Defending Bill Maher

       Bill Maher came to prominence hosting a political comedy show entitled Politically Incorrect, and that’s been one of his main issues his entire career, the asininity of political correctness. So, it only makes sense that he should get into trouble for being politically incorrect in a time when political correctness has gone rampantly overboard.
      On his show this week Bill had Nebraska Senator, Bill Sasse, who, though seemingly a nice, well-spoken, bright fellow, also seems to be completely full of shit, and as one guest termed it, “Dangerous.” In any case, he invited Bill to come to Nebraska and “work in the fields.” Bill replied, “Work in the fields? I’m a house nigger.” I was a little surprised at his ballsy use of the verboten word, but I did laugh. It was funny. And frequently humor is based on political incorrectness, which is Bill Maher’s stomping ground.
      I just saw a new documentary called, The Last Laugh, which was about Jews using “gallows humor” regarding the holocaust. As was said any number of times in the film, if you’re going to make a joke about something that’s politically incorrect, it’s got to be funny. And Bill’s joke was funny. Nobody on Bill’s show seemed offended enough to comment on it – admittedly, there were no black folks on the show this week – but I don’t even think Bill’s frequent guest, Dr. Cornel West, who is certainly a hot-headed black man ready to argue about most anything (particularly Hillary Clinton), would have taken offense at that joke. But maybe I’m wrong (I often am).
      Chris Rock, a funny black comedian, addressed this issue, when he said (and I paraphrase), “It really pisses white people off that they can’t use the word nigger, but we can. It’s our only advantage.” That’s funny too.
      But what aggravates me about this “controversy” is that it’s pure hypocrisy. If black people don’t want other races to use the word nigger, perhaps they ought to set an example and not constantly use it themselves.
      I’ve had the distinct displeasure to spend time in jail. Here in Oakland County where I live it’s predominately white, yet the Oakland County jail is predominately filled with black people – Hey, what’s that about? But in any case, the use of the word nigger by black folks in jail is overwhelming. It’s inundating. I would just lay there on my bunk and count how many times the word nigger could be forced into every sentence and conversation by the black inmates around me, which went something like this:
       “Hey, nigger. You know that nigger that lives near Orchard Lake?”
       “You mean the nigger with the Chevy with the mag wheels?”
       “Yeah, that nigger. So that nigger says to me, ‘Hey, nigger, why don’t you come around more often?’ And I say, ‘hey, nigger, why don’t you mind your own business,’ and that nigger says, ‘hey, look, nigger, don’t give me shit,’ and I say, ‘nigger, I ain’t givin’ you shit, you givin’ me shit.’” On and on and on . . .
      But what I found even more disturbing was the constant use of “nigger bitch” for every single reference to every single black woman, whether it was their girlfriend, their sister or probably even their mothers. Yes, we were in jail, but even still . . .
      I’m Jewish, and you will never hear Jews, who are renowned for their senses of humor, ever say, “Hey, kike, wazzup?” “I don’t know, kike, what’s up with you?” Jews would prefer that gentiles don’t call them kikes, and therefore they don’t promulgate the use of the word. Perhaps black people might take a lesson from this.
      But if a comedian uses the word kike in a funny joke that makes me laugh, I don’t care. It’s a comedian’s job to be funny, and often humor lies in the realm of the politically incorrect. Great comedians like Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Chris Rock and Sarah Silverman have made being politically incorrect a mainstay of the repertoires. Here’s a politically incorrect joke by Sarah Silverman about the holocaust that all Jews could have found offensive were it not funny. Once again, I paraphrase.
“My 12-year-old niece said to me, ‘Isn’t it awful that sixty million Jews were killed in the concentration camps,’ and I said, ‘No, honey, it was only six million Jews. Sixty million would be inexcusable.’”
      The bottom line here is that everybody needs to get a sense of humor. And if you haven’t got a sense have humor, go fuck yourself.

—Josh Becker



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