Alright!  Now why the hell are you even bothering to read this crap while you have all the cool stuff of Josh's to look at?! Either your finished, bored or you're just really damned nosey. 

     I guess any one of those is alright by me. 

     Some of you may already know me through the other work I do at BladeZone, the Blade Runner Fanclub. 
And some may know me from my work as a professional artist.  But, as a whole, I imagine most of you have absolutely no idea of who the hell I am. 

     So here we are in this dark place together sharing a few words and some of my crap.  I hope you like it. 

    I have spent years working as an artist and even worked professionally as an actor.  Here is a publicity shot of me as Richard I (aka Richard the Lion Heart) in The Lion in Winter.That's real armor, made for me by Adin Bader, a specialist in medieval studies as well as an active member of the Sword Fighters Guild for which I had also been a member. 

     In the early 1980's I began working as a commercial artist.  I was moderately successful.

     By the late 1980's, I was ready to do something a little more exciting.  At the age of 26, I left my life as an artist behind and joined the army.  Then, after two armed conflicts and several broken bones later, I decided that I'd like to go back to being an artist. 

     My first job as an artist out of the army was producing two limited edition Star Trek paintings for FXM, Inc.  Everything else after that came rather easy.  I now work as the art director of an ad agency as well as a full time Webmaster. 

I am also a crappy independent filmmaker. 

     Here is just a smattering of my work. If you want to see more of my work, you can contact me and I will send you the URL to go to see my online portfolio. 

     I work both on illustration board with acrylic paint and airbrush as well as on computer with Adobe Photoshop and now with Studio Max.  Josh once told me, in regard to my art, that I suck less than any other artist he knows.  This was an interesting and profound compliment.  He has recently also complimented me for my excellence in drawing Bruce Campbell and a few other famous faces.  I believe he said, "You ability to capture the person's likeness and personality in your drawings is uncanny." 

If you want to see more of my crap, go HERE
The OUTPOST MAGAZINE has a section dedicated to myself and some other pretty cool fantasy artists.

 'Nuff said on that crap, now onto some different crap.

     People are always asking how I met Josh Becker.  The answer to that is I met him through Bruce Campbell.  I'd just finished an interview with Bruce for a magazine I had worked for as a film columnist and he'd told me I should meet his buddy Josh.  So I did.  Now, two years later, I consider Josh Becker to be one of my dearest friends. 

Here's a nightmarish picture of moi from the same night as the FREAKY FILM FESTIVAL, sent by my evil buddy Jason.

I'm not really a skin-head.

A shot of guys under me in my platoon back in the army.  That's me on the left... The tall one.

All six feet three inches of me on a camping trip.

Oh, yeah.  I'm too cool.

Here's a new shot, taken by my loving wife back in May.  My hair is even longer now.


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Except for "Bruce vs Filmguy" which is copyright © Eric Fisher & Gerry Kissell 1997.






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