In the fall of 1997, on the Halloween weekend, I had the honor of co-heading the Freaky Film Festival in Champaign/Urbana Illinois.   As a favor, both Josh and Bruce appeared along with a showing of their new film Running Time which really boosted the attendance to the first fest. 

     The one stipulation that was put to me was to fill the auditorium with asses.  That is, I had to fill the seats with asses, or just get asses in all the seats. Hell,  I don't really remember the technical aspects of how many asses I had to get.. I've lost a lot of brain cells since last fall.  All I know is I found alot of asses to fill the seats.  In fact we officially filled the house. 

     So everyone had a really good time,  Josh and Bruce really entertained the crowd even while Bruce was feeling  under the weather. 

     Though I am now living many miles away from Illinois, and will not be involved with the festival again, I hope the best for the second annual Freaky Film Fest set for this Fall.  And I wish all the best to my buddy, Jason Pankoke, who will be helping with this years fest. 

     These images were sent to us by Jason,  who is diligently scanning more images for the Festival's official Website as you read this sentence. 



Josh Becker and Bruce Campbell jackin'  their jaws with the crowd in one of the labs on campus at the University of Illinois just before the showing of Running Time.


A more serious moment between Josh and Bruce during the fest.


That's me standing at the rear of the filled auditorium.   Josh and Bruce are answering a few questions near the front, off camera.  Paul Young, publisher of The Octopus magazine and a sponsor for the fest, is seated in the front right corner of picture.
That's me, the big guy on the left, and Josh is sitting, what looks like under me, but is actually right behind me.  Bruce was a good guy about the curious young fans that kept filling the walk area behind us.
Here we see Bruce pointing at the mole on my huge neck. Actually he was reaching for a photo and pen to sign an autograph for a fan.  That's my wife, Traci, just to my right.
The original Bruce Campbell vs. The Freaky Film Guy art I co-created along with artist Eric Fisher for the festival ads and program. Eric drew the freaky guy and I scribbled out Bruce's ugly mug and did the coloring.  CLICK on the image to see the full size image.
This Swiss building  is where we had the bulk of the festival's showings. The Red Herring Resaurant, which rest in the lower potion of this huge building, is where we had the big dinner for opening night. 


After the Freaky Film Festival dinner at the Red Herring, some of my buddies decided to hang out with Bruce. 

Photos courtesy Rob Hintz


Chris Knight, a film editor buddy of mine, stands to the left looking on as the gang poses for a group shot with Bruce.

Photos courtesy Rob Hintz


Grace, co-head of the festival, chats it up with Bruce.
Josh and I were upstairs where he could smoke during all these shots.

Photos courtesy Rob Hintz

More images from the fest are coming.


All Freaky fotos are copyright © 1998 JAPAN PRODUCTIONS
All Art copyright © Gerry Kissell 1997-98
Except for "Bruce vs Filmguy" which is copyright © Eric Fisher & Gerry Kissell 1997.







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