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My Old Passport photo from 1973
This is from a big party thrown by Anchor Bay Entertainment here in L.A. Front and center is, of course, Bruce Campbell, doing what we from Detroit term, "Shemping around." Directly behind Bruce is Linda Blair, to her left is Crispin Glover, directly behind him is me, looking like I'm yelling, "Hey!" and just about to fall off the chair I'm standing on. At the end of Linda and Crispin's row, beside the young man in white, in a light sport coat is Werner Herzog, and behind him with the glasses and grey beard is Jay Douglas, president of Anchor Bay.
21-year old Bruce Campbell, in 1979, while we were
making the film "Holding It."
At Lucy & Rob's wedding. L to R: Bob Dyke (writer/ director of "Moontrap"), John Cameron (Line Producer of "Fargo"), Bill Vincent (Sam Raimi's film teacher from Michigan State University), the lovely Bridget Hoffman, who plays the secretary in "Running Time," and me looking like the waiter.
Myself and my good friend Edith, who was 1st Assistant Director on "If I Had a Hammer."
At the altar awaiting the bride: L to R: Rob Tapert, Jeff Tapert, Bruce Campbell, Me, Sam Raimi.
Rob & Lucy looking happy.
Lucy & Rob having just said "I do."
"Sumo wrestling" at a party at Rob and Lucy's in New Zealand.
Paul Grinder (2nd unit director, Xena) and me, trying to get back up.

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