"Gambler, The"  

"Geisha Boy"  

"General, The" 


"Genghis Blues" 

"Gentleman Jim"  

"Gentleman's Agreement" 

"George Stevens: A Filmmaker's Journey"  

"Getaway, The (72)"  

"Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The"  



"Gimme Shelter"  

"Glass Menagerie, The (50)"  

"Glengarry Glen Ross"

"Go For Broke!" 

"Go-Between, The"  

"Godfather Part 2, The"  

"Godfather, The" 


"Going My Way"  

"Gone With the Wind" 


"Good Earth, The" 


"Good Fairy, The"  



"Graduate, The" 

"Grand Canyon"  

"Grand Slam"  

"Grapes of Wrath, The" 

"Gray Fox, The" 

"Grease"  "Great Day in Harlem, A"  

"Great Escape, The"  

"Great Expectations (46)"

"Hard Day's Night, A" 

"Hard Times"  
"Harder They Fall, The"  
"Harold and Maude"  
"Harry and Tonto"  
"Hasty Heart, The"  
"Haunting, The" 


"Heartbreak Kid, The"  
"Hearts and Minds"  
"Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison"  
"Heiress, The"


"Hell is for Heroes"  
"Hell's Heroes"

"Henry V (45)" 


"Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer"  
"Hi, Nellie"  
"High and Low"  

"High Noon"  

"High Sierra"  

"High Wind in Jamaica, A"  

"His Girl Friday"  

"The Hit "  

"Hold Back the Dawn"  



"Hoop Dreams"  


"Horse Feathers"  

"Hot Millions"  

"Hot Spell" 

"How Green Was My Valley" 


"Great Santini, The"  

"Great Waltz, The" 

"Groundhog Day"  

"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" 


"Gun Crazy (49)"  
"Gunga Din"  

"Hamlet (48)" 

"How the West Was Won"  

"Howard's End" 

"Huckleberry Finn (1939)"  


"Human Comedy, The"  

"Husbands & Wives" 

"Hustler, The" 

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