"Mary Poppins"  
"McCabe and Mrs. Miller" 

"Mean Streets"  
"Meet Me in St. Louis" 

"Meeting Venus"  
"Member of the Wedding, The (53)" 

"Men, The"  
"Midnight Cowboy" 

"Midnight Run"  
"Mildred Pierce" 

"Million Dollar Legs" 
"Miracle on 34th St. (47)" 

"Miracle Worker, The" 

"Mister 880" 

"Mister Johnson" 
"Mister Roberts (55)" 
"Modern Times" 

"Mondo Cane" 
"Monster's Ball, The" 
"Monterey Pop" 
"Monty Python's The Life of Brian" 

"Monty Python's The Meaning of Life" 

"Mountain Men and Holy Wars" 
"Movie Movie"  
"Mr. Hulot's Holiday"  
"Mr. Roberts"  
"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"  
"Mrs. Miniver" 

"Murphy's Romance"  
"Music Lovers, The"  
"My American Cousin"  
"My Beautiful Launderette"
"My Big Fat Greek Wedding"   
"My Cousin Vinny"  
"My Darling Clementine" 

"My Dinner With Andre"  
"My Fair Lady"  
"My Friend Paul" 
"My Generation" 
"Nanook of the North"  
"National Lampoon's Animal House"  
"Navigator, The"  
"Nevada Smith"  
"Night My Number Came Up, The"  
"Night of the Hunter" 

"Night of the Living Dead"  
"Night to Remember, A"  
"Night Train to Munich"  
"No Down Payment"  
"No Nukes"  
"Noon Wine"  
"Norma Rae"  
"North By Northwest"  
"North Dallas Forty"  

"Nutty Professor, The (63)" 

"L.A. Confidential" 

"L.A. Story" 

"La Dolce Vita" 

"La Femme Nikita" 

"La Strada" 

"Lady and the Tramp, The"  
"Lady Eve, The"  
"Last Command, The" 

"Last Detail, The"  
"Last Exit to Brooklyn"  
"Last Just Man, The" 
"Last Picture Show, The" 

"Last Tango in Paris, The" 

"Last Tycoon, The"  
"Last Voyage, The"  
"Lavender Hill Mob, The" 

"Lawrence of Arabia"  
"Let It Ride"  
"Let There Be Light"  
"Letter to Three Wives" 

"Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, The"  
"Life is Sweet"  
"Light in the Piazza"
"Lilies of the Field"  
"Lion in Winter, The"  
"Liquid Sky"  
"Little Big Man" 

"Little Caesar"  
"Little Foxes, The" 

"Little Fugitive"  
"Little Kidnappers, The (53)"  
"Little Murders"  
"Little Women (33)" 

"Living in Oblivion"  
"Lonely Hearts (81)"  
"Long Day's Journey into Night"  
"Long Goodbye, The"  
"Long Walk Home"  
"Longest Day, The" 

"Longest Yard, The"  
"Look Who's Talking"  
"Lord of the Flies (63)"  
"Los Olvidados" 

"Lost in America"  
"Lost Patrol, The" 

"Lost Weekend, The"

"Love and Death" 

"Love and Death on Long Island"
"Love Me Tonight"  
"Love With a Proper Stranger"  
"Lovers and Other Strangers"  
"Lust For Life" 



"Mad Dog and Glory"  
"Mad Max" 

"Magnificent Ambersons, The" 

"Magnificent Seven, The" 

"Major and the Minor, The"  
"Maltese Falcon, The" 

"Man For All Seasons, A" 

"Man in the Moon, The"  
"Man Who Fell to Earth, The"  
"Man Who Knew Too Much, The (56)"  
"Man Who Never Was, The"
"Manchurian Candidate, The" 

"Manhattan" "Marathon Man"  


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 Movies that I actively like (out of 4357 I've seen)