit), is living up his afterlife with Belldandy to the fullest. When Skuld wishes that all of her friends can come up to Heaven to visit her, Mara Marller twists her wish around and destroys Planet Earth in a Nuclear Holocaust (quite conveniently after President Trump just took office). Heaven becomes overrun with more people than it can process and the race of Pagan Goddesses are forced to take the Unruly Christians into their homes as refugees which drives everyone up the wall. In an attempt to escape the madness, Keiichi and The Goddesses join a team of Valkyries on a rescue mission to Planet Earth which turns into a comedy sendup of James Cameron's Aliens and other Post Apocalypse Sci Fi films. Meanwhile Peorth is left to explain to everybody why nobody can seem to find Jesus in their version of Heaven and puts on a renegade USO show with late actors from all of the weirdo hippie Jesus films from the 1970s. This story also introduces the main villains of the series: a terrorist group called The Individual Me's, borrowed from a Rod Serling nuclear holocaust version of A Christmas Carol titled Carol For Another Christmas starring everyone's favorite ghosts of Past, Present, and Future. And it sets up the Five New Goddess Planets which will come into play during the Keys of Marinus serial.


The Bad Goddess Who Fell to Earth:
After celebrating her Birthday at a disappointing BeniHana's restaurant, Skuld's depression with being immortally trapped in the form and mindset of a child comes to a head, leading her to take a walk into oncoming traffic. Saved at the last minute, Dr What tries to set her on a different path and convinces her to follow her passion and finally get all of her engineering work out there for the public. Taking inspiration from the David Bowie movie The Man Who Fell to Earth (one of the few people Skuld identifies with for various reasons), she sets out conning the Pawn Shop circuit with fabricated copies of Keiichi's wedding ring and raises the money for a Patent Lawyer. What are Skuld's plans for her newfound wealth... is it to save her home planet... is it to bring peace love and understanding to humanity... hell no... she's going to open the craziest family restaurant franchise of all time, Casa De La Skuld, a combination of BeniHanas, Chuck E Cheese, and... Pole Dancing? Skuld's request for Ukrainian Pole Dancers (that she's seen on Talent Show television) leads to some confusion causing everyone to believe that she's lost her mind intent on opening up the world's craziest Burlesque Club. But the Board Members love it.


Bad Goddess Dr What:
Wasting her days away watching reruns of Doctor Who, Skuld gets a surprise visit from a real time lord named Dr What... who disappointingly works on Public Access and has none of the exciting adventures that David Tennant does. Dr What desperately tries to live up to Skuld's expectations, but things go from bad to worse when he accidentally gets them both stranded in a slasher movie from the 1980's called Slaughter High. Can Dr What stop the Slasher from killing everyone off before it's too late? Will he finally get to prove himself in a sci fi adventure that lives up to the BBC tv series. Dr What was intended to be a guest cameo that popped up every ten episodes or so and ineptly takes Skuld on adventures that never work out the way he wants them to. But when the next story came around, I realized he could be something much more than the butt of a joke. He could also be sincere.

Bad Goddess Assault on Yggdrasil:
Goddess Central finds itself the victim of an Individual Me attack when a cyber terrorist calling himself The Gremlin hacks The Almighty's clearance level and booby-traps the compound with some of Skuld's most dangerous inventions. Lind, the Valkyries, and Dr What have less than an hour to survive a wave of attacks and find their way to the center of a deadly teleporter door maze before The Gremlin releases the Anti Gravity locks and drops Yggdrasil out of the sky. Kind of requires suspension of disbelief. I don't know the layout of the compound or how it works. Also, the Goddesses can shift through walls, yet nobody tries to escape because no one is allowed to abandon ship at the risk of reality being destroyed.
Bad Goddess Evangelion Must Die:
The Goddesses have decided that Dr What's cameo roles are never going to go away, and in order to prove himself as a new full time cast member, request that he travel back in time and assassinate the creators of Evangelion so that their animation staff won't be stolen out from underneath them and they can finally have an Oh My Goddess Season Three. An amusing dialogue exchange short story that sets up the next episode. 
Bad Goddess The Girl Meets World Sequel:
Now that Dr What's assassination attempt has been completed, the Goddesses finally get their Oh My Goddess Season Three... unfortunately there's an unintended side effect. Keiichi Morisato is the only one that remembers the Bad Goddess universe, and being forced to go back to the censored old Mechanisms of the original show after having so much creative freedom is driving him insane. Keiichi is horrified to find that Belldandy's grown daughter is a total attention hog and has taken center stage. All of the original main characters are pushed to the back as moral support not unlike the Girl Meets World tv series. Keiichi desperately sets out on a quest to find Dr What and fix things even though he never existed in the original series. This story was never really completed, but man oh man, it's got a great third act.
Bad Goddess What is the Meaning of All This:
A somewhat Q&A with where the fan fiction series writer, Kevin from the other Dimension, attempts to explain the origins and reasoning that went into this series, and it's offensively outspoke nature. As a side note, during this series, Kevin from the other Dimension's slice of life stories are based on true stories, because sometimes real life can be stranger than fiction. The writer believes that he's said everything he's had to say, little realizing that this is just the beginning.
Bad Goddess Deleted Story Ideas
The idea of this episode is that as the Narrator explains all of the different stories, we are given a visual of what they were, with occasional humorous deleted scenes and endings. This story also sets up and explains the idea of the later Keys of Marinus serial. Then general idea is that every deleted scene and story represents an alternate timeline. We can tell one story, then we can go back in time and tell an alternate story that was deleted from the original story.


Bad Goddess Season Two: The Pilot
Kevin from the other Dimension is finally ready to pass the torch on the series and move on with his new job... but unfortunately, he's gained a small following of Cosplayer Psychos who demand he write Season Two at gunpoint. Meanwhile in Goddess World, Keiichi and the Goddesses try to think of a way to help him out of his predicament and save his life. While Evangelion Must Die set up the Meta nature of this series, this mind warping experiment in storytelling takes Meta up to an art form and the series gets progressively crazier and crazier from this point out. We have officially passed the point of no return.
Bad Goddess You Never Go Full Meta
Kevin from the other Dimension has officially gone full meta, and it's driving all of the OMG characters up the wall. This story sets up an interesting second layer in the series. The Goddesses, having been managed by the best for decades, are self aware that they find themselves in the hands of someone that has been changing their own personal natures and they're not so sure that they like the idea. Humanity has always been in inner conflict with God, who controls all fate and reality. Now, due to the nature of the storytelling process, the Goddesses finds themselves in inner conflict with a Man that controls everything they say and do, and they don't have the nicest things to say about it.
Bad Goddess Let's Get a Pizza
As a way of saying thank you, Skuld installs one of her space doubler's on Dr What time vehicle so that he can finally have a box that's bigger on the inside, just like David Tennant. To show his gratitude, Dr What takes the Nekomi Gang to Pizza Hut... a very special Pizza Hut... that rests within the insane street universe of Ralph Bakshi. Outrageously mocks how Oh My Goddess can find an empathetic overly sentimental life lesson in just about anything... even Coonskin, the most notorious animated film about racism ever created. I used so much script material from Ralph Bakshi's movies to convey the sense of this world for this one, that he was practically my unknowing co-writer. Also, the main character dialogues in the 2nd act are very weak because they're just reacting to Bakshi's characters. All of the best original dialogue material is in the first and third act.
Bad Goddess Identity Crisis
Humorous Short Story in which Lind and Peorth make a simple request of Dr What. All they want to do is see him and his suspected voice actor Charlie Day in the same room at the same time. I mean, that's a simple request right? How hard could that be?
Bad Goddess Love in an Elevator
Sayoko and Hasagawa have ironically switched places in life. Sayoko is bankrupt, while Hasagawa is well off, and now with no place left to go, Sayoko ends up shacking up with her. Hasagawa hooks her up with an Elevator job straight out of the cyberpunk universe of Blade Runner and Fifth Element. It's a huge spacious glass elevator that flies in all directions. Sayoko finds herself in a cute romance with one of the tenants, which turns into an Individual Me terrorist attack on the building. This episode was only roughly sketched out and with only the money shot emotional scenes and action climax finished. That's as far as I could take it. But it'd be nice to finish it someday.


Bad Goddess None of You Saw This Coming
A satirical sendup of Dr Who's regeneration process. What if Dr Who regenerated into someone notorious that made him fear for his job? More than that, how do you follow up the perfect underdog time lord in Charlie Day. I'll tell you how, with the ultimate underdog actor, Stephen "Mother-F***ing" Geoffreys from Fright Night.
Bad Goddess The Ratings Game
Kevin from the other Dimension is confronted by the Cosplayer Goddesses for writing off Charlie Day with an unknown replacement when the show's ratings have already hit rock bottom. Another story in the service of a Q&A explaining what the writer was trying to say in the serious and put everyone's mind at ease about the new Dr What.
Sorority Bad Goddesses at the Slime Bowl a Rama
The Goddesses decide that the best way to get the new Dr What's spirits up is to force his new voice actor to face his greatest fear. In short, they trick him into transplanting them into the bowling alley scene from Fright Night Part 2 where he faces down the cast of the Lost Boys in a street brawl while Belldandy DJ hits from the soundtrack on the overhead. Ultimately proving that Stephen Geoffreys is not Evil Ed anymore. Notice that during this entire series, I never make his character say the line that he's so famous for. I don't want him to say the line. I want to give him new memorable dialogue.
Bad Goddess Oh Brother
A Humorous Collection of Mini-Adventures connected together. The Nekomi gang decides to prank Dr What by demanding he take them on magical sci fi adventures in the time vehicle... for frivolous unnecessary trips to the grocery store or the bank. Will they ever decide to play his game and see the real wonder of adventure?
Bad Goddess The Joy of Love Hate Lovin
The Goddess Gang conclude that ever since Keiichi has gotten over the sex problem, they've had an empty hole in their lives. They need a new patsy to meddle in his love life. They decide to engage in a contest to see who can bed Dr What. The winner will be crowned Empress of the North Pole, until she is dethroned. Meanwhile, Sayoko is the only one not engaging in this contest. She just likes him for his conversation.


Bad Goddess The Keys of Marinus Serial
Dr What, Urd, Natsumi, and Otaki set out on a Planet Hopping quest of adventure and excitement to find the lost cast members of You're Under Arrest... for no other reason than so they can get their twitter handles and stay in touch. Experiments with the foundations of storytelling set forth in the Season Two Pilot Episode.


Bad Goddess Fan Club
Keiichi hires Mara Marller to run the Bad Goddess Fan Club. But it has no fans. Because nobody gives a hot s*** about Bad Goddess, they've never heard of it. The joke is that Marller will respond to fan mail that people never wrote her in the first place in an attempt to tastelessly roast the Oh My Goddess internet community.
The First Rule of Bad Goddess is You Do Not Talk About Bad Goddess
Keiichi Morisato amusingly has an old score to settle with a certain infamous David Fincher movie. Now why would that be? I feel like this is the opening Meta setup for a greater serial storyline where as this universe progresses, Keiichi's backstories that may have fit Fujishima's life mysteriously change over to mine without the OMG characters noticing at first, then when they become self aware that their backstories are being erased and changed because of the different writer controlling the show, it becomes an issue that they must somehow address and fix. None of what I've just said is in this actual story, but that's the setup I was thinking of when I wrote it.
Bad Goddess John Hurt Has Lost His Voice
I wrote this immediately upon hearing of John Hurt's passing. He will be missed, but his performances on film will always be remembered, and in that way, he will never die.
Bad Goddess Where Did All the Aliens Go?
I felt a general need to address why my public access version of Dr Who so greatly differs from the BBC version. It's copyright issues. There is no chance in hell of this ever being an actual tv show, but somewhere in the back of my mind, I felt that I had to pretend it was anyways and create a parody character named Dr What that would fit the rules of Kosuke Fujishima's universe, and provide a valid explanation for how he got there when he wasn't in the original series. My goal with this short lived series, is for OMG fans to walk away subconsciously feeling like this could've been a real Oh My Goddess character.
Bad Goddess Marller Gets a Spinoff/Dragon Eye Serial
On their journey home from the Marller Gets a Spinoff storyline, Dr What, Mara Marller, and Sayoko accidentally get sidetracked and end up stranded in the Dark Ages (it's really the anime universe of Those Who Hunt Elves, but that's a surprise cameo reveal). My attempt to do a real serial this time. I had so much fun watching Mara Marller rail off on people with an R-Rating during the Bad Goddess Fan Club, that I just couldn't stand to end this series without giving her at least one good serial storyline. Why did the early series "villains" Mara Marller and Sayoko end up in Dr What's company as travelling companions? Well, my general feelings are, it's not about who WANTS to go with Dr Who, it's who NEEDS to go. Who needs to learn a few life lessons in his company? Sayoko does. While most fan fiction tries to have that one story where Mara Marller gets to be a hero, I understand that the nature of the character is that's just not what her job is or what she's supposed to be. Asking her to change what she is, is asking too much of her. There's nothing wrong with what Marller is, she's a demon doing a job that she went to school and got a license for. Her volatility and general nastiness is a requirement of that job. So Marller's character arc is not to become a better person, her character arc is to regain her dignity and stand up to Hild, something she never did in the original series.

1) Marller Gets a Spinoff:
2) The Flying Shoes:
3) Dark of the Windmill:
4) A Ghostly Village Story:
5) Sayoko at the Goblin Feast:
6) Those Who Hunt Elves:
7) The Castle of Mirrors:
8) When All Hope is Lost:
9) Challenge of the Dragon Eye:
10) The Passion of Mara Marller:
Bad Goddess The Hellsing Picadillo
Yeah, I didn't really think this one through. I saw Hellsing while scanning through clips for a mashup video, and thought, gee, if this Alucard was jumped into the Oh My Goddess universe, they might mistake him for one of their demon villains. Yes, I'm aware he's really an anti-hero. Dr What is voice acted by Stephen Geoffreys from Fright Night, so having his character face off in escalating comedic confrontations against a Vampire Hunter (that's actually Anime Dracula) sounds like a cool crossover story. Since I don't know too much about Alucard's series, and I don't want to fuck this up, I've left his scenes of the story blank, and simply written Dr What's parts. This is how the crossover stories work in the Bad Goddess universe. When another anime character cameos, it's not supposed to follow canon, it's like when the Simpsons cameo'd in Family Guy, and they had to follow the comedy rules of the Family Guy universe. So when characters like Alucard from Hellsing and Those Who Hunt Elves and The Guyver cameo in Bad Goddess, it's not going to be one of their serious stories that follows canon, it's going to a sendup spoof comedy version of their characters where they get roasted.

Bad Goddess Epilogue
A final goodbye, setting up some possibilities for future episodes. I have set up the foundations for this series. It is up to some other writer from the other dimension to finish it.
Bad Goddess Tales from Public Access
It's common knowledge by now that Bad Goddess was written during an internship on Public Access. But what exactly happened on Public Access when Kevin from the other Dimension was writing it?



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