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Name:             The Archivist
E-mail:            Echo Chamber
Date:               4/9/14

Dear Josh :

I suspect others will also remind you but here is the complete exchange you made last year:

******************** ******************** Name: Nicholas E-mail: Date: 11/11/14 Dear Josh : Now that Starz has given the go ahead for a new Evil Dead tv show what are the odds that we will ever see a Josh Becker directed episode... or would you even want to travel down that road again?!? I only ask because you were pretty involved with Hercules and Xena throughout the years they were running. As well as Jack of All Trades. Dear Nicholas: You will NEVER see a an episode of "Evil Dead" directed by me; that is an utterly impossibility. And, quite frankly, I would rather shoot my toe off with a shotgun than get anywhere near anything Evil Dead-like under any circumstances. I'm being interviewed by the BBC in less than an hour (to be broadcast on Nov. 15) and I will certainly tell them so. Josh ******************** ********************

The "I would rather shoot my toe off with a shotgun" implies you would turn down an offer to be involved.

Dear Echo:

You're right. I guess since I knew that I would never be hired I took the offensive. But of course, were they to hire me I would take it, strictly for the money. But that will not occur. I certainly don't sit here and mope about it; nor is it something I particularly desire. C'est la vie. And I don't know if the BBC ever ran that interview, either. I got a sense that they couldn't get anybody else to discuss the film but me, and apparently they didn't much care what I had to say. To me, this ongoing in interest in ED is part of the omnipresent interest in crap, which seems to fuel many people, with Quentin Tarantino at the forefront. I believe that it has dulled everybody's interest and ability in discerning what's good. I've now seen most of the big, Oscar-nominated pictures of 2014 and there isn't a great film in the bunch. I enjoyed: "Whiplash," "The Imitation Game" and "Birdman," but none of them are anywhere near terrific, and none of them made me feel like I needed to see them again. I don't think that I've ever made a really good film, but I certainly have tried. And I believe the aforementioned movies tried, too. Maybe it's just not in in the zeitgeist of the times. I must say, though, that this never-ending discussion of ED is wearisome.


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