"Sherman's March"  
"Shiralee, The" 
"Shock Corridor"  
"Shogun Assassin"  
"Shootist, The"  
"Shop Around the Corner, The"  
"Shot in the Dark, A"  
"Sid and Nancy"  
"Side Street" (49)  
"Singin' in the Rain" 

"Sink the Bismark!"  
"Six Degrees of Separation"  
"Sixteen Candles"  
"Sixth Sense, The"
"Six O'Clock News"
"Sky Above, the Mud Below, The"  
"Slaughterhouse Five"  
"Sniper, The" 
"Some Came Running"  
"Some Like it Hot"  
"Somebody Up There Likes Me" 

"Something Wild"  
"Sometimes a Great Notion"  
"Song of Bernadette, The"  
"Sorry, Wrong Number"  
"Sound of Music, The"  

"Splendor in the Grass"  
"Stagecoach (39)"  
"Stalag 17"  
"Stanley & Iris"  
"Star is Born, A (54)" 

"Star Wars" 

"Start the Revolution Without Me"  
"Stealing the Fire" 
"Sting, The"

"Storm Warning"  
"Story of Qui Ju, The"  
"Straight Story, The" 
"Straight Time"  
"Stranger on the Third Floor"  
"Stranger Than Paradise"  
"Stranger, The (46)" 

"Strawberry Blonde, The" 

"Street Smart"  
"Streetcar Named Desire, A"  
"Strictly Ballroom"  
"Sullivan's Travels" 

"Sundowners, The" 

"Sunset Blvd" 

"Sweet Smell of Success, The" 

"Swimmer, The"  
"Swiss Family Robinson, The (60)"  

"Radio Bikini"  
"Raging Bull" 

"Raise the Red Lantern "  
"Random Harvest"  
"Raw Deal (48)"  
"Rear Window (54)" 

"Rebel Without a Cause"  
"Red Badge of Courage"  
"Red Balloon, The" 

"Red River"  
"Red Shoes, The" 

"Remains of the Day"  
"Remember the Night"  

"Return to Paradise"
"Reversal of Fortune"  
"Road Home, The" 
"Road Warrior, The" 

"Roaring Twenties, The" 

"Rob Roy (95)" 

"Robocop (87)" 


"Rocky 3"  
"Roger & Me"  
"Rolling Stones at the Max, The"  
"Rolling Thunder"  
"Roman Holiday" 

"Romeo and Juliet (68)"  
"Room For One More"  
"Rosemary's Baby" 

"Run Silent, Run Deep"  
"Running On Empty"  
"Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming, The"  
"Ryan's Daughter"  
"Sabrina (54)"  
"Sand Pebbles, The"  
"Saturday Night Fever"  
"Say Anything"  
"Scarface (30)" 

"Scarlet Empress, The" 

"Scenes From a Marriage"  
"Sea of Love"  
"Searchers, The"  

"Sense and Sensibility"  
"Separate Tables"  
"Sergeant York" 

"Set-Up, The"  
"Seven Days in May"  
"Seven Samurai, The" 

"Seven Thieves"  
"Seven Year Itch, The"  
"Seventh Cross, The"  
"Shake Hands With the Devil" (59)   

"Shanghai Express"  
"Shawshank Redemption, The"  
"She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" 

"Sherlock, Jr." 

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