The episodes Josh has directed

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The Episodes Josh Has Directed
Episode #1.14
"A Fistful of Dinars" 

     Original Air Date: Jan. 29, 1996 
     UK airdate 8 Dec 96 
     Writers: Steven L. Sears & R.J. Stewart 
     Director: Josh Becker 
     Guest Cast: 
          Jeremy Roberts (Thersites) 
          Peter Daube (Petracles) 
          Richard Foulkes, jr. (Lycus) 
          Lawrence Wharerau (Klonig) 

    Xena finds one of her friends being attacked and chases his attacker while Gabrielle attends to his wounds. Xena recovers a purse stolen from her friend but is then challenged by another attacker, at which point she removes a parchment map from the purse and after memorising it, eats it. It turns out that it is one of four clues to the location of the buried treasure of the Summarian empire. She soon teams up with an assassin and a warlord and they set off to find the  treasure. Xena informs Gabrielle that buried along with the treasure is some ambrosia - the food of the gods - which will turn any mortal who eats it into a god. 

Episode #2.6 

     Original Air Date: Nov. 4, 1996 
     Written by: R. J. Stewart 
     Directed by: Josh Becker 
     Guest Cast: 
          Ted Raimi (Joxer) 
          Norman Forsey (King Lias) 
          Iain Rea (Philemon) 
          Chris Bailey (Agis) 
          Simon Fa' Amoe (Alcibiades) 
          Colette Pennington (Nurse) 

    Xena arrives at the court of King Lias where the king is desperately ill and Diana (who looks identical to Xena) is likely to ascend to the throne - Diana asks for her help. Meanwhile Gabrielle is shocked when she encounters Joxer in a bar describing a sexual encounter with Xena, which she reprimands him for, and they proceed to the court. Gabrielle is even more shocked when Xena doesn't seem to recognise her and throws her into the dungeon. Soon it becomes apparent  that the Xena at the court is an imposter, a situation further confused when the real Xena arrives. It turns out that a third identical woman, a tramp called Meg, is being used by a power hungry warlord to stand in for Diana, and take her place on the throne. 

Episode #2.16 
"For Him The Bell Tolls" 

     Original Air Date: Feb. 24, 1997 
     Production Code: V0220 
     Written by: Adam Armus & Nora Kay Foster 
     Directed by: Josh Becker 
     Guest Cast: 
          Ted Raimi (Joxer) 
          Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite) 
          Karl Urban (Cupid) 
          Mandie Gillette (Ileandra) 
          Craig Parker (Sarpedon) 
          Ross Jolly (Barus) 
          Craig Walsh-Wrightson (Lynaeus) 
          Rachale Davies (Aria) 

    When Xena is called away, Gabrielle bumps into Joxer and they travel together for a while. Encountering a group of  girls being cornered by Slave Traders, Gabrielle steps in to fight and is astounded when Joxer suddenly puts on an  incredible display of courage and skill. They discover that the group are a Princess and her close courtiers en route to a  rendezvous with her lover, a Prince from the next Kingdom. When Joxer and the Princess inexplicably fall in love, Gabrielle becomes suspicious and begins to realise that the ringing of a bell transforms Joxer between his normal unco-ordinated  self and the sauve swordsman he's become. Gabrielle does her best to keep them appart, but when the father of the jilted Prince sends out an army to capture Joxer and his companions, things take a turn for the worse. When he decrees that  Joxer should be executed for his crimes, Gabrielle has to take on the Goddess of Love herself, Aphrodite, in order to set things straight again. 

Episode #2.18 
"Blind Faith" 

     Original Air Date: Apr. 14, 1997 
     Production Code: V0214 
     Written by: Adam Armus & Nora Kay Foster 
     Directed by: Josh Becker 
     Guest Cast: 
          Jeremy Callaghan (Palaemon) 
          Chris Bailey (Apex) 
          Sydney Jackson (Vidalus) 
          Graham Lauder (Lagos) 

     While visiting a small town, Gabrielle and Xena become seperated and Gabrielle is kidnapped. While trying to find her, Xena is challenged to a fight with a young warrior who really fancies himself as a fighter. Despite being incapacitated by an accident with an oil bottle during the fight, Xena manages to hold her own. Meanwhile Gabrielle discovers that she is to be married to a king and despite her protests is coached in how to present herself at court. The warrior is infuriated that Xena is incapacitated and refuses to continue to fight her with her at such a disadvantage. She agrees to a rematch but only on the condition that he assist her in rescuing Gabrielle first. When his erstwhile friends with whom he arranged Gabrielle's kidnapping turn on him and try to kill him, Xena and he end up fighting on the same side. At the end of the  fight, he suddenly realises that Xena is now blind, but not before she's manacled the two of them together to stop him escaping. Later while trying to escape a search by the soldiers of the king who has kidnapped Gabrielle, Xena falls into a ravine and is about to drag the young warrior with her. When she releases the manacle to allow him to survive, he decides to try and save her. Gabrielle meanwhile escapes the guards and visits the King's chambers only to discover that he's  dead and that she is to be married to him and then killed so that the King's minister can gain power over the kingdom. 

Episode #3.18
"Fins, Femmes and Gems" 

     US Air Date: April 13, 1998 
     Production Code: 3.18 
     Directed by Josh Becker 
     Guest Cast: 
          Ted Raimi (Joxer) 
          Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite) 
          Lawrence Makoare (Maecenus) 
          Renee Schuda (Young Xena) 

     Aphrodite arranges for some thugs to steal a valuable and precious diamond from a temple, which is in reality the power behind the North star, so that she can start her own new constellation in the night sky. Xena and her posse (well, Gabrielle and Joxer) are close on the tails of her gang and determined to return the diamond to it's rightful place. In order to stop them, Aphrodite uses a magic potion to make the three of them obessed by whatever they were looking at at the time. For Joxer, it is the story of Apis the ape man; for Gabrielle it is her own reflection in a mirror and for Xena it is a fish she was holding at the time. Xena then leads them down to the shore of a lake (actually filmed at Lake Wainamu in Bethells Valley) where she proceeds to go fishing while  Gabrielle preens herself incessantly and Joxer acts like an overgrown monkey. Despite her obsession with fishing, Xena manages to convince Gabrielle that she should own the beautiful diamond -  which leads Gabrielle to go off and grab it from Aphrodite's thugs. However they pursue her and end up loosing Xena her  prized catch - something that makes her very angry indeed. 

Episode #4.4
"In Sickness and in Hell" 
     Original Airdate: October 18, 1998
     Production Code: V0612
     Written by: Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster
     Directed by: Josh Becker
     Guest Cast:
          Ted Raimi (Joxer)
          Timothy Lee (Acestus)
          Campbell Cooley (Euraylus)
          Andrew Kovacevich (Innkeeper)
          Allen O'Halloran (Scythian Soldier)
          Albert Sword (Villager)

     While trying to locate Argo, Gabrille has contracted foot rot, and Xena has lice. But that's only the beginning. They encounter Joxer, who tells them that he was hired to protect a village. He shows Xena a knife that belonged to one of the attackers. She realizes that the attackers are Scythians. Joxer takes over the job of cooking for the trio, and ends up giving Xena and Gabrielle food poisioning. Now they have to deal with upset stomachs along with their other problems as well as trying to find a way to stop the Scythians.  

Episode #4.12
"If the Shoe Fits . . ." 
     Original Airdate: January 25, 1999
     Production Code: V0619
     Written by: Adam Armus & Nora Kay Foster
     Directed by: Josh Becker
     Guest Cast:
          Ted Raimi (Joxer/Messenger/Tyro/Prince)
          Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite/Pelia/Sidero)
          Olivia Tennet (Alesia)
          Chris Ryan (Zantar/Evil Stepfather)
          Ted Clarke (Brother #1)
          Douglas Kamo (Brother #2)
          Alistair Browning (King Melos)
          Sally Spencer-Harris (Queen Mistria)
          Hilary Cleary (Old Woman - 'Dite in Disguise)

      Xena and Aphrodite vie to be "Fairy Godsmother" to a little girl who has run away from home, but Aphrodite doesn't fight fair. The runaway princess Alesia must be returned home, but she is afraid of her new stepmother. As Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, and Aphrodite all try to help get the girl back home, they tell contrasting stories about a young girl and her evil stepmother and stepsisters, and the eventual happy ending that she will find at the prince’s ball.

  • Download the sheet music for "I'm In Heaven" (Lyrics: Josh Becker and
    Joseph LoDuca, Music: Joseph LoDuca), the song featured in "If the Shoe Fits..."


The Episodes Josh Has Co-Written

Episode: 1.2
               "Chariots of War"

US airdate 16 Sep 95,
UK airdate 15 Sep 96. 
Guest Stars:
Nick Kikitakis (Darius)
Stuart Turner (Sphaerus)
Story by Josh Becker & Jack Perez

TV Guide Listing: 
After being befriended by a homesteader named Darius (Nick Kokotakis), Xena takes on a bloodthirsty warlord and his son, who have mercilessly pillaged Darius' community. 

 Xena finds a group of villagers building a barn being attacked by a brutal warlord and his troops. She sees them off but is wounded by an arrow; the carpenter of the village who has three young children takes her in while she recovers. Meanwhile Gabrielle is waiting for Xena and becoming worried when she doesn't turn up. As Xena recovers, the warlord's son calls the villagers to a meeting to talk peace, but his fathers soldiers are waiting in the wings to slaughter them all... 

Episode #4.7
              "Locked Up & Tied Down"
      Original title "Shark Island Prison"
      Original Airdate: November 9, 1998
      Production Code: V0614
      Story by :Robert Tapert and Josh Becker
      Teleplay by: Hilary Bader
      Directed by: Rick Jacobson
      Guest Cast:
           Katrina Browne (Thalassa, the Commandant)
           William Kircher (#1 Bad Guard/Prison overseer/captain)
           Tanea Heke (Ersina)
           Natalie Dennis (Clysemene)
           Julie Taylor (hanged woman)
           Gilbert Goldie (town elder #1)
           Huntly Eliott (judge)
           Margaret Blay (woman in court)
           Patrick Smith (healer)
           Chris Sherwood (Draxel)
           Laurie Dee (tavernkeeper)

     While taking a break from their journey, Xena and Gabrielle are attacked by bounty hunters. They have a warrant to arrest Xena for the murder of a young woman that was committed some years before. The warrior agrees to go with them, and gives Gabrielle her chakram. During the trial, Gabrielle defends her friend, but the warrior says nothing for herself. The judge sentences Xena to life in prison on Shark Island. After Xena has been taken away, Gabrielle begins to plan a way to rescue her friend.

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